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Writer's Block

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21 July 2009, 02:28 PM   #1
Joined: 9 Jun 2008
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I have writer's block!!!! >.<

I can't keep writing...

I tried, and tired, and tired, but nothing good comes to me!

I mean I even try to write a different new story, but NOTHING comes to my mind.

It's sooo sad!

Maybe I should get to the point....yeah that would be good...

My point is:


If you have any ideas please comment below.

Now I sit and wait...

21 July 2009, 09:51 PM   #2
Guest Poster
i'm not sure if this will help becuase i hardly ever have writers block and when i do its
beacuse i know my story just wont get interesting anymore.
but here are some tips:

1.get a bunch of those little Scrabble letters. close your eyes and pick 3 or 4 of them.
start a new sentence using those letters. for example, if you picked the letters j,m,a,
and p, u could make a sentence that said Justin makes awesome peanut-butter (im counting
peanut-butter as one word).

2.take a small picture frame. hold it up and write down every single thing you see through
it. write all the details, colors, how big it is, everything. you might get an idea from
looking at the stuff.

3.go people watching. short and simple, watch people and think of a story to match that
person. did that tall, muscular guy wearing khaki shorts just come back from climbing a
mountain? do you think that woman dressed in furry pink stuff has a matching poodle?
experiment ^_^

4.remember your dreams. this might sound hard, but as soon as u wake up in the morning try
to go over your dream and reemember every detail, every feeling. who was in the dream? did
you feel happy? excited? embarresed? did something happen that previously happened in your
life? if you want, keep a dream journal. write down all your dreams in it.

5. use ur imagination. really, you can get an idea just by looking or thinking of the most
random things!! i got an idea for a story while i was in a car with my mom looking out at
the forest on the side of the road. heck, i got an idea just by looking at a STICK!(i
swear i did, not a good idea, but still).

thats all i got for now! hope this helps!

22 July 2009, 05:10 PM   #3
Joined: 9 Jun 2008
Posts: 669
Maybe I should try some of these...I always do number 4 though...soo maybe...I will try
number 3.

22 July 2009, 05:53 PM   #4
Joined: 11 Jul 2008
Posts: 229
This is what I do...

1) Watch the news. Find something that somehow can portray to your story. Like, ifyou're
writing about vampires, then say you have this mysterious vamp guy and on the news this
girl goes missing...maybe that's his girl. Have another character find out about it and
see how each character reacts to the event.

2) Music. Songs are my inspiration. Like the song 'Together we cry' by the script and
'Pretty Wings' by Maxwell and 'World's Greatest' by R.Kelly. I listen to those when I have
writers block. They give me answers.

3) And if all else fails, add a new character. Make him mysterious, funny, or somethng. 
Or her. Giver him/her a past. Soemthign secretive that somebody finds out about. 

I've come over writer's block like this. More than once. I hope I helped.

23 July 2009, 09:17 AM    #5
Joined: 9 Jun 2008
Posts: 669
Thanks...maybe I will try some of those, too.

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