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WRITING: TIPS: Writer's Block pt 1

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21 June 2009, 12:36 PM   #1
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So i saw that Lora had made this diary entry:

All y'all writers, help me... please. D: Category: Two Rings 
 Sunday, 21 June 2009
01:27:48 AM (GMT)
So I'm finally starting a story that I've been tossing around since I was 8or9, but
the problem is...
I got writer's block before I even started. Dx
I have no idea how to start my story.

So, I need help:
How do y'all begin y'all's stories? 
It is probably not too often that a story perfectly unfolds in our head like if we were
watching a movie so that we see every detail from beginning to end. More likely and often
as writers we start with a seed of an idea.

The next step should be to sketch very briefly the general outline of the plot. Imagine
you were going to pitch the story to a Movie Executive or tell it to a friend. It may
change once you actually are along in writing or there may be some important things you
havent even thought of yet, it doesnt matter. It's just important to have a general idea
of the whole story from the start.

In looking at your outline or summary you should clearly be able to spot (in whatever
order they may be) some 

ESTABLISHMENT or SET-UP - who, what, when, where
CONFLICT - what's the problem
RESOLUTION - how is the problem resolved

Next comes the writing part which is of course, the real work and hard part.

My Recommendation is NOT to try and start with your opening lines or scene unless of
course you already know it. Instead picture the parts of your story that you already KNOW.
It could be some dialogue youve imagined already, it could be something you already want
to describe in detail, it could even be the ending of your story.

then WRITE out what you already have.  Write out all the PARTS of your story that you
already have regardless of where they are in the finished work.  

The act of writing will loosen your creative juices up and you will start figuring out how
to connect these parts to each other and eventually you will come up with a beginning of
your story.

After you have it stitched together, even if just roughly, then you can go back and
starting from the beginning read it over WITH the goal to improve on it and make it
better. No doubt there is something about it you can make better or details you can add or
bits you forgot about. Do this a couple of times or a few times at least.  Then give it to
someone else to read and let them give you feedback and also proofread it for grammar AND
for parts that they may have questions about. Something such as the motivation of a
character might be clear in your mind but not to the reader.

After that, and a few more polishings you should have a pretty nice story.

22 June 2009, 06:16 AM    #2
Guest Poster
Hurhur, thank you. X]
Writers block is just so horrible. 
This just helped me a bunch. THANK YOU! :D

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