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Obama/ colored or black

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17 December 2008, 05:19 PM   #1
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To most people's view President Obama is said to be a black man he is a colored person in
my view.Also I would like to ask
in many movie's mostly ( sci fi ) and action the president's in the movie are white.

What's going to happen now that there is a black president's.

Are director's still recruting for a white president in there movie's. 


17 December 2008, 07:03 PM   #2
Guest Poster
i honestly think they might keep the white prezes in the movies cos, there afraid they
might lose money if they put a colored guy there. if u know what i mean. its wrong but
true in some cases

17 December 2008, 07:30 PM   #3
The Director
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i would have to research to see when the first non-white guy president was used in cinema
or in TV but at least since the 80s there's been some movies where there was a non-white
president and in the 90s there was a trend in movies and TV to have a female president or
a female vice-president.

some notable movies and TV shows where this has been the case have been: (from Google)

The Fifth Element
Deep Impact (morgan freeman as prez, decent movie)
Head of State
The Man (made in 1972)
24 tv series
The Black President
Rufus Jones for President (made in 1933!)

and these WOMEN have had these roles:

Actor   President   Movie   
Christina Applegate President Diane Steen Mafia! (199 
Ernestine Barrier Madame President Project Moonbase (1953) 
Polly Bergen President Leslie McCloud Kisses for My President (1964) 
Sally Champlin President of the United States The Woman Every Man Wants (2001) 
Glenn Close Acting President, Vice President Kathryn Bennett Air Force One (1997) 
Joan Rivers President Rivers Les Patterson Saves the World (1987) 
Loretta Swit President Barbara Adams Whoops Apocalypse (1986) 
Lynne Thigpen President Marjorie Bota Bicentennial Man (1999) 

Actor   President   Program   
Patty Duke President Julia Mansfield Hail to the Chief (1985) 
Geena Davis President Mackenzie Allen Commander in Chief (2005-2006). 
Cherry Jones President Allison Taylor 24 (2008-present). 
Patricia Wettig President Caroline Reynolds Prison Break (2006). 


I think we will see this trend continuing using both non-whites and females in the role. I
think most of the time the person's gender or ethnicity or race isn't vital to the role
itself, except in subtle ways like in Air Force One where it sort of fed into the popular
feminist view that she wasnt going to be bullied by the men, or where its obviously played
for jokes like Chris Rock's movie.

Otherwise it is just a way of adding some variety to the movies/tv to try and distinguish
it from other movies that cast a white guy sd president.

17 December 2008, 07:42 PM    #4
The Director
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oh i wanted to make a couple of points..actually obama is technically speaking Bi-racial,
being the offspring of a black nigerian father and a white woman from kansas lol....and
actually culturally speaking, he was raised by his mother and grandparents, so he really
isnt ethnically and culturally speaking "black."  He is much more the product of his white

But this is one of those things where both the white and black populations prefer to label
someone by their skin color rather than the facts, and of course african americans are
happy to label and adopt him as "Black" and it looks like that's going to stick no matter

I guess some people get pissy if you call him bi-racial, they really want to claim
ownership of him by saying he is "black" but in reality there's no reason not to call him
"white" lol for he is just as "white" ....except again by appearance which hits at the
heart of an old saw in race relations and black culture. If a mixed person can't pass for
white they are black.


anyways one interesting thing is this. just as many of you dont really recall living under
any other president than George Bush, assuming that Obama is president of the US for 8
years (two terms) youth like my daughter Helliki 9age 6) are not going to remember or see
anything other than a black president. So just think about that for a moment and what it
means in terms of forming their own opinions about who can be president.

For Helliki and her generation, its not really going to be an issue. She is going to be
accustomed to the viewpoint that of course a black guy or maybe even a woman or maybe even
a hispanic or an asian or anyone can be president. And that's probably a pretty nice

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