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Blood's Lyrics Ch. 4- Payne

15 November 2008, 04:01 PM   #1
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She turned around  towards the  man and quietly pointed the gun away from her. "I take it
that you're supposed to bring me to Seiyr Academy then?" Evelyn asked. He snorted in
agreement, then pulled back the weapon to his side. "Well, since you know where you're
going, than you might as well follow me. Oh, and since your guardian has agreed to give
you to the academy, you'll be living there from now on, so pack up the things you need,
then we'll go."  She sighed, but reluctantly, she made him follow her downstairs to her
room. Evelyn packed up in silence, cleaning the room up as much as she could. The minutes
turned into hours when she finished packing. "Now that we're done here, we can leave now,
right?" The man asked, sitting on her bed softly.
	"Oh, wait! I need to ask something!" She grabbed his forearm tightly. "What's your name?
It feels awkward not calling you by name." He looked offended, but calmed down. "Don't get
too familiar with me, vampire. I'm just following my master's orders. However, you may
call me Payne." Evelyn let go of him and smiled gently. "There's no reason to be worried,
Payne, I don't eat living things anymore." She said softly, grabbing the suitcases. Payne
noticed this, but he decided better of it and helped her. He paused, then looked up. "Oh,
it seems like we have to go somewhere else too... Can you fight, Evelyn? We need to go
somewhere really quick for a mission...." Evelyn brightened quickly and nodded. " Oh, so I
can come too!?" She asked, struggling to keep her voice calm.
	He nodded, whipping his gun out and reloading the bullets. "Get close to me and grab onto
my sleeve, and don't let go. Bring that Rune rod with you, I've seen people that mastered
rods and they didn't attack so gracefully as you." It took a while for Evelyn to realize
that he complimented her and she felt her face burn. "T-Thank you," She stuttered, bowing
to him. Payne laughed, making her stomach feel  restless. This feeling's weird.... I never
had this with Damian before..... Evelyn thought, grabbing the rod and holding it tightly
so that her knuckles turned white. "What am I supposed to do with the suitcases, Payne?"
She asked, throwing the cases upstairs. He thought for a second, then rolled his eyes. "I
suppose we can do the mission tomorrow,  so you can get situated at the school today....
the mission can wait. Come on, I'll transport you there."
	She grasped a  hold on his sleeve and closed her eyes. Payne smiled gently, then focused
mentally on the academy. Air suddenly blasted in her face, forcing her to move closer to
him. He shielded her from most of the wind, but Evelyn stayed behind him anyway. That's
when something struck her hard in her mind. Payne... He's the boy in my memories! The boy
that reached for my hand... She stared at him a little. Yep, he's definitely the guy.... I
don't think he noticed though. I guess I'll check him out to see who he is and, who knows,
he could maybe even reveal my past. Then the air abruptly stopped as soon as it started.
Evelyn peeked from Payne's shoulder, and found that they were in a fancy room. She stepped
away from him and stared around. I have a feeling I'm going to love this place, she
thought, following Payne  out of the room.

15 November 2008, 08:14 PM   #2
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O-M-Fucking-G. That was. AWESOME!

16 November 2008, 11:22 AM   #3
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Thank you!!

16 November 2008, 06:30 PM   #4
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thats really good i dont think i could ever make anything that good

28 November 2008, 12:58 AM   #5
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Sorry bout the swear...

28 November 2008, 12:14 PM   #6
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Oh, did the founder bust you for it? I don't mind at all, but it's probably because I
cuss a lot too.... (^ ^)

28 November 2008, 02:12 PM   #7
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28 November 2008, 08:27 PM    #8
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NO! She did not...But I felt bad about it...

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