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Character App.

13 May 2008, 11:44 AM   #1
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Your character application, Good members~ u_u Name: First and last, plz. Middle name, if you wish. Age: HOW Old ARE DEY? They can be as young or as old as you want, but I've figured out that most people prefer ages 13-20. Species: Whaaat kind of animal are they? The animal kingdom is huge, you can think of something unique and not-used-before, can't you? Gender: MALEE PLEEEEEZ. Height: How tall? *u* Short, tall, average, blahblahblah. General appearance: What do they look like? Hair, eyes, skintone, clothing style? Specific features used to identify them? Likes: GHEYMEN. ;D Dislikes/Pet peeves: STRATEMEN. Hobbies/Interests: What are they into? Like... Drawing and biking. Blahblahblah. MAKING BABIES. Yes, that could be one... Bad habits: Speakz fer itself. Personality:How do they act? Like... Around people, alone? How do they think? Are they loud, quiet, somewhere in between? TELL ME. TELL ME. DOOO TELLLLL. -Crazy- Breif history: What has happened to them in the past? Does it affect their personality? Nothing too tragic, please, like... All dead family, all on their own, blahblahblah. That's kind of annoying. ;_; Andand, I just need a breif history. :D Nothing too huge and OTT. (Squi. u_u) Uhm, so yeah. :D Make sure that you've read the rules before this! D:< If you haven't, I'm kicking yer bootle out of here. I can read your little minds, I know if you've read them or not. u_u Also, I used the YaoiRP club character app for a ref to this, because I can never remember exactly what to put. Dx I just added some stuff. OKAI. CREDIT GRANTED! -poof- Nownow, make your character! GO!

14 May 2008, 02:37 AM   #2
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Last edited by Momo16, 14 May 2008
Name: Sai Levilline 
Age: He is 87 .o. haha no 16 3/4
Species: Chinchilla monkey (( the really small monkey .o.))
Gender: .-. Male 
Height: He is small in height, about 4 ft 5 inches
General appearance: Has long hair about to his shoulder lengths, its Very lightish brown
and he lets it lay straight down. Hardly ever washing it. His eyes are a strange sea-blue
color, thats always looking for excitement. Sai has a natural tanish skin tone, its a bit
darker then a natural tan though, and loves to wear baggy clothing. Says it makes him feel
more free, then tight restrictive ones. Now, Sai as a very long tail, that he loves to toy
with and curl around his smallish waist. His ears are Monkey ears that poke out, and have
3 peircings on each ear. 

Likes: Sweet foods, Peaches, the shades and new people who passes through. Chasing moving
items, and sleeping, Doing stuff with his tail 
Dislikes/Pet peeves: Sourish things, Any kind of snake, Getting his tail pulled or yanked
on, People making fun of his smallness
Hobbies/Interests: Art, new foods, Technology, and PICTURE books (( he cant read)),
Bad habits: Telling Stories and lies
Personality: Sai is just plain Loud and wild, probably the only time you would find him
quiet is if he was sleeping. But it seems when hes alone hes not that loud and could
usually be found looking at his reflection in the water.There are often times when hes
alone he would cry.  But mostly around others he has major ADD. Hes the kind of person who
gets along with ALMOST anybody, theres some people he hates in the kingdom. He loves to
play with new toys, and is dumbstrucked by anything. He can be very gullible, and yet can
tell a good lie.

Breif history:
Sai has always lived with his father and 7 little sisters who even thought there younger
there a bit bigger then him. Since they didnt have a mother Sai filled in the position and
act as the mother.  His father is hardly ever around, which made him abit on the wild side
because of this, since he never had to learn anything or was never taught any discipline
it turned out this way. His sisters on the other hand are actually Quiet and serein unlike
him, there 13 and yet they are 4'9 and that annoys him greatly. 

Is that short enough x'D

16 May 2008, 09:27 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Name: Micah Lee
Age: 13
Species: Echidna :3 I lay eggs but I'm a mammal FTW
Gender: Male....or am I?! Joke
Height: How tall? Quite Short, Exactly 5 feet
General appearance: Black Hair, dark Bluey Green eyes, pale skin with a few freckles
on each cheek. He likes to wear blue clothes mostly. He has a tail, which is quite short.
Since he is an Echidna his ears are on the inside of his body >,<
Specific features used to identify them? Scar on his hand in the shape of
an arrow 
Likes: GHEYMEN, Cricket, Jamie Oliver (he thinks he's smexy)
Dislikes/Pet peeves: STRATEMEN, Telephones
Hobbies/Interests: Cricket, GHEYMEN, Incense, Flute
Bad habits: Rolling around on the floor like a mad thing :3
Personality: Micah is quiet and mysterious. Nobody know much about him.
He is also known to get quite angry if provoked
Breif history: Micah has a mother, a father, a brother and three sisters.
Being in the middle of Five children, he didn't get much attention, even when he was a
His parents spent most of their time nuturing his siblings because he was never around. He

always went outside to play with/by himself.

16 May 2008, 09:49 PM   #4
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Both accepted. :D

22 June 2008, 06:26 PM    #5
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Name: Blue Boxx Age: 17 Species: The Blue Morpho Butterfly [for more reference, see ] Gender: What if I said girl? :3 Jist kidden'... Height: About 5'7 and extremely skinny and lanky. General appearance: He has a mixed skin tone that looks very much like honey. His most distinguishing characteristic is his hands, which are extremely large and twitchy, much like a butterfly's wings. His hair is shaggy and black and straight, drooping over his impossibly blue eyes [for color, see ]. Unlike most of our other animal/human mixes, Blue shares no body parts from his animal species, but more takes traits and characteristics from it. He's the kind of guy that looks unsteady on his feet. His possibly most extraordinary attribute is his tongue, which is very thin and long. His nose is rather long and hooked, but otherwise, his facial features are very soft. His skin has a shimmery, iridescent quality to it. Likes: Men, if you insist. xD Sitting in high places. Running. Warmth. Things to do. Vacation. Fruit. Dislikes/Pet peeves: Staying still for too long. Water. Fire. Rockslides. Strong wind. Hobbies/Interests: Nothing much, really. What do butterflies like to do? Bad habits: He doesn't really like wearing clothes, so he's spotted occasionally running around in the dead of night in his birthday suit. He says clothes are uncomfortable. Usually he will don a pair of baggy knee-length shorts to keep some dignity. Personality: Blue is extremely nervous and usually won't make the first move on someone. He is, however, and incredibly happy-go-lucky person, and is always known to be smiling. When he gets to know someone very well, he becomes very possessive of them while in their presence. When not with them, however, he has a very forgetful memory, and will usually not remember that the person was ever part of his life. He usually forgets his own name, as well. Blue's biggest disadvantage in a relationship is that he's very physically weak. Brief history: He never knew his mother. He never knew his father. He never knew his siblings, though he does know he had a ton of those. He grew up eating leaves. But he doesn't remember much of it. He does not have much of an extraordinary past.

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