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Um, I wrote this and this is just Chapter1

19 January 2008, 01:40 PM   #1
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Here it is Enjoy!

Charlotte Hathaway...
My name is Charlotte Hathaway,
 I’m thirteen years old. I have a lovely home; I felt so lucky I have everything. My
parents love me very much. I think I’m the happiest girl in the world. I do like feeding
the birds in the morning and study at night; I have a loving best friend and we’re
getting along well with each other. The most things I like to do is reading; but mostly
partying and shopping…
 This is the story of me and the day I lost something very special.

Chapter 1
The Beginning of the End

 I heard my parents arguing, shouting and calling names in an adult way then I requested
they should go on a second honeymoon I can’t stand it if they’re fighting. They
decided yes because they got relationship problems. Good thing; I want the house for
my-self but, I decided to change my mind when they decided to leave me alone with my Nan
Patty, I think I’m already old enough to stay on my own but, the last time it happened I
was almost kid-napped; Nan Patty works with my  parents for about three years, she won’t
change; I miss my old Nanny she’s even nicer than Mary Poppins her-self, but, she is
gone because she was getting married; she said she will come back but, never…..

 Sometimes I call my Nan Patty; Aunt Patty; she acts that she loves me in front of my
parents but no…. no and never; she’s the meanest person I’ve ever met more meaner
than my Best friend’s Step Mother, when there’s a loud thumping noise at the door you
will definitely know that it’s my Nan Patty I still could smell the celery bacon-cheese
onion sandwich she ate in her last baby-sit and I think I’m going to throw-up if she’s
going to open her mouth. My Aunt Patty never takes a bath; she’s wearing the same
clothes since the last two years. I wave goodbye to my parents and wept, then I done an
act grin to my mum, but I can’t help crying,
 ‘’don’t cry dear we won’t die’’ I said goodbye and wave a kiss. When it was
clear, my aunt pushed me and told me to prepare her dinner.
You know deep down my Nan Patty maybe nice, NOT!

  Weeks come of torture and then Worst, I heard bad news from the police
‘’I’m very sorry dear your parents had an accident they’ve been crushed by an
avalanche while they are skiing in New York winter wild life park were really sorry, the
adult with you now, will have your house’’. I was terrified what the police said; I
don’t know what to do, so I said in a trembling voice ‘’Yes’’…
Nothing much happened after that day, I stood weeping….
It was much worst having to stay here with my big mean nanny ‘’hey char (that’s my
nickname I absolutely hate it if she calls me char) Stop crying and finish washing the
toilets and cook my lunch’’, She didn’t even care that my mum and dad died since
she’s the adult with me, she took over our house so I became her slave (in some sort). 
I cried and cried two big problems in the world. ‘’What am I going to do now’’?
Maybe Aunt Patty planed all of these… I thought and… then suddenly…
‘’You should prove your parents are alive’’said a voice out of no where,   
‘’Who are you’’? I asked and there was no answer
I stood quietly and thought that my parents are important even if the voice is true or
not, this might sound mushy for a teen-ager but I watched enough drama shows to show your
parents are fairly important!
I love my parents very much. I must pack, I told my self, and I’m running away tomorrow.
I’m going to pack my things: clothes, map, clean underwear, my books, sun screen, saving
money (£70.00), a picture of my mum and dad and my pencil and notebook, Tissues I might
get sick, Last of all my sleeping bag and comfy pillow. 
‘’What you doing char’’, asked my Aunt Patty (evil like).
‘’Um nothing Aunt Patty’’, I lied; and waited for her to come out, so slowly I
came out of the window with my suitcase and rode my bike.
My bike has a compartment at the left that looks like a big basket so I carefully suitcase
in it.

I decided to visit my Best friend (Jane) to ask her if she could come with me. She lives
with her step-Mother her life is like Cinderella without a happy ending she told me.
‘’Jane’’! I called her in her window, ‘’would you like to run-away with me and
find my parents’’! Ooops I said it out to loud I thought to my self.
Nobody answered I slowly walked at the back of their house to see if she’s there,
But I instead I saw her step-mother smooching with the mail-man. I quickly ran behind the
bush before they notice me but, I’m too late they grabbed me in my shoulders and put me
in a room and said, ‘’we will lock you up here until you’re aunt Patty finds you
just to be safe’’, finally they left and locked me in the room. My aunt Patty would
never care to find me. I still can’t believe my best friend’s step Mother is dating
with a Mail-man who give our letters every-day. I just can’t understand why they hate
me, now how could I get out of here I thought then a sound terrifying came at the door
like Aunt Patty trying to open the door but it was just Jane my best friend.

‘’Charlotte what are you doing here’’
‘’ You cannot believe what I just saw, your step-mother is dating the mail-man’’.
’’What’’. Jane shouted in despair, ‘’my step Mother is dating the mail-man, oh
my gosh’’ How did you know such things’’ 
‘’Never mind that silly thing I got a problem would you help me find my parents’’.
‘’what do you mean find your parents’’ she ask anxiously then I told her
everything about it, start from were the police called. ‘’So would you like to help
‘’no wait you didn’t tell me why you’re here’’.
 ‘’I was here because I need your help; and because, your step-mother caught me
watching her with the mail-man so she decided to lock me here to keep their secret safe so
again do you like to help me find my parents, and maybe you could find your dad as
 ‘’Yes; but my dad I think it’s impossible he got lost and ever since he never come
back from a trip to New York.
 ‘’And that’s just where we are going; in New York’’
 ‘’but why New York ‘’ because that’s where my parents are and that’s where
your dad is; duh? ‘’ (just a coincidence yes or no)
‘’oh yeh, but how … so what am I going to bring aha!’’. (Sleeping bag, comfy
pillow and savings money (£50.00) clothes, and crisp, finally clean underwear and

We swiftly ran to our bikes just parked in between our houses and head to the national
park, Jane behind me and a start to a new adventure.

‘’What are we doing in the park Charlotte’’. Jane asked me.
‘’To think of a way to New-York ’’!
‘’You mean you don’t know where NEW YORK is! You shouldn’t have got me in to this
problem from the start’’ Jane spat out. 
‘’Stop Spitting and don’t panic’’. 
‘’sorry, but you didn’t told me you don’t know where New York is we could be in
trouble, the sophistications of a teen-ager is very important’’.
‘’Hey! Hey! Don’t worry I got a Map so It’s 974 Kilometers away from Columbia to
New York, Ok Should we take the Bus’’. 
‘’The bus, Are you nuts? , We can’t go to New York Using the bus it will take ,
weeks or months (if it’s slow) Only a fast something Will get us there in time’’.
‘’I know someone who could get us there in no time’’!

Betty, My mum’s half sister she’s so rich and she might maybe have a fast car or
something to help us go to New York. I knocked at the door then a tall looking lady came
out ‘’yes how can I help you’’ the lady said seriously. 
‘’Were looking for Betty is she here’’? I asked anxiously. 
‘’She’s busy so get a way’’.
‘’But we really need her I’m her half Niece.
 ‘’Did you say half Niece’’. 
‘’I’ll ask ‘’.
 ‘’Who’s down there Grace’’ said a voice coming from up stairs.
‘’It’s your said to be half Niece Madam’’
‘’oh let them in ’’ she said in a husky voice.
I was so exited I haven’t seen my Aunt Betty since I was eight years old but suddenly I
felt scared she might be different after all I heard her voice just now, it just sound
very weird, As I Come in I saw an angel She’s pretty, short blonde hair, curling eye
lashes, red angel lips. ‘’sorry for what I’m wearing dear I was just doing some
modeling and sorry if I scared you with my voice I was just a little husky after drinking
my home-made carrot juice, want a taste’’. 
‘’No thank you Aunt Betty but how did you know I was scared of your voice’’.
‘’well every week-ends I always drink carrot juice after my modeling and some how,
every time I got a visitor on week-ends they always run, but for the first time ever you
and your friend didn’t run away’’. 
‘’Is your job modeling’’! 
‘’Yes but I also have another job’’.

22 January 2008, 07:21 PM   #2
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This is so cool!^-^ awsome story,make more! 

16 February 2008, 04:02 AM   #3
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That story was pretty good. I wonder if they will ever find their parents. The chills

16 February 2008, 02:55 PM    #4
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Cool!dont ya think it looks to more detailed?try to shorten it down to the main

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