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The Landlord, Theodore Fisher
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These are characters that are free to use, if in need to add a new personality to a conversation or situation. With the permission of the Mod (me, everknight) you may adopt a few of these charterers and make them your own, but following their preset personalities. If you like to change something about a character, PM your changes to me and see what we can do.
Adoptable NPCs
Markus Jones
The Brute A failed high school athlete that has taken up school to become a lawyer in spite of his father’s demand to gain a career in Marketing. This brute may come off as simpleminded, womanizer but in all reality he’s much more. Deep down, he hides a secret that may come off as rather obvious, but the second opponent is oblivious to its clues. Character Idea:


Natalie Miller
The conceited, narcissistic, selfish, etc. This arrogant socialite is always hanging around the flats, either pestering the other tenants or keeping up with her tanning (which she attempts even during the colder seasons.). She seems to always be draped in designer clothes, and she comes from an unknown money source that she fails to mention even if asked directly. Character Idea:


Skylar McCloud
The Med Student Skylar wasn’t born into the richest family but she always made the best of things. Acing all her grades, she was able to receive top scholarships to academic colleges and finish early due to her determination. After some time, she gathered some money that wasn’t even close to covering her tuition to her dream college. She keeps all her expenses at an all time low, as she pulling herself though Med School. Character Idea:


Not Adoptable NPCs
Othni Kokko (Oth-Nee)
Othni, a young Finnish boy, is always chronically late, whether it be a day behind or the occasional day early, but never on time. He was born a day later then his twin, beginning his constant tardiness. As a young child, his parents felt they were unsuitable parents, being so young at the time of their birth. So they decided to pass their guardianship to their parents, Othni and his Sister, Yori’s grandparents. They were delighted to take them in, missing the joy of parenting. Being a bit old fashion as they were, it rubbed off onto Othni and Yory, which can be clearly noticed by how he dresses. To fallow his dream of becoming a dessert chef, he moved to America in search of affordable schooling. With the little money he had, finding Theodore’s flats was a steal for the aspiring chef. Character Idea:


Adam & Eve
She’s been a tenant in the building long before Theodore took ownership. Eve constantly mentions a husband that hasn’t fully been seen by anybody. If asked about him, she would simply respond, “Or he’s probably just resting upstairs.” Or “He’s not very sociable.” But Theodore knows the truth. He asks the other tenants to be weary around her, and never to mention Multiple Personality Disorder when she’s around. Character Idea:


To be continued.
Theodore Fisher | Landlord

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