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15 June 2013, 10:31 PM   #1
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10 July 2013, 03:57 AM   #2
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Rosalind Vance was sitting in a chemistry lab, making sure the generator was still working and providing lights to the majority of the soom. This was a pretty large school, and she didn't know whether or not it was already all the way cleared, but the second floor looked secure enough. Her sidearm was on a holster at the side of her thigh, a rifle set down next to her. She found noodles, and was hoping to make some later.

21 July 2013, 09:10 AM   #3
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There was still a shit-ton of zombies at his old High school. He knew there
would be, but seeing something and knowing it from premonition are two different things.
Very different. For one, Castor had thought the dead would be a locus inside the building.
Not clustered around the large open fields on the school's Perimeter. 'Well shit.' Thought
Castor. He wanted to just kill himself.Was going through a shit ton of zombie hordes
really worth this?
Seriously? Castor glanced to the palms of his hand, the were shaking and he looked at the
small piece of note paper in his hand and new the answer was yes.
A shitty yes.
So shitty.
Castor took a moment to look through the gate from a distance, zombies were shaking the
chains and mindlessly colliding into the tall bars. But there was more or less, a small
flawed opening between the line of zombies. 
More or less, as in that could change at any moment. 
It was highly likely it would. But it was the only visible opening Cast could find as be
walked along the gates. 
This was going to be a shit ton of running. "Pillar, stay. Seriously. You're lazy as
The black cat was gently placed ontop of a nearby garbage can, slightly hidden across the
street. The cat loungfully stretched out and licked its paw as if to agree with his
master's deduction.

21 July 2013, 02:49 PM   #4
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She took some precious water from the stores - it looked cloudy, like it was gonna rain, so she risked it - and heated it over a Bunsen burner until it was boiling. She poured the cup of noodles into the beaker, and poked at them until they dissapated, then took a plastic fork and ate the noodles right out of the beaker. She heard a noise from outside when she was finished, her mouth cooling finally to taste the terrible chicken and sodium aftertaste. She took her rifle, the manual scope and her good eye making her an okay sniper, and opened the window with a large scraaape emanating from it.

21 July 2013, 04:55 PM   #5
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The commotion from outside was coming from various small explosions that Cast used as diversions. Castor's mindless kin were drawn the metal clicks of the ticker, and the shuddering pops of particles expanding to make energy. Fire. Heat. Good thing it was going to rain soon. Soon as in now actually. At first Castor welcomed the light drizzle, it convinced him that Miller would never venture out from his hiding spot. Plus the fact Zombies were fast, but not very coordinated. They easily slipped, and collided into one another, while Master paved through to the main doors. Just as Castor thought he was home free. He snapped open the double doors and and was immediately struck and sent flying to the ground. , Before he knew it, Castor was on the ground tossing up with a business dressed man, green bubbling skin, and blood shot eyes. A monster. Castor struggling to keep the man's weight from closing in on his. "Aaaagh!!" He was pinned to the brown muddy grown, and his eyes searched the scene for any aid. There was a women in the window. With a rifle. She could easily help him out. If she was a good shot this would be no problem. Cast focused went back to the snarling man as he felt warm salavia drizzle onto his forehead. The zombies around him were starting to get wind of the situation near school entrance and began to make start a trek through the mud to follow the sounds.

21 July 2013, 05:15 PM   #6
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She pointed it at a zombie's head. The silenced rifle emitted a small puff of air before the bullet pierced its skull. Repeat, down and around until she made it to the one pinning the man. She slowed down, took a deep breath, and shot. She didn't hear a yelp of pain, just the thump of the zombie falling on the man. She flinched, hoping he didn't have any open wounds.

24 July 2013, 04:03 AM   #7
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The shot took off the Zombies head, and all Castor had to do was flip the carcass off him. But he didn't. For just an extra second he layed there, staring at the women who practically just saved his life. As Pathetic as it was. Castor simply narrowed his eyes at her, as if to say a reluctant 'thanks'. Once the male got to his feet he slammed the double doors closed and pegged it closed with a random piece of plywood. Not a second to soon, otherwise the horde would've got him. 'Can't get out that way..' Thought the male, as he saw the many bodies festering at the doors. These mindless creatures banged, clawed, raged at the rusted doors. He watched them through the small fogging rectangle windows for just a minute. 'Yeah, no way to get through that again.' He confirmed. Then Castor focused his thoughts back to his, 'Find the locker, find the women, kill the women, take the gun, and get back ou it.'.. Atleast if the women didn't relinquish the rifle willingly, he'll kill her. Because as far as Castor could see, that gun was the only thing he could use to get back to Pillar on the other side of the gate. So Castor, started walking, keeping an eye out for anymore jumpers, and making sure he was quiet.

24 July 2013, 04:15 AM   #8
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And like that, she read the expression on his face. She slipped from the cafeteria, leaving her water supply and hat inadverently. She just took her rifle and ran, ran out the hallway and out of the window, jumped down two stories, and ran as far away as possible. She didn't want to be raped and killed.

24 July 2013, 04:40 AM   #9
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Castor found the locker first. Not the women. Which was probably for the best. Castor used to go to this High school, before the world fell apart, and so he knew this place like the back of his hand. That's where he went to skip class, that's the water fountain that always had brown specks in the water, and that was his homeroom class. Biology. Mr. Kendrick. Castor sighed as he flipped back and forth with the dial of numbers. 45- 2- 19 The locker didn't open. 'SHIIIIIIT' Castor tried kicking it, and kicking it. Then kicked it again. Jammed. "Shit." He made it all this way, and now- Castor heard something down the hall. A fast shuffling of feet, above him. Maybe it was that women With the rifle... And she was trying to make her escape? Well now he was never going to get out of here. Castor decided to come back to the locker, he was getting hungry. He found himself stumbling upon the women's stash of food and water in the cafeteria. 'that was easy.' He thought, as opened a can of peaches and began to eat with a plastic spork. Castor almost began to feel bad for chasing the women out. They could've easily traded her something for her rifle just as easy as killing her. Maybe... Almost..

18 September 2013, 09:13 PM   #10
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2o4 walked down the school hall. He looked in all the classes. "Neko?" He whispered quietly in each class room. "Are you in here?" He was already lost in the world, so the thought of losing Neko terrified him. "Where are you Neko?"

18 September 2013, 09:25 PM   #11
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There was some mumblings coming from the upper level. Right above Castor. The air vents distorted the voice, but it didn't sound like any disfigured wall crawler. It sounded like a person with all their brains in tact. For now at least. This use to be Castor's home school, so, he knew the place like the back of his hand. Castor decided to go check it out- maybe it was... Somebody with something to trade? Castor would love a chocolate bar. Or chocolate pretzel. Or- chocolate anything. So- off Mr. Trive went, up the faculty stairs and through a few hallways. Passing room after room, luring closer to the source of the voice. Mrs. Jacobs room, Mr. Ferris, Mr. Bremmings.... Which was full of headless zombies. The voice began to sound clearer. 'Neko?' Thought Castor, mentally scratching his head. Then he actually scratched it. "Hey~!" Trive had snuck up on the kid, and grabbed him back by the shirt abruptly. "What're you doing here?" Asked Castor, as if it was his business. Which it was. Because everything is.

18 September 2013, 09:47 PM   #12
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2o4 was so afraid that he had flipped the strang boy onto his butt. He takes his shrunken scythe and grew it into a full grown sharp scyth. He puts the blade toward the kids neck. "Who are you and what is your business with me!?!" He gently pressed the blade against his neck. He has fear in his eyes.

18 September 2013, 10:08 PM   #13
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"You have more guts than brains." Said Castor, not batting an eye when the weapon was turned against him. Around here, that was no good. If the fear wasn't so outwardly expelling from the other's eyes, Castor would've had no problem starting a fist fight. But that would've gotten them no where. "Listen~" Castor began. Speaking very quietly. He was always cool headed under pressure. His dark auburn eyes glanced down to see the sharp point of the scythe held against his neck. "You looked a little lost. I came to help." You should be grateful. Castor wanted to be nice to the other, because The last thing Castor needed was for the kid to yell any louder in a fit. Zombies depended on their guts way more then their brains too. They were primal. And would hear them from miles away. "My name is Castor." He said, with a small grin. Castor slowly took his hand out of his pocket, in a nonthreatening manner, and placed it over the blade of the scythe pushing it down from his neck.

18 September 2013, 10:16 PM   #14
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2o4 closed up his scythe. "I don't need help. I am fine on my own." He fixed the scythe and placed it on his back. He walked away from the kid. His walk was very feminine you could almost mistake him for a girl. Which most men him and Neko met on their way through other cities thought he was a female and tried to hit on him through their journey. He glanced at the window next to him as he passed. He had thought he saw her. "Where are you Neko," He said to himself quietly.

18 September 2013, 11:10 PM    #15
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"She's probably dead." Legitimately. Or deadandzombieintheface. Either way she was. "Everyone's dead." Castor said absently. Almost talking more to himself then the other male. "And if who-ever, or whatever your looking for isn't dead-" Castor caught up to the other male, and continued to talk. Ignoring the fact that he wasn't wanted. "It's not the same anymore. Believe me." Castor spoke, as if he was talking to a child. As if the other male was so blind and ignorant, about everything. "I'm actually surprise, there are still people like you looking for crap." Castor said, outwardly mocking the other. He gave the other a small smirk, he still didn't know this person's name, let alone what they were doing here... But- Castor didn't want them to leave. At least not yet. ooc: lols omg that girly walk <3

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