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Character Creation; (Step One!)

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This is the form you will need (below!), in order to create your character!
(Insert picture here) {Real people, anime, or fantasy} Name: Age: Gender: Species: (angel, shape-shifter, demon, elementalist, human, etc.) History: Personality: Looks: Likes: (List) Dislikes: (List) Other:
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Name: Sheldon Blake Andrews.
Age: Seventeen Years Old. (Human years.)
Gender: Male.
Species: Fallen Angel; (Angel that had fallen from God's grace).
Ethnicity: Native American(50%) x British(50%). 
Sexual Orientation: Gay.

-Has black stubs where his black feathered wings (Wings that used to be twice the size of
Sheldon) had been cut off. 
-Braces. Blue elastics FOR his braces.
-Fairly tan. He's as dark as Native Americans that are COMPLETELY Native American.
-Hair naturally black; Fades from black to ghost-white from the middle of the top of his
hair to his bangs. Gradually fading from black to white.
-Left eye is emerald green. Right eye is storm-gray.
-6foot, 4inches.
-Abnormally quiet. Barely speaks in fear his accents will be too problematic for those who
ask him things to understand. 
-Small feet compared to his size (They're size four in mens, and five and a half in

-Venom bites.
-Bridge of his nose.
-Belly button/navel.
-Small of his back.
-Corset piercing down his back.
-Breast bone.
-Collar bone.
-One-inch Plugs/Gauges.

Sheldon is abnormally quiet to everyone he knows, only because his accents (Native
American and British) tend to mix too quickly into one another, and ends up leaving people
wondering if he's another species of beings instead of a human. This has kept him quiet,
even around his own parents. He's a complete sweetheart when you get to know him, because
he's not much of a problem child. He grew up with two gay fathers, so it's not like he had
much of a problem with them. He's naturally gay, though he wonders if he started out
straight as a child, but as he grew, he started to lean toward men. His mother left after
he was born, because she wanted nothing to do with them, and was seen as a drug addict,
but since Sheldon's fathers wanted to protect their small child, they told him his mother
died. He still doesn't know she's still alive out there. He's smart, kind, funny and
enticing. He can be seductive if he wants to, but doesn't realize he's being seductive
until it's too late. He's virgin, and too afraid to lose it to just anyone. He cherishes
his virginity. 

Sheldon grew up with a father who was gay, but came to be God's second hand, until he had
fallen in love with a girl that was human. When God realized this, he refused to allow
Sheldon to stay, and banished him to suffer on earth. His wings were cut off, and he was
meant to suffer for the rest of eternity with the humans he thought he loved. But he was
adopted by two gay dads. So having two dads has been a huge advantage to Sheldon's life.
While one was more feminine, he learned to clean, cook, and care for others with his
feminine father of the two, while his masculine father taught him how to fight, think, and
act like the man he should be. His mother was a drug addict; he believes she is dead,
while she really is still out and alive somewhere...but wants nothing to do with them
until he is Eighteen(human years). He never had a best friend, never really even had real,
loving, kind friends. He's always been an outcast. Bullied by almost everyone he's ever
come across for having braces, while the rest of his body is pretty much virtually

-The internet (of course).
-Kissing in the rain.
-Romantic motions.
-Skinny Jeans.
-High Tops.
-Video games.

-Popular people at his high school.
-School in general.
-School rules against PDA.
-Football players.
-Being used.
-People who touch him.
-Being touched.
-Being asked to talk.

He does not like being touched; more often than not, he will smack/punch/hit you if you
do. He's not a very happy child. He hates just about everything about himself, including
his braces.

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Name: Terry Okinawa Age: Seventeen Gender: Male Species: Human History: Terry lived a supportive, nice life where everyone around him was friendly. He had many friends, went out often to hang out, and when bad things seem to happen, he brushes them off and watches his life pass by pretty quickly. It was an early age of ten when he first realized his feelings towards the other gender, considering that through this time he wanted to play with dolls and dress up like the other little girls in his neighborhood. His parents payed close attention to this, but kept it a secret from him until he was the right age- or so they thought. By thirteen he was enjoying the high life, shopping with all the girls, picking out cute boys and doing kissing faces to all of his friends. By this time, words were going around about gay men in his school, and the fear of being bullied himself washed over. He didn't understand all of it, but most of it was easy to know when sooner or later people started to point it out. Not that he cared much to this extent, it took him three years to come out to his family before they kicked him out to live on his own. By then, he understood how he really felt, and knew he wasn't going to let anyone get in his way. A year later, he got a good job and tried to live a life he loved most. Personality: Terry is lively; fun, bubbly, shy when he's near strangers, calming, seeming to always be relaxed, but also can be jumpy towards his friends. He loves to party ( in a clean way ) and enjoys going out whenever he can, knowing good hygiene is best for his body. He plays sports, shops and does what he can just to have a good time with himself and others. Though, when it comes to serious business and he wants to get things done, he puts those fun distracting things to the side and does his work. He loves taking pictures. Looks: Short but spiked up ( sometimes straightened ) blond hair that he likes to fool around with. He likes to wear punk/rock clothing that show off his muscles, like tank tops and ripped jeans as well as black leather jackets that have many-to-too much spikes. His style depends on his feelings on the day, and usually at night switches to light clothing that shows his skin more. Likes: . Taking photos . Dressing up / Cosplay . Photography . Shopping . Hanging with friends . Sports . Music . Watching movies . Snuggling . Animals . Cooking . Games . Tattoos . Cooking Dislikes: . Obnoxious attitudes . Bullying . His parents . Being used Other: He's gay, which I thought was kind of obvious <3

Terry Okinawa // Seventeen // Human

Miyuki Natsura // Sixteen // Angel

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TinyPic Name: Aviant (Ave-e-ent) Marie Jones. (Avi.) Age: Eighteen. Gender: Female. Species: Water Elementalist. (Can control water.) History: She doesn't like to talk about it. She keeps it to herself. Personality: Strong, kind, loving, and special in her own way. She doesn't put up with people's bullspit. If she doesn't like what you're doing, she will tell you exactly what is on her mind. She loves music, and she tends to sing often when she's alone, but once you get to know her, she's really talkative, but that's when she trusts you. If you annoy her, she'll be brutally honest to your face. She hates drama, so she tries to avoid it the best way she can. Looks: -Native American. -Blue braces kept hidden with her perfect, white teeth. -Blue hair mixed with white on one side. -Zombie White irises (birth defect) -darker drown on her hands, up her cheeks, over her eyes, and past her eyebrows, that have small specks of brown, the tribal markings she's been born with. -Teased hair that curls at the bottom. -Thin, hour-glass shape to her body. -Always wears her belts, leggings, and her garnet belts. -Dark blue hand gloves. Likes: -Boys. -Girls. -Blue -Hair dye. -Teased hair. -Her heritage. -Water. (Duh! It's her element!) -Raves -Ripped leggings. -Belts. -Animals. -Singing. -Music. -Talking. -Gays. Dislikes: -Drama. -Drama queens. -Trend setters. -Parents. -Fire. -Screaming. -Drugs. -Alcohol. -Lightning. -Storms. -Bugs. -Preppy guys. Other: She's Bi-sexual. Likes both genders. Always uses her elements in battle if need be. ------- Image and video hosting by
TinyPic Name: Navii Ivy Lunas (Also known as Nav or Ivy) Age: Twenty. Gender: Female. Species: Elf (The taller, hunter, human-like sized/looking variety); Earth Elementalist. (Controls earth/plants/etc.) History: When she was little, Navii used to be bullied beyond repair for the fact that she was an elf. She used to be abused at home by a drunken father, and a drug-addict mother, where both had no need but to use her as an excuse for money. When she finally had the courage, she ran away. This was when she was ten. Since then, Navii has been on her own, and as she grew up, she learned she had a special affinity for Earth, in the way that the Goddess of earth protected her from that point on. She grew cold-hearted, strong, and dangerous. Truly a femme fatal. She refuses to talk about her past. Personality: Cold hearted, bitter, hateful, spiteful, and rude. She doesn't take 'no' for an answer, and if you're in her way, she has no reason not to shove you out of her path. She doesn't play games. She's always serious, and when she feels playful, she has a crued, mean sense of humor that only she seems to understand. She doesn't waste her time playing around, for she gets her job done when it is expected of her. She normally hates people, unless you're good to her and she feels she can trust you. Doesn't trust easy, and she isn't impressed easily. You can't sway her, and once she has her mind set on something, she shows no mercy, or boundary, for that matter. Silent but deadly, her attitude seems to pertain to danger. Looks: -Albino. -Emerald green eyes. -Has dyed her hair so many times it naturally is green, white and black now. -Teased green hair that fades to white, then black, and curls toward the end. -Always wears green, white and black; her three favorite colors. -Has a septum piercing that she tucks up into her nostrils so it's out of sight. -Never seen without her belts and restraints. -Her height is 6'4"; Weight is 95lbs. -Dark eyeshadow and thick eyeliner ALWAYS warn. Likes: -Boys. -Girls. -Green. -Black. -White. -Animals. -Crued, mean humor. -Hunting. -Fighting. -Music. -Sex. Dislikes: -Preppy girls. -Flimsy fighters. -Weaklings. -Parents. -Alcohol. -Drugs. -Happiness. -Rain. -Storms. -Jocks. -People who are too loud. Other: Nothing as of yet.
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Name: Miyuki Natsura Age: Sixteen Gender: Female Species: Angel History: Miyuki lived a hard life though full of love, living in a tight family of six children in one house, all ages under her so they were tough to handle. Her parents were always sick and couldn't seem to last long, so by the time she turned fourteen they had passed away, leaving her with five kids under her care, and troubled finances. All of her life, she kept the hidden feelings of loving a mortal in her heart, the only regret before which she would lose her last moment, was to be married to this boy. It was the time when the boy's death date was coming up, and as an angel, she could not stop deaths from happening to mortals. Taking the chance, she saved the boys life after almost getting into a car accident, confessing her love to him. When God found this out, he immediately took her wings and sent her down to earth where she will learn true suffering and the ways of life. Leaving her younger siblings behind, she began to make a new life. Personality: Miyuki can be bubbly, kind-hearted, good natures and spontaneous, but inside she is only weak and broken hearted because of her past. Her true feelings are hidden behind the fun and loving but also sometimes annoying personality she shows on the outside. She cares for others, but usually this isn't shown through emotions and it is hard to tell what she really means. Looks: Long bright and light pink flowing hair that reaches her behind, a skinny type body for a normal girl and bright keen pink/hazel eyes. She always likes to wear a skirt and uniform top to match her long socks and school shoes, the clothing mortals wore to their schools. Thus, it reminds her of her first love who she had saved. She doesn't wear tight clothing, saying that they bother her too much. Likes: . Flowers . Sunsets . Games . Singing . Music . Art Dislikes: . Being alone . Fighting . Dark places . Broken hearts Other: None

Terry Okinawa // Seventeen // Human

Miyuki Natsura // Sixteen // Angel

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Name: Dave Strider Age: 15. Gender: Male Species: He is an abomination. An underling; the offspring of a demon and a human. History: Dave remembers only being raised by his brother in an apartment in Houston. His mother had passed away while giving birth to Dave, and he never really met his father. His life was tough but bearable; he was thirteen when he found out his bro worked three jobs to keep them comfortable. Because of that, when he grew up and was deemed ready to take care of himself, his brother took another job and was juggling four. He never really saw his brother after his tenth birthday, but they still practice with ninja swords on his day off. He took up photography when he was eleven; the only available club at his junior high that ended when his bro got off work was the photography club. It soothes him. One day, Dave found some letters in the storeroom. From his father. Horrified, he ran away to start a new life. Right now, he's living with his cousin, Rose. Personality: Dave likes to appear to be stoic, but he sometimes can't keep the facade up. He's really sweet and sensitive. Looks: White blond hair Red eyes, often covered by shades (the only times he is missing them is while showering, sleeping, and talking to his cousin) 6' 8" tall 200 lbs He's tall and skinny. Blatant albinism. Likes: Steampunk Katanas Apple Juice Pizza Suits Dislikes: The color green Orange Juice Avocados Other: He is photophobic. OOC: Homestuck ftw

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Ghost Javier Larynxx

One-Hundred Eighteen. 


 Vampyre. (Drinks blood(Doesn't need it to survive!); has all five elements on his side/he
controls all five elements; Immortal)

 Ghost came from a high social status. Prince of the Vampyre clan, Ghost took up many
responsibilities that most may find unsettling. Because he has high moral, social, and
living status, Ghost was adorned by many, for being a complete sweetheart. When his father
passed of a rare genetic disease, Ghost was to claim the throne, but something dark and
mysterious kept him from doing as he wished. After the death of his father, the darkness
took over, and Ghost could no longer control it, so he tried to run...unfortunately, the
darker side of the young Vampyre prince, had followed him, and continues to eat up at the
sane thoughts the male seemed to used to have. He's going insane, point blank. The very
genetic disease that Ghost inherited. Now he has to face his to speak. 

Ghost is calm, high-spirited, responsible, and quite clever(Like a fox!). He keeps himself
in high spirits, even when a bad day seems to trail behind him like a coat. He is quiet
when he needs to be, but can be rambunctious if he wants. He loves to talk, so he can keep
good conversations with you if you interest him. He's quite insane with the dark shadows
within him, and around him. He spooks easily, though, when confronted with problems, or
people he doesn't know in general. 

-Black teased hair.
-Dark blue eyes.
-Thick black lashes.
-Skinny jeans.
-Septum, Industrial, Bridge, snakebite piercings. 

-Skinny jeans.

-The color black (other than his hair!)
-Girl bands. (Except Millionaires.) 
-Photogenic people.
-Sex with girls. 

Gay; Single; Alone in the world.
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He's perf. 
Absolutely perf.
He's accepted<3
There isn't enough flaming homosexuals in this world.
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There are three girls and four boys. Three boys are homosexual.

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If I were a boy I'd totally be a flaming homosexual, too.  I mean -cough cough-
Uhm, yeah. They're perf. Everyone wants to be a homosexual. 'Cause they're perf. 
Every girl I know has a gay bff. Except for me because no gay guys love me like a
bff/sister Because I'm not pretty enough. -cough cough-
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Name: Pandora Shade
Age: 23 (Roughly a century old)
Gender: Female
Species:  Shape-Shifting Demoness
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Italian (50%), Mexican (30%), and Puerto Rican(20%)

 History:  She grew up in a rough town murder and rapes being the normal everyday
in the small town she lived. Her mother was a loving beautiful creature, and always
strived to protect her only child. When Pandora turned 13 she realized she could change
into odd things and that she had abnormal strength.  Her mother told her that she was a
Shape-shifter and that she took after her.  Her mother began training her  to perfect the
craft of “shifting”. On Pandora’s 15th birthday a group of men in black suits came
barging in and attacked her mother. Pandora helped her mother  but her father slammed her
into the wall and pinned her there. The group of men overwhelmed her mother  and they
slammed her into the ground. The leader pulled out his knife and ran it under her mothers
flawless skin, slowing moving up, her flesh comming up like a peel of an orange. Her
mother’s scream was horrendous as the man skinned her alive, Pandora screamed stop
repeatedly and tried desperately  to get away from her father. She screamed at him about
how he could let this happen. Her mother finally passed away from the pain and blood loss.
Her dad finally let her go, Pandora fell to her knees staring at her mothers corpse no
tears came, Just her piercing anger that shined in her eyes. Her father touched her face
and ran his hand up her thigh. “You are a beautiful girl.” He said to her.  She fought
back at his attempts but the other men held her down as they each took turns using her.
They left her as a bloody deflowered pathetic girl. Pandora grew up  with her father,
listening to him like an obedient solider in fear of him raping her. When she was 17 she
gathered what little belongings she had and ran away. She found a handsome young man that
accepted her into his home, she fell in love quickly and actually was happy. She went out
to run errands and came back to find her love pierced to the wall, his blood splattered on
the wall saying “You will be alone forever, we are watching.” Ever since then she has
been a drifter and  refusing to fall in love, just passing through the vast amount of
years being alone.

Personality:  Pandora comes across as stand offish but once people get passed her
exterior they will discover she is a nice person with a sadistic humor. She loves writing,
she often carries a leather bound journal, touch the journal and she will snap. She does
have a short temper and tends to be too calm during stressful situations.   She does use
sarcasm on gullible people. She loves making simpletons believe her. She has a huge soft
spot for animals mainly in wolves and dogs.
Looks: Raven black hair that is layered around her heart shaped face. Her hair has crimson
red highlights. She has emerald  almond shaped eyes. Her skin has a nice bronze color, and
she has a tattoo of a dragon up her spine . Like most women she has a curves and gets
quite a few looks. She has retractable curved horns above her ears that are woven with an
intricate design. She has black wings that only come out when she needs to flee due to a
fatal injury, she however can’t fly well.

 Likes: (List) 
- Dragons
-Tiger Lillies
- Romance
-Sexy Accents
Dislikes: (List) 
- Church
-Annoying Preps
-Gluttonous men
-Summer Heat
-High pitched sounds
-The French Language
- American Football

Other: Do not sneak attack her, she conceals a weapon on her right thigh, she uses
it when someone lurks behind her. She has very heightened senses and will use her wits and
powers to achieve a goal.

Sorry Everyone, not the best charcter history but I am having writers block :p

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Name: Cyan Ampora Age: Seventeen Gender: Male Species: Human History: Cyan pretty much had the high-life for what he seemed to live everyday. He fought for many things like diseases and rights for all people, something that coped with his loving family who expected everyone to take part in the good, not that he knew that of any sort, he believed he was made for this. He believed he was meant to change the world, and that's what his heart was sent on. He didn't have a bad childhood or anything, and people loved him wherever, though it was others who got jealous that almost made him crack, leading to a half-attempted suicide. Despite this, Cyan had loving parents who accepted his sexuality and treated him no differently from before. For now it seems, he's not as alone. Personality: Cyan's shy, lovable and underneath that skin is another layer of brilliance and something wanting to come out. He's a total sweetheart, and nothing less than that. If you're feeling bad, he'll bring you roses and a box of chocolate the next day with a note of sweet words you will probably never forget. He wants to change the world, and is determined to make everything bad to turn it good for the rest. When he gets angry, he just goes into a fit and cries it out, and can't hold in things for long before he bursts. Because of this, his weak heart can't take much. Looks: . Blonde hair, blue treaks . Blue eyes . Tan skin . Rather skinny, scrawny Likes: . Roses . Chocolate . British accents . Drawing . Poetry . Nice people . Music . Romantic walks . Boys . Girls ( friends only ) . Determination . And family Dislikes: . Loud noises . Obnoxious people . Crying . Sad faces . Heartbreak . Death . Loss of a friend . Confusion Other: Yay, homosexuals!

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Accepted ^^ 
YAY HOMOSEXUALS they're like the super bestest ever.
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28 February 2013, 03:49 PM   #14
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Thanks Sadie.

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Name: Jericho Liam Reynolds. Age: Twenty-Three years and Six months. Gender: Male. Species: Elementalist; Fire. Sexual Orientation: Straight. History: Jericho grew up in a non-religious family with three siblings. Out of the three, he was the youngest, but he was also very special. At first he thought he was special in a good way, but as time came rushing upon him, the boy had to learn to become a man at the age of Twelve. Which, as everyone knows, probably isn't the best age to become an adult. His mother knew exactly what he was, and she despised him for it. His father on the other hand was clueless. Even his father didn't know he himself was different. You see, Jericho is an elementalist. He can control any given element he was born with. For Jericho, it was fire. One of the toughest to face. His father could control water, while his mother could control fire, as well. She'd hated her kind for years because it was against the rules to fall in love with anyone but your affinity. She of course, wasn't little miss perfect. This lead to Jericho being born from between the elements; fire. They refused to find someone to teach their child the affinity's ways, and refused to teach him themselves. This lead Jericho into being someone who kept to himself. He found his own personality, his own style, his own way of life. Not once was he going to allow himself to succumb to what his parents had become. On the other hand, his oldest brother, Seth, could control water. His second oldest, younger than Seth, Sam, could control earth. Personality: Jericho is a quiet, restless soul. He rarely speaks to anyone but himself, and he enjoys the peace and quiet. For a city boy, he'd much rather be in the country, where not too many people are around to bother him. He takes out his emotions on music, and sings just to get himself to feel better. He rides horses for a living, as well. He is smart, kind, but snappy when he's annoyed. His element isn't as controlled as it should be, and with his short, outbursts of uncontrolled anger, the flames are close to follow. Looks: -Silver septum piercing. -Black snakebites piercings. -Tall. -Thin. -Lanky. -Teased, black hair. -Left eye is pale blue, the right eye is emerald green. They periodically change to brown when he's calm. -Small, size-five shoes. -Wears Vans and Converse. -Band tees and skinny jeans. -Rarely wears sunglasses. Likes: -Animals. -Horses. -Girls. -Music. -Horseback Riding. -Singing. -Fire. -Hot weather. -Heat. -Skinny jeans. -Piercings (but doesn't have any other than his septum). -Braces. Dislikes: -Cold weather. -Chicks who are players. -Guys who are players. -Cloudy weather. -Cold. -Jocks. -Guys who are jerks. -Shorts. -Skimpy outfits on girls. Other: Nothing yet n.n
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