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2 January 2012, 02:53 PM   #1
I am God - Jack Natural (King, Aneats), Emilea Natural (Princess, Aneats)
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In every club, especially ones like this that tempt advanced roleplayers, there must be
rules. No doubt, all of them are easy to follow, and all of them will be in your mind,
because unlike usual I will be following up on them. So yeah, pay attention to
them, they are your difference between life and death.

Lets Get Started
1. Stay With The Themes - This is very simple, clearcut, concrete. There will be more
concrete explanations for the kingdoms in their topics, things like climates, way of
living, that kind of stuff. But basically just don't do anything that is far different
from the actual roleplay. This also applies to your own character, don't make some
sadistic dickface a cuddly puppy over night. ONLY Naoi gets to do that.
2. Species - All species are allowed, supernatural ones being more prominant in their
kingdom, but allowed to live anywhere
3. Pictures - I don't really care what your preference is for pictures, anime ones are
preffered, and if its art, be sure to give credit ^.^
4. Swearing - Swearing is allowed here, but NOT EVERY OTHER WORD. It's annoying...
5. Sex - This is also allowed, but not every five minutes and not too graphic.
6. Fighting - This is allowed in roleplay, BUT YOU CANNOT fight OOC. Either settle it in
PM or tell me, things can be worked out without fighting.
7. Godmodding - Not Allowed. You can't control other players characters without
their permission, you can't kill off other peoples characters without their permission,
and you certainly can't choose what their character feels like or wants to do unless they
expressly tell you you can do so.
8. Grammar - Simple. Dont tak liek dis, u no how 2 talk liek a human. Translation: Don't
talk like an idiot, you know how to talk and roleplay like a human, not a texting monkey.
9. Objection - LOL. That has nothing to do with this. But, when you make a character, they
have to be accepted before you roleplay, and if I have a problem you must edit it, or they
are doomed to never be accepted. 
EVERYONE. As well as treating your fellow roleplayers like family, be sure to be nice to
the new peeps as well.
11. OOC - It's fine that you have friends here and you want to talk to them, in the
setting of the club. Please, Please, Please do it in OOC. A small bit of chat along
with roleplay is fine, but..no...
OOC: How is derpina? OOC: She's good, is Derpus good? OOC: YEAH! I think we are going to date soon OOC: ORLY?! OOC: YEAH!
and on....and on....and on...in a roleplay topic. You see how the two monkeys aren't roleplaying... 12. Perfection - NO ONE IS PERFECT. There is always a weakness, a chink in the personality, or armor, whatever, just no perfect people or making Jesus Christ (<-- besides the christians killing you, you can't have god...). 13. HAVE FUN - YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THIS RULE :3 Punishments 1. Mild Warning - You will be calmly told that you have broken a rule 2. Real Warning - You will be messaged that you have broken a rule 3. BOSS Warning - You will be lettered that you have broken a rule and warned not to do it again. BOSS warning will now accompany ALL punishments. 4. Temporary Banishment - All club priveliges will be taken away momentarily, and if you were an admin or some such you will have to regain your trust. 5. Temporary Suspension - You are kicked from the club, but may re-join later in a week or so, but will be on close watch 6. Permanent Banishment - You are kicked from the club, you cannot join it EVER again. Punish List None are here. Lets keep it that way, Kay~?
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2 January 2012, 03:04 PM   #2
Guest Poster
OOOOH!!! Punishment list!!! That's a good one ^w^ That way they won't want to break a
rule.. 'CAUSE THERE'S A PUNISHMENT LIST BAYBA!! Humility=Obidience ... most of the

Rules are wonderful!!! -Needs to update her rules..-
TEXTING MONKEYS???!!! That was epic XDDDD
And so was the derp convo! ^U^


1 February 2012, 07:06 PM    #3
Guest Poster
Yes, does godmodding mean:
Toby's running made Derpina trip a small bit,
The definition varies from rp to rp.

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