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Approximately 245 years have passed since Aang's death.For a while, the cycle continued, and it was a time of peace in the world. Unfortunately, when the Avatar had to be reborn into the Water tribe after some time, the cycle was broken once again. The young Avatar who came back from one of his/her journeys was persuaded by someone to enter the spirit world and face Koh, both in revenge for Kuruks beloved and all of his other victims.This is where the trouble began:In true water tribe spirit, the Avatar failed to contain the emotions that flooded over him/her and was corrupted by Koh.The remaining details of this incident are still unknown.It is simply said that the Avatar is now gone.Also, he/she was last officially seen at a conference with a Fire nation ambassador, but there is no proof that the fire nation was responsible for his/her disappearance. Meanwhile, despite the Ba Sing Se type strategy [the war was nothing, just some bickering/there was no war/there was no Ozai/there was no Sozin's comet] the ambassador also brought back archive material with him from the Water tribes, which revealed to the current Firelord information that was available only to the Avatar for the past few decades, for safety reasons.Inspired by his ancestors achievements, Shangzi decided to use Sozin's comet and begin a new era.So the war broke out. It has been going on for the past 5 years.The hope is fading, but the search for the Avatar also continues.Both by the Fire nation and all other people. WIP
Bits and pieces will be added according to character applications along the way.

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