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18 June 2011, 04:18 PM   #1
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Anthony isn't a massive reader but he had an unusual itch to read something that
wasn't on packaging or pornographic. Standing in limbo, arching back and forth, he knew
nothing about books. He hated books. They brought nothing but horrible memories of school.
Why is he here again? Ant then proceeded to walk in the opposite direction in a huff with
himself. He wasted a whole ten minutes. Maybe it was the lack of human contact that made
him act out of character, I suppose he was just to self involved with trying to get
comfortable in a new environment. He hadn't seem that boy he met in the cafe in a while
and wished he'd gotten his number, if he had one. Ant had already forgotten his name. 

This club's old. Fall I'm bored.

19 June 2011, 08:41 PM   #2
The Founder
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   Why had he decided to go for a walk? The fuck, James. With a sigh, the brunette
continued down the lonely street. 
   It was a little after seven, so most of the people in the sleepy town had gone back to
their homes and retired for the night. Not him. He had the strange urge to go for a walk.
Most nights he'd be at home, writing and drinking a cup of tea, preparing for the long
sleepless night ahead of him. Not tonight. Of course not tonight. 
   James just kept his head down, hair falling into his eyes. His gait was slow, despite
his long legs. And his shoes made a soft slapping sound against the pavement beneath him.
But his wasn't the only set of footsteps on the concrete, he noticed. There was another
boy up ahead, maybe ten yards. 
   With a quick look, he realized it was the boy from the cafe. He smiled slightly,
remembering the strangely brash boy. He was just standing there now, though. Looking at...
a shop window? Oh. But that store was closed, he thought with another confused glance. He
walked up to him, feeling shy.
   "You're Anthony, right? We met at the cafe. But- um. That store is closed," he pointed
out rather obviously, noting the darkened windows of what he finally noticed to be a book
store. One of the only two in town. "And it's a little late to be window shopping," he
mumbled, giving a strangled laugh.

The club's dead. And I missed this shit.

24 June 2011, 01:15 PM   #3
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"Hey! It's you!" He hailed, sauntered over for a hug "Er- I'm batman. Ha ha,
how've you been? Where have you been?" he chortled. It must have been fate or something
that made this encounter happen just as Anthony was thinking about him, or coincidence
that he happened to be out in town the same time as him. Whatever the reason Anthony was
happy to see him, whatever his name was. Anthony smiled with a twinkle in his eye, noticed
the boy's bi-coloured pupils. He missed seeing those.

24 June 2011, 09:58 PM   #4
The Founder
Joined: 7 Dec 2010
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James laughed. "Nice to meet you again, Batman." he raised an eyebrow, but then
quickly ducked his head, noticing the other boy staring at his eyes. "I've been fine.
Doing the same old things I always do. I did give you my number- didn't I? I've just been
working at the shop and home. Nothing really new." he smiled, eyes twinkling, as he forgot
about his embarrassment and brought his head back up. He had really liked this boy. With
his strange-coloured hair and silly antics. Had he missed him? The brunette thought about
it, eventually confirming the thought, with a soft blush.

26 June 2011, 12:08 PM   #5
Joined: 9 Dec 2010
Posts: 22
Anthony was taken back his sudden jolt, his eyes escaping his stare. He started to
worry whether he made the guy feel uncomfortable. He hoped not, Ant really liked him.
"Um-er" he murmured as he took out his phone and passed it to him "Yeah, give me your
number and I can give you a call with mine. I'd type it in myself, but I'm rubbish with
following numbers" he chuckled and looked down at his feet. If he didn't stare, hopefully
he won't scare the guy away.

26 June 2011, 07:21 PM   #6
The Founder
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James nodded, taking the phone. It looked awfully small in his big hands. Though,
despite their size, they were anything but clumsy. He had musician's hands, and they were
incredibly dextrous. He quickly typed his number on the little buttons and handed the
phone back. "And would you do the same with mine?" he asked, biting his lip and fishing
out his phone. 
   Had he offended the other boy? He seemed to be staring anywhere but at him, and that
made Jamie feel terrible. His blush darkened, and his freckles stood out rather
dramatically against his pale skin. He wanted to ask, but how did one go about that? What
would he even say?

5 July 2011, 02:34 PM   #7
Joined: 9 Dec 2010
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Last edited by madeofbones, 5 July 2011
"Yeah sure," he replied, accepting the phone as the boy took it out, and during a
brief and uncomfortable moment of awkward silence as they tapped their numbers away,
Anthony taking a little longer because trying finding it hard to concentrate be broke the
silence "Er, do you want to grab a drink somewhere or something? You pick, I'm still
relatively new here," asked with a small grin "If you're busy or-er it's too late for you
it's alright!" panicking, thinking that was a little too demanding, sudden and forward,
even if they did meet having tea and coffee. He wasn't even sure if the guy even drinks.
Anthony smiled, although looking a little like some kind of sexual predator at the same
time, hoping the rejection wouldn't be too emotionally painful.

5 July 2011, 05:04 PM    #8
The Founder
Joined: 7 Dec 2010
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James took his phone back, nodding his thanks. He was getting ready to tell the
boy goodbye, for fear of being too pushy. He was about to open his mouth, when the other
boy asked him out to drinks. He checked his watch. It was only 8:15. That wasn't late at
all. He grinned, cheeks reddening slightly. "I'd love to!'' he exclaimed, then stopped,
hands fluttering awkwardly about his sides, looking for something to do. "I mean- uhm.
That would be lovely. We can go to the little diner down the street. They're open 'til
eleven." He pointed the way out, mumbling something about a block or two. Wow. Had he
really just asked him to go out again? He must like James! Or he was being polite. The
brunette's mind whirled and he was grinning like an idiot. And no matter how hard he tried
to calm his cheek muscles, he couldn't.

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