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Brin's Abode; 901 E. Orchard Rd.

20 January 2011, 06:41 PM   #1
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 My god, this is specious, amiright?
Well - you know what this is, love. 
in a moment, yo.
Just be happy I did it now.

20 January 2011, 07:10 PM   #2
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OOC: *Mengele x]

 Following along, despite how it seemed to be a bit awkward because he wasn't leading the
way of the traitor, he remained rather solemn. He was thinking it all over now -
stabbing and cutting is so cliche. Mmm, well, if I had all 'my equipment', it would be
so much more easier - his thoughts were acid and of spite, longing to rid of the boy
who led him to his house. Which was good; that meant the other didn't know. He probably
didn't even know he was a traitor. A look of deep confusion before a scream... Brin found
it as a sweet and endearing sense of prodigious fantasizing. The joy and impress of his
Fuhrer would echo thoroughout his mind. In there, all Brin really wanted to do was please
the 'fallen' man from 'years' ago, stubborn to keep the 'truth' alive.
 They'd apparently made it to James' home. To go on unsuspicious, Brin slipped inside when
it was a motion to him, watching James' only momentarily before he stood there and looked
around languidly to everything in the room. "Hm?" His attention came back, dark eyes
seeming to match his expressionless facade as his hands remained solely in his pockets.
"Tea sounds nice," not to say he'd ever had any, Brin reminded himself. But coffee always
had a disheartening aroma, one that was not really liked and almsot pungant to the boy.
Then a notion seemed almost suggested - make yourself at home. A voice mused to the
back of his head but words were left to be unshared. He moved back some hair, pacing just
a bit. It might've seemed a bit awkward but Brin couldn't have the lock-up happen here.
"Ah, at home?" He seemed to question as though not understanding that. 
 Then he took notice to the wave.
 Not only a traitor, Brin began to remark in his mind, but could a pink triangle
belong on his shirt?
 A.K.A. - the sign for homosexuality. [naziii]

20 January 2011, 09:06 PM   #3
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James laughed. "You serious?" he grinned, raking a hand through his hair. "I mean, take
off your shoes, hang up your sweater. Make yourself comfortable. Mi casa es su casa." he
laughed again, walking off into the kitchen. "Two cups of tea coming right up. Do you take
anything with it? Sugar? Milk?" 
With practiced movements, he went around the small kitchen, gathering up two cups, two
spoons, the sugar bowl, and a small carton of milk, half-full. He set them out in a neat
little row, and got the kettle off the stove just as it began to whistle. "So, what do you
do, anyway?" he asked, realizing he hadn't asked the boy anything other than his name. He
stood with his back to the other boy, grabbing to steepers and filling them with loose
tea. He didn't bother turning around. He didn't really care, nor realize, that he might be
in serious trouble. He finished with the tea, carefully juggling the carton, sugar, and
cups in his arms. 
He set it down with a sheepish grin. "How did you say you liked your tea?"

24 January 2011, 07:33 PM   #4
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 Momentarily, Brin's eyes only followed him. He said nothing as the other commented - yet
his mind was filled with these words that were nonexistent from his lips, easily as that
was to be said. A grimace was made to the words - Ekelhaft - the voice slipped with
the German. He talked a lot - James talked a lot - he asked useless questions. As he went
on, asking a question, Brin only made a slight sound, one of disapproval but it was vague,
"Things." And that was all.
 Silently he went into the kitchen, his shoes not making a sound as he drifted in. First
thing was first and he was looking exactly for this and only this. Then his eyes captured
it, staring at it intently for a moment before his sleeve was pulled up slightly and he
grabbed it's black handle, pulling it out then inspecting the blade silently - the
knife's. Brin's dark eyes then edged back towards James' body that was there making tea,
asking a final question.

 His final question.

 Something in that played a beautiful tune in his ears but he hadn't the time for adoring
it right then. With the thick thoughts of cleansing the world little by little, he lunged.

 Ah, such a good feeling to near the knife closer.

 But he missed; he tripped and his body hit the floor, but the knife merely dug into
James' calf, slitting it down as the boy's futile attempt fell with him. His chin hit the
floor and a huff was indignantly created. He failed. 
 A groan was made as he sat up, letting go of the knife that seemed to be stuck - in
James' calf. 
 That won't kill anyone.

24 January 2011, 07:55 PM    #5
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James was about to mumble something else, to turn around and ready the tea, when
there was a sharp, incredibly sudden pain in his leg. His calf- to be exact. He gasped,
dropping the mugs and immediately falling on his good knee. "I- You! You stabbed m- ah!
Me!'' he gasped, staring at his torn pant leg and biting his lip. "Aww, god." he nearly
moaned, breath coming in a ragged whisper.
The brunette happened to be a masochist, a very severe one. He had several scars to prove
as much. His brain had a chemical deficiency that made any pain, immediately release a
flood of endorphins from his brain. He shuddered, slowly sinking into an awkward sitting
position. The blood lazily dripped onto the floor, and he watched with a strange,
detached, hazy sort of curiosity. He lightly touched the handle of the knife. Then, more
tentatively, he he wiggled it, and his head dropped back, a low moan wrenched its way from
his throat. 
He could already feel the rush of blood from his head. Finally, he looked at the stricken
boy, laying on his floor. "Why?" he asked, slurring slightly and tilting his head as even
more blood dripped onto the floor.

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