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19 December 2010, 10:05 PM    #1
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1. No god modding!
I myself will not even be fully in charge!

2. No short post unless necessary.
3. Spell correctly or as correct as possible!

4. Do NOT short write.
Dnt rite like dis. C how confusing dis is?
Seriously, don't.

4. Do not use real pictures! Anime only!

5. Do not copy other people's photos or names!
Or any thing for that matter!

6. There is a limit of 5 characters. Main character that is.
Say we have a school roleplay and you want to be a janitor.
That is not a main character, so it doesn't matter.

7. If you have more then one character, seperate by paragraphs:
Bob walked in with Jill behind him.
"Hi." he said.

Jill looked around.
"Lame." she mumbled.

8. Show expression!! If your character is mad say "blah blah blah." Bob said angrily.

9. I am not good with making rules... if you think of any, tell me here and if they are
good, I will add them!

10. Have fun!! :]
Ryan(Rye) Joesoph Rakinly~15~Human~mixture of powers, most are very weak

Jenna Lyn Venure~15~Humanish~Awesome :D

Genevieve Elizabeth Lyresdaughter
(Not of importance right now,for info see character application)

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