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La Novia Del Pirata: Crew Quarters

12 December 2010, 11:26 AM   #1
The Cap'n.
Joined: 1 May 2010
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What? Yer own room? Since when do pirates have the luxury of their own room? Er,
disregardin' the Cap'n's quarters and we do need a room for tha' lady, o' course. But here
we are: the crew quarters. Good part is that unlike most pirate ships, you have sturdy
bunkbeds with comfortable enough mattresses and adequate bed sheets. Fer the lady, there's
a small square room at the back with a single bed and a small bath and bowl to wash up in.
Fer ye lads, there's a small bathroom and toilet beside tha' lass' room. 

Home sweet home, eh, mates?

12 December 2010, 10:35 PM   #2
Theresa Nancy Dawkins
Joined: 8 May 2010
Posts: 25
 Nancy entered, still quite pleasantly surprised to find out that she had she had
her own room. Her boots tapping upon the wooden floors as she made her way across the
room, the girl made a mental note to personally thank the captain the next time the
opportunity came. Her pale, slender hand now reached out to twist open the door-knob and
open the door to her room. It was quite simple, but she was still very pleased with it.
Closing the door, she sat down on her bed. It seemed that this ship would be even safer
for a woman to sail upon then the previous - how wonderful.
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

13 December 2010, 10:37 PM   #3
The Cap'n.
Joined: 1 May 2010
Posts: 65
The sounds of Captain Vanya Britanov's boots signalled his entrance into the Crew
Quarters. He wandered around the empty room, studying the almost golden sheen of
thoroughly polished timbre and testing each mattress with a firm push of his fingers. The
blankets and other sheets were folded neatly and placed at the foot of each bunk and he
checked that all the lanterns were operating perfectly; illuminating the room with small
flames so that it looked almost picturesque. Then he put them all out - one by one. The
quarters fell back to as quiet, half-lit room. All seemed well. Vanya made to leave, then
stopped. There was still one room he hadn't checked. Again, his boots resumed the
clunk-click-clunk-click-clunk on the wooden floors as he crossed himself to the
lass' small, private room. Originally, the bathroom for the men had been bigger, but he
knew he couldn't ask a lady - pirate or not- to spend a night in a room full of men. It
was indecent. So he had split the bathroom himself, not trusting anyone to do a better job
than he, and put together what he thought would at least suffice for a lady. 
  Vanya reached the door and without hesitating, rapped his knuckled sharply on the wood.
"Miss Nancy Dawkins?" he drawled. "Are ye' in there?"

14 December 2010, 01:22 AM   #4
Theresa Nancy Dawkins
Joined: 8 May 2010
Posts: 25
 The voice of the captain brought Nancy to her senses, and she slid off the bed.
Captain Britanov himself had come to speak to her - how very interesting. Wondering what
he could want, she decided to respond. "Yes, Captain, I am." She replied, making her way
to the door, and opening it. "I'm glad you're 'ere, sir, because I wanted to thank ye
greatly for the accommodations." She offered him a small, close-lipped smile, a few
strands of hair falling loose from her carelessly-tied bun and making themselves at home
over her shoulders.
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

21 December 2010, 04:18 AM   #5
The Cap'n.
Joined: 1 May 2010
Posts: 65
"Ah, well then yer welcome," he nodded, but now he was disctracted with the sounds
overhead on the main deck. He suspected that the most of the crew had already gone off to
explore his ship - after all, it wouldn't do to have them lost- but he figured that the
boy he had assigned to sorting out the stock was finished and had come to report to him
Isaac was it? Vanya forced his attention back to the lady and returned her smile
and glanced over her shoulder to study the room once more. It seemed cosy enough, but he
didn't know. He wasn't a woman. Captain Britanov cleared his throat. "Tell me something,
Miss Nancy Dawkins," his accent wrapped thickly around his words. "What was it like on the
ship you used to sail with?"

29 December 2010, 12:46 PM    #6
Theresa Nancy Dawkins
Joined: 8 May 2010
Posts: 25
 Ah, so he wanted to know about her previous ship. Trying to avoid the subject of
the mutiny as much as possible, Nancy thought back. "Well, wos safe,
o'course...though I did 'ave to share the quarters with the rest of the crew, I wos fine."
She explained. Nancy never was the most descriptive person in the world, 'tis true.  "But
this - this is wonderful!" She smiled at him and gestured to her room, her quick movements
causing a slight ache in her arm muscles. The woman dropped her arms to her side, feeling
internally pleased that the Captain seemed to care a good bit about her - well, at least
her well-being and sleeping arrangements, but even that was a good sign.
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

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