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Azumi sat in the bar, drinking from a small silver cup. In it was a slightly tangy alcoholic beverage. She joked with the barman, and the other men around her- she was the only woman in the bar at such a time, and the bar was in such an unusual place. It was between towns, atleast 100 miles appart. She had travelled a long way. Eventually, she paid the man, and said her goodbyes. She grabbed her sword and tied it around her waist. She fumbled around in a slightly drunken state, and tied her long black hair into a messy ponytail, her thin armour clinking as she did so. She walked outside and took in a deep breath of the cold night air. She looked up at the dark sky, to see the stars. Sadly, on this particular night, the stars were covered by dark clouds. The only visible light was from the bright moon, a shining diamond high above. She smiled, and was on her way. Where was she going? She did not know yet. Infact, she was on her way to discover what her adventure of life might hold.

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'What a lovely night...' Luchia thought. Her mind wasn't concentrating on going anywhere. Her bright green eyes focused on the dark night sky. She lay her huge black head ontop of her huge furry white paws. Her long black body rested on lush green grass. Her long tail swished lightly behind her. She loved sitting at the lake at night. She twitched as the fireflies and midgies tickled her ears. "Luchia, come on, dear. It's getting late." A sweet woman's voice called from behind her. She could see the light shinging from the doorway. She blinked, then stood up, shaking herself. She was huge! Like a giant wolf. She shook her body, making the fur go all wavy. But, as she shook, the fur disappeared and a human girl appeared, on all fours, in it's place.. "Coming!" She called, smiling.
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