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Horror, Never Works Out For Me T__T

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It Seems I Can't Write Horror XD But Then Again I Tend To Jump From Book To Book Because
I Get New Ideas T__T

Anyways Here's A Little Something I'm Working On And Actually Trying To Finish XP

Midnight, February, 25, 1763

	Creepy dolls with all sorts of faces and clothes sat upon a shelf in a little girl’s
room, some smiled down at her as she slept, happy for her, glad that she was the owner of
them, others grinned evilly from their head to their toes. While two others came to life
at night, but only when a crescent moon came around, and only if the sky was the right
dark, if the wind was powerful enough to wake them from their sleep. 
	The eye of one of the two blinked, and then it moved its limbs, beginning its night’s
	“Alice?” the other one asked. It surely was the prettier one, with its black raven
like hair, sharp defined sapphire blue eyes and black wedding veil that covered its face
in a gothic style.
	A small girl with light brown hair and a black ribbon tied in her hair looked up from her
sleep to the doll.
	“Lannie?” She asked, sitting up and letting the delicate curls on the ends of her
hair brush her shoulders gently.
	The black hair doll, Lannie smiled at Alice gently. Lannie swept away the see through net
around Alice’s bed so she could sit beside the girl. 
	“Alice, have you eaten dear?” Lannie asked, staring intently at Alice with her sharp
sapphire eyes. Alice shook her head in an innocent fashion. Lannie didn’t smile
	“Greevex told me not to eat for the next night you two awoke.” Alice explained upon
seeing Lannie’s frown.
	Lannie suddenly jumped in front of Alice at once as evil laughter came from the corner of
Alice’s bedroom.
	“Alice, I told you to eat your meal! Now you’re at your weakest point, Greevex will
kill you!” Lannie cried. She tightly gripped Alice with her tiny doll hands. Wishing
desperately she could save her. But there was nothing she could do. To save Alice she
would need Alice’s blood. The exact same blood Greevex wanted so he could become as
powerful as Alice.
	There was a scream from poor Alice as she was stabbed from behind. And another followed
that one; he was torturing her because he was jealous of her. If only she had had her meal
she would be immune to these wounds!
	And then there were creepy eyes before Alice’s face, the strangest red ever to be seen.
The eyes were full of anger and hate towards young ten year old Alice.
	And then all was silent, he had cut her throat, drinking in the blood that would make him
powerful, and if he chose to, human.
	“Lannie my love, dine with me.” Greevex said, his blonde hair sweeping away from his
eyes as the wind swished it away from his face, his hand held Alice’s blood, and his
face held the scars of all of Alice’s other struggles with him.
	Lannie knew what she had to do. Alice always came back, she always did, not once had she
never come back to Lannie, not once...
	To save her next time, Lannie would need her blood, to become what Alice was, and even
trade her doll body for that of a human’s.
	With that in mind, Lannie took a gulp of Alice’s blood as the other dolls stared down
in horror and grief over the loss of their precious owner.

Btw It's Called Don't Kill Alice, I Know Kind Of A Lame Name, But Eh, I Couldn't Come Up
With Anything Else XD

I Bet There's Spelling Airs In There...

Don't Kill Alice (Alice Zacharra Series)
Green Leaf
Last Summer's Black Heart~
'Courtship Of The King's Daughters'
Adam & The Gone
Clock Strikes
Black Hole 
Van Hellsin (Dimitri, Demon + Lianna Series)
Downhill Or Uphill From Here
Hating On You
If I Go
Strangled Silence
Burning Sun
One Summer
Black Hope
How Far Would You Go To Find Out? (Gender Bender)

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