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Chapter One: The Toe

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I know the story isn't too good right now, so i'm trying to build it up sooner or later.

Chapter One: The Toe

	There once was a small boy by the name of Hammer. He was born on July 35th, 3012 in a
small town called Euphoria. Hammer had sandy blonde hair, light blue eyes, and seven
freckles on his nose, just like all the other boys in his town. His brother, Lancelot
looked exactly like him, but 12 years older. And his sister, Chicago, looked just like all
the other girls in town; blonde hair that went down to her shoulders, light blue eyes, and
five freckles on her nose. Just like Hammer, but girlier.
	Hammer was only three when he had his first play date, just like all the other little
boys in town. And Hammer went to school every day and every night starting at age two,
just like all the other boys in town. In fact, Hammer was just like all the other boys in
town. Exactly. Why? Because they had been taught to be exactly like everyone else. It was
just part of life.
	Everyone had been taught like that. Hammer’s parents, his grandparents, even his great
grandparents had been taught like that. Ever since 2754, when Kacarb Amabo came to power.
Amabo wanted everyone to be perfect. Meaning, he wanted everyone to be just like him.
Which is what he did. And everyone decided that was the best. That everyone should just be
clones of their friends.
	Everyone but Hammer’s Mama, that is. Why would that be? It’s not like she was
different from anyone else. In fact, she was the exact same as everyone else. No, it was
because she knew someone that was different. Someone that could be killed because of his
differences. And that was Hammer.
	Nothing was too wrong with the boy. He thought right. He looked right. Well, almost
right. Hammer had an extra toe on his right foot. Of course, no one knew about this but
Hammer and mama, and she planned to keep it like that. In fact, it would have stayed like
that if it weren’t for one unfortunate afternoon…

	Hammer jumped out of his bed and ran to the door, but mama got there first. “Now,
Hammer,” she scolded “didn’t I tell you to get out of your footies half an hour
	“Yes mama,” Hammer replied. “But I wanted to show them to Avenge!”
	“Now, now Hammer, that’s no excuse! All the little boys have the same little footies
as you!” Then she picked him up, twirled him around and held little five year old Hammer
in her arms. “You listen to your mama or she’ll let the Zani get you!” she laughed,
and began tickling his stomach, the way all the mamas did.
	“No, mama, no!” giggled little Hammer. “The Zani will kill me!” he kicked his
little feet, and mama was once again reminded of just how much the Zani would love to kill
her son.
	She set him down gently and covered his head with his fuzzy green blanket that all the
little boys had and sighed. “What’s wrong Mama?” Hammer asked, his voice muffled
from the blanket. “I don’t want you to be sad.”
	“Oh nothing’s wrong, sweet pea.” Then she kissed him quickly on the forehead and
walked out of the room. “I gotta get breakfast ready, that’s all.”
	“Okay, mommy!” he called, and scrambled out of his footies.
	30 minutes later, Hammer had eaten a yummy breakfast of eggs and toast just like any
other boy would on a Tuesday morning, when the doorbell rang.
	Daddy rushed to the door at the same time Chicago did, and both collapsed on the ground
when they knocked heads. Mama waited for the commotion to be over, then stepped over them
to get to the door, with Hammer right behind.
	“Hammer!” Avenge cried, running into the house that looked exactly like his.
	“Avenge!” Hammer screamed, tackling his best friend. “Let’s go to my room!”
	“Quiet down you two,” his mother whispered, just as any other mother would do.
“Daddy’s bound to have a migraine after that awful bump.”
	“Weeeeeeee!” they yelled in response.
	As a matter of fact, daddy did get a migraine, and mama spent an hour trying to appease
him. By the time she had finished, the boys had quieted down. Mama peeked in at the boys
and gasped.
	There were the boys sitting at the foot of the bed, muttering quietly to each other. Both
of their shoes were off, and Avenge was staring at Hammer’s right foot in amazement.
“Wow.” He breathed quietly. “You, you have one, two, three, four, eleven toes! Did
you know that Mrs. A.?”
	“Avenge, I think it’s time for you to go.” Mama said, running her hands through her
hair. “Now. Your mom will be here soon.”
	The moment Avenge had left, Mama turned nervously towards Hammer. “Did you tell him not
to tell?”
	Hammer answered in a honest voice, “Nope. I told him I was special because I was a
little different.”
	“That’s it?” she confirmed.
	“Avenge said he was going to tell all his friends and his mommy and everyone is going
to know how special I am.”
	“Yes, mama?”
	“You never, ever, show anyone your toe again, got it?”
	“Yes, mama.”
	“Now go pack.”
	“Why?” Hammer asked curiously.
	“The family is moving.”
“Yes, Mama.” Hammer turned and tottered away, grabbing his footies as he went. Mama
looked at him with worry. She hadn’t answered him directly because she had no idea where
they were going to go. She would have to get five AirTrain tickets by tomorrow, and that
alone would be difficult.

And that's the end of the chapter. i write pretty short chapters, but most of these are
ment ot be chapter book type thingys. xD

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