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4 November 2008, 09:21 PM   #1
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[sorry bout delay, my ma wanted me ta go ta sleep... So I make it, and decided to do it
tomorrow, and now I'm ready!]

 The house of night series is about a vampyre (yes, they spell it funny like that) Named
Zoey Redbird. The Tulsa House of Night (the school where the series is based) is full of
fledglings, teenage vampyres. The only three house of n ights (that we know of so far) is
the Tulsa (Ohio) Chicago (Illionois) And one in Italy (somewhere, they never specify...) I
like to know which one you'd like to rp in. I personally think using Tulsa or Chicago.
Tulsa because if you read it, you know about the little extras and perks of the school.
And Chicago cause i be native to the area *shrug*. ANYWAY.... A few fledlings have an
affinity, manifesting the elemants (being able ot control them) visions (which are
extremly painful to have) mind reading, (explains itself) be creative!Vampyres tedn to all
have been adopted by a cat, so make a kitteh and a fledgling! But the conflict of the
series is the fact that a vampyre is rising and she's evil. I WILL NOT GIVE IT AWAY. All
fledglings were marked with a saphire lined crescent moon, and when you change into a
vampyre, you get a unique set of saphire tattoes surrounding the face. The other conflict
is the constantly dropping numbers of fledglings, because, fledglings are prone to die. So
any day, a vampyre fledgling could drop dead in your class, it's a gruesome thing... they
bleed their life out..... The names can be as strange, and odd as you feel to make them.
Each name is changed (if you want to) to whatever you want. VAMPYRES NORMALLY HAVE LONG
I'd like a mini paragrahp (I ain't gonna bust you if it isn't very
good) about who you were before this roleplay started, adn wehn you were marked, and
where and all that info. PWEASE! Tell it in "I" form, or third person, I use I.
My character:Sawyer Thompsan
First year fledgling
No relationship (yet, LOL)
Affinity for levitation (she can make people and things float)
Has long ashy blonde hair, and green eyes.
Lot's of scars from fights, likes a lot of boyish things.
Named Nellie after Nellie Bly

  I was of the age 14 when my best friend was marked. She was 16 years old, and a delicate
fragile being. I always wondered why it happened to her, such a timid shy creature. But I
never suspected my self, originally Patricia Karter (you understand my dire need to change
that ugly name!) to ever be marked!I wasn't smart,But I had a reason. I stood up fro what
I believed, and fought too many fights to name, all because I spent more time in the
office then in all my classes combined. I once was told to sit in the councler's room and
let out all my feelings, when I found out my calling. Hard-hitting Journalism. I wrote
down the facts of my life, no fluff or nothin, and the councler sat with me and asked me
one question, "Do you have a future in writing?" And I said no. She clucked her tongue and
told me from this paper, I did. She left me there and I thought about it. I pursued my new
meaning in life, having a personal role-model, Nellie Bly. Many people belived she was
insane. Nellie Bly's two most famous acts had been, Jumping into the Hudsen Bay just to
see if the crew of the ship she rode on would save her, and throwing such a temper tantrun
she was placed in an insane aylum, Just to find out if the rumors were true. But she did
this for the love of her job, hardhitting journalism. One day, my friend who had been
marked, told me that her House of Night, the Chicagoi one, was having an "open house" were
human friends and family could stay for one week. I was the only one who excepted her
invitation. On the train ride to Chicago, Brooke (what my friend had changed her name
to)picked me up and we were sitting in the chair, when I saw him, "Brooke?" I whispered
and she turned and followed my slight gaze, she gasped and whispered back, "Someone's
gettin Marked!" We peered around when he stood right next to our seat. Both of us looked
up at him, waiting for him to move along... and it hit me. "Patrica Karter you have been
marked!" His icy voice seemed to fill the whole train when really, it was only the two of
us who heard it. He placed hsi finger to my forehead and I felt faint... When i woke up,
Brooke was cradeling me to her, and I lifted my hand up and touched the mark, which Brooke
had deceivingly placed a beanie cap over my head so that the mark was hidden. I spent half
a year at Chicago when Brooke died in my arms... I couldn't stand the place... And I'll
tell you this much, when I politely asked to beswitched, they didn't beg me to stay. I
started fights with as many fledglings as possible, and even now, I still am thankful for
my transfer to Tulsa.. away from more bad memories then just Brooke's death...

Ok, so mine is uber long... it's who I am. I don't care how long yours is.

5 November 2008, 05:51 PM   #2
Guest Poster
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My character:
Jamie Tala
First Year Fledgling
Has an affinity for fire(you probably already knew I'd say that.)
Has light red hair and blue eyes
is a bookworm, split personalities.
Not owned by a cat.(  )
   Jamie was marked at age 16. Her friend Kaleb was marked a few years before, but they
still keep in touch. Kaleb had told her all about the House of Night and what to expect if
she ever was marked herself (they both hoped), so Jamie had a fair amount of knowledge of
the place before being marked.

5 November 2008, 06:53 PM   #3
Guest Poster
I love that book! i need to get number 2 though

First year fledgling
has visions and can see someones death by one touch
waist length raven hair with red streaks emerald green eyes
she's goth, loves reading about vampyres,and is very hard to get close to
owned by a cat named Leo

5 November 2008, 09:12 PM   #4
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Mah kitteh is named..... Nellie, after Nellie Bly (GOOGLE IT!!!!) I wonder if any of you
would know why I/Sawyer would name a cat Nellie, after Nellie Bly.

5 November 2008, 10:43 PM   #5
Guest Poster
I feel left out. I'm not owned by a cat yet. :'-(

7 November 2008, 06:02 PM   #6
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Peyton Ryder
*no relationship yet
*dirt blonde; grey-blue eyes
*owned by Ezikiel (ee-zeek-ee-ul)

As I child, I never understood the whole point of "being marked". Why let everyone know
that you were a freak? Why have some stupid tattoo thing drawn all over your face, as if
it were a piece of paper that could easily be erased?
When I grew up, I realized that you had no choice. 
I was at the park with my best friend Kyle. We had steadily grown closer, to the point
where we kinda flirted a bit. He told me that he had started to feel
whenever he saw me. That he felt shy and giddy at the same time. Sick, yet better than
ever. Then he told me that he loved me. My heart flipped. I had felt the same way. But
before either of us could make a move, I heard this...voice.
"Yolanda Paterson, you have been Marked." it hissed.
Oh, yeah. And my name HAD been Yolanda Paterson. Seriously, Mom. What were you smoking
when you named me...
I woke up and found myself in my room on my bed. My mother was sitting next to my bed. She
carefully explained everything to me. But only one thing stuck out in my mind about what
she had said.
"Kyle came running here with you in his arms," she said. "He put you on your bed, and it
looked like he was going to kiss you, but...then he saw your Mark and he...ran off."
He had left me because of...that thing. That Mark...
I'm used to it now, though. And the whole "fledgling" thing is behind me, also. This is my
third year, and I've made  few good friends. Even an enemy or two, but hey, it happens.
And my second year, I was chosen by my cat. He's grey with streaks of black and white
going down his back. When I first looked into his eyes, he reminded me of an elder, a wise
being that would teach me many things. So, for some reason, I names him Ezikiel. When I
said his name, he purred and nuzzled me. And sometimes, when I've had a really crappy day
and it feels like everyone's turned their back on me, it seems as if he's my only friend
in the whole world...
Lackadaisy: Antonio (Tony)
SURPRISE!: Mikail, Adrian, & Aeron
Earth: Jin
Planet: Jess (Jessica)

House of Night: Peyton

11 November 2008, 07:10 PM   #7
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(I BE FEELIN LIKE STARTED THE RP! PS, if you read mine, you prolly noticed something
strange about mees.... Like How I never talk about Brooke's death, or how I end wwith more
then just her death, MWAHAHAHAHa!!!!!)
  Sawyer: *walks around hallways, groaning runs into.... Jamie (RANDOM PICKIN!!!
MWAHAHAHA!!!!)* Oh hey... Sorry I ran into you... Hey can you direct me to the Hight
Preistess, she was gonna get me my new schedule. I'm Sawyer Thompsan, and this is Nellie.
*points to tabby, stalking all the other cats, looks like she's laughing* Ah... She's a
little strange. (I'm gonna go into the future where it'll be High Priestess Zoey Redbird,
yes no one knows if she'll grow up to do it, but the book suggest she will) I'm a third
former, you know, the Chicago house of night was SOOOO much easier to navigate! Hah! My
luck... always turns out in the bad favor, ya know? Ya don't, ah well.... NELLI! STOPIT!
*levitates cat from pouncing on Ezikiel* Runs up to Peyton* Oh gosh, sorry bout that
one... Me and Nellie just transfered from the Chicago house of night and she's always been
a bit of a nut.*leans down, scratches cat between ears and whispers* And yes, I suppose
her owner is one too.

11 November 2008, 10:00 PM   #8
Guest Poster
Jamie: *laughs* S'okay. Come on. I'll show you the way. *leads to High
Priestess'* So, you're from Chicago?

11 November 2008, 10:21 PM   #9
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Sawyer: Yeah. My friend was the reason I left... She ah, She died in arms a couple weeks
ago...Her name was Brooke Higgens, you heard of her? She was the poet of us all....
Actually, its an intresting story...... She didn't die like a normal fledgling would.....
They suspecting murder. *voice tightens at mention of murder* Sorry to ah, shed the sad
news.... So, um.... Whats Tulsa like?

12 November 2008, 06:16 PM   #10
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Peyton: *mutters "S'okay."; watches girl walk off with Jamie* "She's from
Chi-Town? Hmm..." *picks up Ezikiel; kisses his forhead* "Haha, yeah, sure. You
claim to be this big tough guy, who hates affection, yet you love to have your
tummy rubbed. Don't deny it, you silly cat." *chuckles and walks toward dorm*
Lackadaisy: Antonio (Tony)
SURPRISE!: Mikail, Adrian, & Aeron
Earth: Jin
Planet: Jess (Jessica)

House of Night: Peyton

12 November 2008, 06:27 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Jamie: Tulsa? It's ok. Living out here is kind of boring after a while, though. I've
always wanted to go to Chicago. I've never been there.

12 November 2008, 07:08 PM   #12
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My Character:   JoJo
First Year Fledgling
No Relationship yet. ^_^
Blond longhair, blue eyes, and is 17.
Cat/Girl/Vampire (don't ask how I'm all 3)who loves to dance 
and hug everyone when there not looking. So beware!!
Feelings can get hurt easly.Loves Nature and Animals.
Bridget -Welcome to this Planet
Emma Withers - Titanic 

13 November 2008, 10:25 PM   #13
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Sawyer: It's really cool! I mean, I love, correction, loveD, walking alround the streets
and riding the subway! They have thee Best pizza EVER. *laughs* My mentor took me out frm
time to time with a group, but it wasn't the same asa going out as a teenage girl with my
best friends...

14 November 2008, 09:07 PM   #14
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Posts: 23
JoJo:Hi everyone. (waves hand)
Bridget -Welcome to this Planet
Emma Withers - Titanic 

15 November 2008, 11:10 AM    #15
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Posts: 159
Peyton: *walks up to JoJo; sets down Ezikiel* "Hey. You new here?"
Lackadaisy: Antonio (Tony)
SURPRISE!: Mikail, Adrian, & Aeron
Earth: Jin
Planet: Jess (Jessica)

House of Night: Peyton

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