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What do you do

28 August 2008, 05:46 PM   #1
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So what do you do when the only reasons you ever went to school was to hang with the
person you love to death. And to do and the thing that you love to do and see. Well I
always went to school to see  and hang with my bff lacy . and to see my favorit teacher
mrs chandler.Plus to play my flute and injoy my self. Well now my bff has left. And so has
my Band mom mrs chandler. S o When they left so did my joy. Now i walk the halls alone and
sad. I go threw class doing nothing but work and drawing sad doodles. . ........ I go to
band and even that isnt the same no more.................I dont even injoy drawing that
much any more. ..............Seeing my bf helps a little. But some times i think he is
mad. But thats probly cuz im so depresed and wont tell him why . Or maybe its cuz he is
trying to not be late for class. .........Its probly the last one. lol . But you get the
point. Now i hang with meg and nessa. But both of them have stabbed me in the back . Nessa
more them meg. So i have no true friend any more i hang with only my bf at lunch. I try to
act happy but only sucseed at home when im playing with my dog hes so cute. lol . But so
what do you do when over 80 % of your happines has been taken away. When you are pure
misserable and all the things that used to make you happy are taken away.

My anser is ___________________________________
Live love life

24 September 2008, 07:23 PM    #2
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Argh, unfortunately we all have to go to school, whether we like it or not. 
Alls I can say for your unfortunate problem is to find some new friends.  You say you used
to like drawing.  Does your school have an art club?  Maybe make some new friends from
band.  Also, if you go to high school maybe you could see a guidance counsellor.  If you
find none of this works, just watch funny stuff on T.V., read light-hearted 10-year-old
books and doodle random crap until it makes you feel better, if if it's just a little bit
better for a little amount of time.  I find that kind of thing works, at least for a short
time span.
The best advice I can give is to make new friends.  Sorry I'm not of much help.  Maybe
tell you BF about your problems. 

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