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Hokayy. I got Bored, so i wrote this. I know its sucky but whatever. It needs a name though. I wrote a little more Okay, so I can admit it. I have a problem. But I dont belong here, And i'm highly dissapointed. Where are the padded cells? The straight jackets? In substitution They have giant pillows, and countless numbers of hard plastic chairs forming circles. I thought this was a mental hospital, my dissapointment grew when i walked into a blue room with rainbows and smiley faces covering the walls. There was a group of teenegers sitting on the floor, Eyes closed and legs crossed. "Now think about all the happy things in your life- Why hello newcomer!" A woman said motioning for me to join the group on the floor. She was happy. Weirdly so . She looked like a hippy. She had long red curly hair that stopped just above her hips, Green Eyes, and a small nose with thin chapped lips. She was wearing purple bell bottoms and a purple vest with a tie-die shirt underneath. She also had a matching tie-die headband. No one opened their eyes as i sat on the plush blue carpet. "My names Ms.Michaels, But you, You can call me Pat." She grinned. Pat grinned. "Im Rebecca, You can call me Roxie." I said in a low whisper. Roxie is the name I made up for myself when i was five. My mother told me Rebecca was a special name. A name for sweet little girls. Like me. Hah. I wanted to have an edgy name, something different. Roxie was the first thing I thought of. My mother didnt appreciate me changing my name, I actually think it hurt her feelings. I actually think thats why she drove her car into the side of our house. I actually think thats why she killed herself. Or maybe it had something to do with how my father left when i was born. But i blamed it on myself. I blamed myself for being orphaned at the age of six.It was all my fault. I was thinking so hard i hadnt noticed that everyone was staring at me. "Hello, Rebecca." Everyone said in the same tired tone. Except for one boy. The one next to me. He haid shoulder length hair that was covering most of his face. "Hey, Roxie." He said. His voice wasnt tired. It was lively and loud. "Hello Group!" I said mockingly. This was so cheesy, so stupid. Is this supposed to help me? Or drive me even more crazy?. The boy next to me laughed. It wasnt loud booming laughter. But something about it was dark and condescending. "Bathroom Break!" Pat sang. Bathroom Break? I havent had bathroom breaks since kindergarden. If i have to pee, I pee. Again i say this is stupid. Everyone rose off of the carpet including me. We made a line against the wall, which i might add was covered in macaroni art. Pat came around and stuck a nametag on everyone. I looked down at mine it read "Hello My Name Is Rebecca". I sighed and pulled it off carefully. Then i erased "Rebecca" and wrote "Roxie". I looked at the people behind me Alisa, Jason, Adam, Zoe, Skyler, and Lorie. I didnt try to read the nametags of the people in the front. Skyler. Thats the boy. The lively and loud and condecendingly dark boy. Skyler. He winked at me. We made our way into the hallway. I didnt pay any attention to my surroundings. I drowned out all the sounds and chants of artificial happiness, and watched my feet. I watched my feet walk on the tiled hallway, and finally into the bathroom. I looked up to see myself in the mirror. I looked a mess. My long black locks were tangled and greasy. My pale skin was scratched and awkwardly greenish yellow in some places. The Black hoodie i was wearing was old and scraggly, and my jeans were covered in grass stains. Im not the most cautious, or graceful person around. When we got back to the rainbow room, there was a giant bean bag in the front of the room. Pat motioned for me to take a seat on it. So i did. It was undenyably lumpy. Like someone stuffed it with rocks. Maybe it was a torture device. Maybe the lumpiness was supposed to drive me to rock bottom. Like in all those mental hospital movies where they have people strapped to spinning wheels or chained to a chair while theyre getting their brains stirred. Maybe this lumpy chair was supposed to be the torture device. Slowly driving me to insanity. Or am i already there? "Now! Introduce yourself. Tell us about Roxie!" She said my name like it was the name of a broadway show. " Well my name is Rebecca...But i prefer to be called Roxie. Im fifteen, and....I like photography. I like how one picture can tell an entire story. I dance? .. Even Though im not the most graceful person, Busting a move now and again is fun....." I was making this up as i went along. So i just stopped. "Ok. Group Do we have any questions for Roxanne?" Roxanne? Whatever. As long as its not Rebecca. When people call me Rebecca it reminds me. It reminds me that its all my fault. At this perticular moment i could feel the cuts on my wrist burning. Under the hoodie, under the white t shirt, under my skin and bones. It burned. Everything burned. People raised their hands to ask me questions. I answered them. Some not honestly, but I answered them. "Do you have parents? Or did They Die? Or do you have parents and the just dont want you? OR Do your parents want you. But they think you crazy, and sent you here?" His name was Jason. And i didnt like Jason. I hated him in fact. " My parents....? Both my parents Died in a horrible Car Crash." I lied. Well partially lied. I could feel Pat eyeing me. I dont think she knows about about my mom. but i think she knows im lying. Maybe she is one of those Psychics. And she can sense stuff like that. "Why are you here?" Skyler asked. He smirked. "Why are you here?" I redirected his question. My teeth clenched, I was getting more irritated by the minute. "Because i need to be mentally Repaired." He said Tapping his head. The day went by slowly. Incredibly so. We made Journals, read stories about "hope" or something, I wasnt Paying attention. I believe i fell asleep after the making of beaded bracelets. Pat was rambling on about how these activities were supposed to instill trust in one another. I learned that you arent aloud to do anything alone. We walked to the cafeteria together. I sat in the corner alone. Finally i had some time to think by myself. Everything we ate didnt require silverware. Chicken Nuggets, Carrots and Ranch Dressing, A juice Box, and pretzels. The chicken nuggets werent even nuggets. More like one humongous lump of chicken something. I groaned i needed a knife for this thing. I set my tray and the ledge of the bench i was sitting on. When i reached cafeteria staff. I asked for a plastic knife. The lunch lady laughed and glared at me. " Nice Try, Kid! I can tell your a self Destructor. Now get!" What was she talking about. Self Destructor? I headed back toward my bench. Someone was sitting next to my tray. It was the boy from the Rainbow Room. Skyler he was sipping from his Juice Box. Thats something else i havent had since Kindergarden. A juice box. I sat down next to him a stared at my Giant Lump Nugget. I tried to take a bite out of it but the effort was useless. Skyler reached down to the floor where his bag was. I could see a trail of burns on his neck. When he came back up he was holding a plastic knife and fork. He set them on my tray, and smiled then walked away. What was his issue? What happened to his neck, and why is he annoying me? My mind threw out an array of questions, That i didnt have answers to. Recess. Or whatever you want to call it.There werent any swingsets or monkey bars. It was freezing outside, and lighty snowing. Which wasnt unusual for winter in Grand Rapids. People were talking to other people. Friends? Im guessing some people have been here for a while. I found a partially grassy area, and sat. I laid my head on the ground, not caring if i was getting snow in my hair. I rolled over. And there he was. Skyler was staring at me with one Eyebrow raised. Did he make it his personal mission to get on my nerves. Because if he did he was succeding. "Hello Rebecca. My names Skyler." He tugged on his nametag. "Dont Call Me that." I said in a menacing tone. He laughed his condescendingly dark laugh. I got off the ground and wiped the snow from my pants. I walked around the wide field. There were staff members everywhere. I sat on a small hill and played with the snow. I loved the feeling. The numbness. I wish my life could be like that, numb. I wish i could just fade into oblivion. I hear someone cough, They cough again. But louder this time. I shut it out, ignore it. Then they coughed one more time, This time it was louder the last and lasted a while. I opened my eyes to see Skyler staring down at me. "What.Do.You.Want?" I anunciated each word. "Im sorry If Im getting on your nerves I just- I'll go away if you want me to." He was staring at his shoe. I could swear i saw him crying. Or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. His hands were shaking, and he was silent. Awkwardly silent. I sat up thinking about what to say. Maybe i should just tell him to go away, But that might hurt his feelings. But why do i care if his feelings get hurt. I didnt feel like being mean today. The internal battle went on for about three minutes. Ha. Internal battle. I imagined my Intestines and lungs and all my other inards having a war. One side of my body against the other. Skyler was still standing there akwardly silent. I cleared my throat. "What did you want?'" I said a smidge softer. "I just wanted to apologize, for irritationg you, So. Yea. I'm....sorry?" It sounded like a question. He lifted his head, and semi smiled. " I just wanted to know why you didnt like your name" "I like my name...." I said defensively. I didnt dislike my name. I just didnt want it. "Then why dont you use it?" He said raising an eyebrow. "Why do you use your name?" He was annoying me yet again. "I use my name, because my parents named me skyler.And i like my name and im proud of it" He said matter-of-factly. Pat was waving her hand in the air. Time to go back to the rainbow room. The rest of the day went by quickly, it reminded me of school. Skyler left me alone for the rest of the day. For that i was thankful. It was time to go to sleep. I started to get panicky. I wondered if we would have to sleep in single cells on the floor. With just a thin blanket and a moth bitten pillow. Pat lead me into a room it resemble a college dorm. the walls were pink and had murals painted on them in random places there were two bunk beds on each wall. Other than that it was empty. There were three girls sitting on the floor. Their nametags read Zoe, Elizabeth, and Cassie. the room had cameras everywhere and out side the door you could see security gaurds linig the halls "Hey girls, you have a new roomie!" Pat said Excitedly. I smiled in the girls direction. The one from my class, group, or whatever waved at me. Her name was Zoe. She was pretty. She had chin length blonde hair with a pink streak through the front. Her eyes were a vibrant blue, like a crayon. The other two, Elizabeth and Cassie were brunettes, and both had hazel eyes. I'd Guess they were sisters. All three girls looked sweet. It was weird. I wouldnt exspect to me such nice looking people in a ..mental hospital for teens. Where are all the cliche people? The crazy looking ones? I hadnt noticed Pat had left, so i took a seat on the floor. "Hi....ROXIE! My names Elizabeth and this is my sister Cassie.And this is Zoe" Elizabeth and her sister looked Distincly different, despite their similarities. Elizabeth had short brown hair, with a wide heart shaped face. Her sister Cassie had longer hair and a slender face. "Hello.." I wasnt sure about the entire roommate situation. I liked to live and sleep alone. By myself, so i could do what i pleased. The lights suddenly flickered off. Elizabeth and Cassie took the bunk beds on the east wall. I walked over to the bed and took the bottom. I tried to go to sleep, I wanted this Day to be over. I wanted to dream. But i couldnt. I felt something land on my bed by my feet. I sat up and saw Zoe smiling at me. She sat next to me. "Hard First Day huh? I should know." she was playing with her short hair. "I guess..How long have you been here?" I wasnt interested in talking to her, but i would try. "Just got here two days ago. Made quit an entrance, too." She said laughing. "What happened." My tone uninterested but she continued. " know how they take all your belongings when you first come in? Well They took my ipod, and i sorta kinda threw a fit. Music is The only thing that keeps me sane." She laughed at the memory. "Did You get it back?" "No." She said frowning. "Oh.. Umm. Do you know anything about...Skyler? The guy from our group with the long black hair." Her frowned dissapeared. "The Cute One? Ive heard Things." "Like What?" I tried to sound like i wasnt interested or like i didnt care, but strangely i did. "Well..I heard that he USED to have a brother. That he killed him,..Choked him Then burned the body, And thats why he has those weirdo burns on his neck... Or something like that....People say hes been here a while. Off and On though. Thats why everybody knows him. Hes really cute though.." She yarned. "Well its late im going to sleep. G' Night,Roxie." I finally fell asleep. I dreamed. Or nightmared, If thats even a word. When i woke up it was freezing. I dressed quickly. We had been given jeans and Tshirts. The Tshirts read "..Because A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste." I skipped breakfast. I just sat on my bench, and watched people. I didnt understand how most of the people here seemed content. I was craving to get out of this place. When we got back to the rainbow room, we had a discussion about Things we wanted,things that would make us happy. I didnt care to participate. The only thing i wanted was dead. I found a rubberband in the corner and put it around my wrist. I popped it leaving a stinging sensation. It felt good. The pain. I noticed that Skyler was sitting accross from me now, but i ignored him. "So, Have you heard anything about me yet?" He said grinning. "What?" I stopped popping the rubber band on my wrist "Rumors. There's thousands of them." He seemed slightly amused by this fact. "I heard you murdered your "Brother" and then burned him." I whispered. "Do you believe it?" By this time i had rose off of the floor, So did he. "It would explain that." I said jabbing him in his neck with my finger. He winced, then smiled at me. He was standing i front of me so i pushed past him, but he grabbed my arm. "WHAT TH-" He cut me off "Why are you so Uptight?" "Why are you so Un-Uptight?!" I was screaming now.Everyone in the room was staring at me what was my problem? "Because life sucks and then you die." He smiled even wider. I didnt understand how i was going to survive this place. This was only Introduction Week. The week when we made bracelets,and macaroni art, and "instilled Trust". Next week our discussions would probably be filled with depressing stories, crying, and people trying to kill themselves with those plastic knives someone had managed to sneak in. Chapter two I woke up, It was tuesday.I'd been here for a week, and i was ready to go. We were in a room, It was bigger than the rest, and grey. Which was wierd compared to the rainbow decor of all the other rooms. The group was bigger today, full of familar faces, and some un-familar ones. Everybody was sitting on green plastic chairs in a giant circle. Pat was sitting in the front with a clipboard. "Okay, Lets get this started. Going around the circle, I want everyone to tell me why They think they are here. Ok? Start us off courtney." "Umm.Well!. I think Im Here because......." Her eyes kept switching between Pat and the corner of the room. "I think i'm here because...Im sure no one else can see that purple bunny in the corner of the room..." I heard Skyler scoff at her. What was his problem? He was sitting three chairs down from me. He turned around to me and stuck his tounge out. I wonder why was he really here. Or would he just answer with something thats not really an answer? "Well, Pat. I think I'm here because I lie. And I lie alot. Not just stupid little white lies, Big lies. Lies that could change peoples lives. I ve got in quit some trouble for it to." It was Zoe. She was a pathological liar. I wonder how many times has she lied to me. The girl next to me was talking and she seemed quite nervous. "Im....uhh...Paige and I think im here because....B-because I...." Her hands were shaking, and I noticed she never made eye contact. I'd seen her around this place before, she was always huddled up in a corner, and by herself. "...Ok. Thats okay. Why dont you fo now Roxanne." Pat said directing her smile at me. " I Dont Know Why I'm Here. Some lady at the shelter had me submitted into this place...I dont belong here." Pat looked dissapointed in me, but i could care less. After that i stopped paying attention some people were crying, a few rocking back and forth. I didnt understand why, but maybe its just what crazy people do. I was brought back to reality by the loud clap of Skyler's hands. " Well, Ive been here for a while..Off and on. Shouldnt you be able to tell me why im here by now?" He said in a sarcastic tone. "Yes. That is true, but i want you to tell me why you think your here." "Because my mind is a dangerous place, thats why." He got up from his chair and left, knocking down a vase on his way out. The vase hit the floor with a thud, it didnt break though. It was plastic; figures. After about ten minutes, the room was empty, besides me and Pat. Everybody had drifted to their rooms, or off to lunch. I laid my head on the floor, letting my mind drift off. "What are you thinking about, Roxanne?" Pat asked in a chipper voice. "Stuff." I said pushing my body off the floor and walking out the door. She would probably write that in one of her tiny notepads, like she does everything else.

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This good, but funny...In a sad kinda way.......I like the last
monkies....why am I talkign about good monkies again.....yeah, thsi was good keep going.

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Thankyou :]

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Dude, that's really good, I really like that! And that's an interesting name for a guy,
too. I've never heard it for a guy. =)
Haha "I can tell you're a Self Destructor." that's great...
One guy I know took a plastic spoon and thought he could kill himself. He was serious
about it. I felt bad.

But yeah post more! =)

20 August 2008, 07:41 PM   #5
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I really like it
You should really keep writing

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Oh wow, that was amazing, hooray for you...skylar sounds like a psycho..I'm not sure why,
but it's kinda cute.

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yeah, its really good! I read a story soemwhat like that... but it was more about the
doing coke part.... Erm school stuff... Dreamland, that's what it was called! It was
depressing... this one's good though, really good.

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Thanks everybody

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Im writing more now.

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I really liked this. Its really interesting!

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Wow!!!!!! (good wow) = )

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Updated itt.

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wow i read this like, 3 times already coz its so good!

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That is really good!

Write more!!!!

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