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9 June 2008, 06:36 PM    #1
Joined: 21 May 2008
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the personal banners would be more

fun and useful

if the creator could type in or paste in a Kupika URL

such as a club (for advertising) or a diary or Kupipage

and not just default linking to the person's profile.

This would also be helpful if the creator was trying to help promote a friend's cause,
club or page, etc.

But to curb abuses or misuses like makng a banner and linking to someone else's stuff in
an Unfavorable way or joking.....

there should be a "created by indicator" so we know who the creator is.


But a possible good Use and bad Misuse of such an arrangement would be that the URL linked
to might be outside of Kupika...

useful if one wanted to link to something they believe in, promoted, or wanted people to
know about (causes, news, events, interesting, funny stuff, etc.)

that might help kupika in general by linking  more to the outside world...

but also misused if the page/site that is linked is objectionable to some (or even harmful
like the page contained a virus-script)  (though it would be quickly known about, it could
get some)

.......a policy of anyone linking to an outside page could be censured, censored or
deleted might help...

but if we see the URL in the browser bar or an indicator of some sort..that might help

OR is there a way to limit all URLS that are typed in to begin that would
solve any such problems too...

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