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The Miracle of Amber-Rose chapter 1

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Chapter 1
"Finally, break time!" Olivia said as she ran into the forest. She walked through a  bush
and into a small clearing. Waiting for her were the village felines. They purred at the
sight of her, like everyday. She did this on everyday of school. It's not like anyone else
wanted to see her. You see, Olivia lived in a very supersticious village. And just her
luck, she was born in the worst day to be born on. Friday, October 13th. Because of that,
no one wanted to be near her. Everyday, the village people would get quiet as she walked
to school. Even her parents were wary sometimes. The other children ignored her, except
for Jamie. She just talked to Olivia as if she was a disease. She even says that livia is
some type of demon. The only ones who were ever by her side, were the cats. Just the cats.
Other than them, she was alone. She was aware of it, too. 
   One cat walked up to Olivia. It was Rachel. She gestured to Olivia to follow her.
Olivia walked after Rachel. Beyond a tall oak was one thing Olivia had seen many times,
but she still thoiught of it as beautiful. A litter of kittens. They were Rachel's. They
were about 6 or 7 weeks old. One small kitten walked up onto Olivia's lap and fell asleep.
It was a girl kitten with a smooth black coat with blue eyes and three orange stripes on
her back. Olivia watched it with amazed eyes as the kitten lay contently on her lap.

                                                      * * *

   "Amber-Rose, wait!" Kiki yelled as she tried to catch up with her sister. They may be
twins, but Amber-Rose was always a little faster.
   "Can't you hurry up?" Amber-Rose yelled back. "If you don't, we'll lose her!"
   "We shouldn't even be doing this, who knows what will happen!" Kiki stopped.
   "Nothing will happen. I just can't stand seeing Olivia being alone anymore," Amber-Rose
explained. Amber-Rose had been thinking it over and decided that Olivia shouldn't be alone
anymore. Nobody deserves that.
   "I'm not sure," Kiki replied with a worried look on her face.
   "Kiki, listen to me. Do you think anyone deserves to be alone?" Amber-Rose said,
grabbing her sister's arm. "Well?"
   "I-I-I guess you have a point," she stuttered. "You're right, no one wants to be
   "Ok, then let's go see Olivia," Amber-Rose said, leading the way.
   "Right!" Kiki followed her sister to find Olivia.

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Awesome!! :D

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oooh write more soon////
You Can't Fight Destiny! :P   

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