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Duo and My Story...

14 December 2007, 11:48 AM    #1
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Me: You sound nice would you like to be friends???
Duo: sure ^^ .
Duo: umm i don't know . do you have an idea?
Duo: k^^ . what is your favorite animal?
Me: Umm.. I like cute animals Seee my Diary is now a newsstand
Duo: i saw your diary ^^ . it's really cool 
Me: thank-you
Duo: so... what have you been up to lately?
Me: Nothing school I guess. I'm in grade 11. I AM SO CLOSE TO GETTING MY DRIVERS
LICENSE!!!! I like skating and well computer I guess.  I wake up at 6:45 a.m. Also I
love reading, mostly the Harry Potter books. 
Duo: i'll start drivers school soon . i like music , anime/manga , reading and my
computer XD .  i wake up at 6:00 a.m.
Me: I also like music, we are the perfect match.
Duo: yea ^^
Me: I am goin' to add you to my friends list
Me: Will yuo be my *gulp* Boyfriend??? I think we are a good match..anyway if you say no
we can still be friends...
Duo: i'll add you to mine too ^^ 

hehe umm ... that depends on what kind of boyfriend you mean ... you are really nice
. so i would like to be your kupika boyfriend ^^ .
Me: SWEET!!! *Hugs you* *Runs around room* I love you *Hugs you again* (and only kupika
bf)  *Kisses you on the cheek*

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