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Name: Ryuu Miyazaki Age: 4879 17 Sex: Male Race: Dragon demon Origin: Tokyo, Japan Orientation: Bisexual Occupation Personality: Ryuu has always been called a bad boy. He doesn't follow the rules of society. He's the lead guitarist and the lead singer in a band in his home country. He wants to go professional but the competition is tough. He can be kind but also very cold. When he's in a good mood, he's very flirty and fun to be around but when he's in a bad mood, beware. Appearance: History: Ryuu was born in Tokyo, Japan to two poor yet caring parents. Since he was seven years old, he has been running away from home. He never knew why he had these urges to be free. His life wasn't that bad after all but he still yearned to live in the mountains away from human society. After the first couple of time, his parents stopped looking for him knowing he'd come back. While out on the streets, he found an old guitar and became drawn to music. He taught himself how to play the guitar and have been playing since. By the age of thirteen, he learned he was part dragon and started to learn how to use his powers. By the age of sixteen, he left home with his band and started to play at gigs they found. They wanted to become professional so they didn't stay in one place for too long. He's been traveling since.

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Name Ailidh nic Malcolm Ali Age 948 Twenty-one Sex Female Race Faerie Origin Scottish Orientation Asexual Occupation She works at a bar. Bean-Nighe: A Scottish faerie seen as an omen of death. Translated to "washer-woman", she is seen washing the clothes of those about to die. Personality As a Scot, Ali is considered as fiery as her red hair. Even though she is only twenty-one (heh), she can mix any drink known to man and can mix it well. She is easily a badass, but really cares for people. If you hurt one of her friends, she just won't be an omen, she'll be the cause. Appearances History Born on the day of the Battle of Hastings to King Malcom III of Scotland, Ailidh was a young, pampered girl who would end up being a wife to some Irish duke. That is, if a faerie hadn't kidnapped her when she was a little girl of ten years old. The faerie was old, even for the Immortal realm, and had to pass her gift onto a human girl, turn her into another. And she did. Ailidh spent the nest six hundred years as a Bean-Nighe, an omen of death. She spent her time in the Immortal Realm, forever twenty, forever beautiful. The only thing about this was that she was doomed to not know any human, which was of course easy. But then faeries had to go into hiding, the Immortal Realm disposed. She's been masquerading as a human ever since, going from place to place and still washing the clothes of whom are about to die.

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Name Rosa Meminger Steiner Beckett Crane Age Eighty-four Fifteen Sex Female Race Vampire Origin Germany Orientation Asexual. Occupation N/A Personality Rosa is quiet and intelligent, always found curled up with a book instead of at the mall or movies. She is sneaky and good at stealing things, but she hasn't had to in such a very long time. She's rather pacifistic and hates violence, hates herself, but knows she has to kill to survive. It messes with her greatly. Appearances History Born in 1930 to a single mother, Rosa had a hard childhood. So hard that when she was eight, she was taken away and adopted by the Steiner family. Although they were a large family and did not have much money, she spent her teenage years in relative bliss. In 1939, World War II started. As it progressed, it slowly got harder, and she did steal for food, just a little. It was also the time she really got into reading. In 1945, her street was bombed. She was the only survivor. An English vampire named Beckett turned her, adopted her as his own. He was killed in the sixties, and then she met up with Stephen Crane, a wealthy vampire who had retired to open up a record shop. They moved to America in the seventies and had just really decided to settle down. She goes to Mourningwood Academy.

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Name: Aidan Helsing
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Race: Elemental
Origin: England
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: N/A
Personality: Ash keeps to himself a majority of the time. He tends to get bullied so he
doesn't have a lot of friends. He is quiet, calm, and is able to keep his temper well
managed. He does get into fights a lot of the time and ends up getting lectured by his
older brother Leo. He suffers from depression and has to go to therapy twice a week.

Name: Leo Helsing
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Race Elemental
Origin: England
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: host at a cafe
Personality: One of the popular kids in school, he is Aidan's older brother and the
complete opposite of him. He is president of the student council and captain of the soccer
team. He is kind toward everyone but can be scary when you make him mad. He is good at
fighting and tends to harass his brother when his brother gets in trouble.

History: Aidan and Leo are both heirs to the head of the Helsing family and it's fortune.
Aidan has always been the favorite but Leo still has a chance in being head if he
straightens up his act and doesn't get kicked out of High School. There father was killed
in a car crash right after Aidan was born. Actually, he was on the way to see Aidan's
birth but his car was hit by a drunk driver. 3 year old Leo was in the car with him but
came out of the accident with cuts and bruises. Their mother remarried when Aidan was 10
and Leo was 13. Soon after, their mother gave birth to a baby girl. Their step father
thought it best for them to attend Mourningwood Academy and learn how to be proper young

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Name: Abigail Winters; "Snow"
Age: Looks about 16 but has lived for a hundred and fifty years
Sex: Female
Race: Unknown but shows symptoms of being a vampire
Origin: Albany, New York
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Odd jobs
Personality: Abigail is very kind and fun to be around. She is always smiling but... she
has a secret that she can't let anyone know. She has another personality. She is a cold
blooded killer. She murders innocent people without hesitation. She never remembers
anything from this but she does remembers her dreams she has of killing people and she's
forced into therapy because of it.

History: Abigail doesn't remember anything from before the age of ten. She woke up on the
side of a highway, covered in blood. She didn't know her name or how she got to where she
was. She didn't know anything. She didn't even know how to walk. She had to be taught
everything all over again. It was like she was reborn. She was taken in by a hospital and
once they couldn't do anymore, she was sent to an orphanage where she was beaten and
nearly killed by the other children and the nuns. She begged them to kill her but death
didn't come. Only pain. Finally, a nice mother and father took her home with them. Soon
after, the black outs began. Her mother and father were afraid of her. She would threaten
to kill them like her other victims. She was forced therapy because of her lack of memory
from these events. She was declared schizophrenic. By the age of fourteen, she dropped out
of school. She couldn't go outside. Her skin would start blistering at the sight of the
sun. Every night, she would black out and wake up the next morning covered in blood in the
middle of a field. By the age of sixteen, she woke up to see her parents murdered. The
entire room was covered in blood. Her mother's head was laying beside her and her father
was badly mutilated. One thing that stuck out were the fang marks in both of their necks.
She ran away. The police hunted for her. She was now the most wanted girl. Not even the
therapy sessions could help her. She killed everyone that ever gave a damn about her. She
knew she was different but she was a monster. No one could help her. After ten years of
running, a man approached her. He told her that he knew what she was. She was so scared.
She was tired and hungry. Regular food didn't sate her. When she got really hungry, she
would black out and wake up covered in blood again. This man told her she was part of a
race known as vampires. From the way her body reacts to sunlight and holy objects, she was
a pureblood which have no human blood in their body. They were a rare species since most
have them have been killed by hunters. He told her he could train her and teach her how to
get around this; how to stop having these black outs and to stop killing innocent humans.
She agreed to go with this man. He started to train her but ten years later, he was killed
by a vampire hunter known as Henry Van Helsing, a relative of Abraham Van Helsing. Rumor
has it that this man isn't only human; that he has some demon blood in him making him live
longer than a normal human but not have any powers of one. Since then, Abigail has been
hunting this vampire hunter. She would destroy the clan and everything they stand for.

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Name Elsa Nørgaard Age Seventeen Sex Female Race Elemental, Ice Origin Denmark Orientation Heterosexual Occupation N/A Personality Forgive the puns, but until you get on her good side, don't be disheartened if she gives you the cold shoulder. If she does like you, though, she is very nice and quite warm. She can't stand hot weather, and likes it a bit cooler, so her dorm usually has at least four fans running at a time. She also likes to work on her sculptures in there. Appearances History Contrary to what people want to think, Elsa was named for an Indiana Jones character, not a Disney one. It just provided insult to injury when she found out she had ice powers at around the age of thirteen. All things aside, her dad was a Disney animator and so she had a well-funded childhood, even after he passed away. Her mother currently works for Google. She doesn't see her much, but she does know that she's financially secure. She got into art at a young age, especially ice sculpture. At least her powers are helpful in that endeavor. She started school at Mourningwood last year, on scholarship.

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Name Clarissa "Clara" Mills Age 17 Sex Female Race Human Origin Golden, Colorado Orientation Hetero for the most part Occupation N/A Personality Although generally shy and quiet, Clara isnt afraid to speak out when others are talking about something she's passionate about. She's quite confident in herself and nothing ever seems to get to her. Clara can be a bit stubborn when it comes to her beliefs but is always willing to listen to another. Her worst side shows when she is alone as she can be very self-centered and mean but that all gets bottled in when around others. She isn't exactly the most charming person and she most certainly doesn't have a way with words but at heart she's a good person who always tries her best at everything she does. Appearances History Clara was an only child to a single feminist mother who worked a minimum wage job; Her father left as soon as Clara was born. Clara and her mother lived in a shabby little studio apartment and lived a pretty average life as Clara grew up, although there were difficult times, of course. She attended public school most of her life and was always bullied and outcast by her peers but none of it ever seemed to get to her. Eventually, Clara made friends with an elderly woman who lived next door and always spent time with her. The old lady introduced Clara to the practice of witchcraft which Clara became interested in very quickly. The old woman taught Clara everything she knew before she passed away a few years ago and had even written in her will that everything she had was to go to the girl. And so, Clara inherited all of the woman's property and a large sum of money. With the money, Clara bought her and her mother a proper house and hopes to open a spell shop in the future.

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Name Natalie Harper Age 23 Sex Female Race Aurai Origin Canada Orientation Pansexual Occupation Department store manager Personality A lover of furs, Natalie is highly interested and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Natalie is sly, sensual, guarded and always up for the next fling or casual sexual relationship. Her tough appearance can be very intimidating yet she's very cautious. She's a little closed off and can also come off as quite mysterious. She loves to live a very carefree life and is hardly ever serious once you get to know her. Appearances History Natalie grew up in a small cabin in the wilderness of Canada, raised by her grandfather. Growing up was difficult for Natalie and she was never really close to her grandfather. Her Grandfather home schooled her and taught her the basics of survival on there was free time. Natalie always knew that the life she lived wasn't the type of life she wanted and so when she turned 18 she left the Canadian wilderness and moved down to the USA where she dyed her hair, acquired a job as a department store manager and managed to settle in her cousin Clara's house. She plans to work her way up into the fashion industry. Her Grandfather ships her furs where she then sews them into high quality coats for herself or sells the online.

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Name - Cleo Fitzpatrick Age - nineteen yrs and 4 mos Sex - female Race - intermediate shapeshifter Origin - ancestors hail from Australia and Ireland! Orientation - pansexual Occupation - gives psychic readings, etc. Personality - Cleo is more outgoing than most but not the obnoxious in your face type. She loves meeting new people and hanging out and just over all being free. She often sets goals for herself and has a contagious drive about her that could get anyone moving! But she can be pretty severely stubborn and a little blunt but her heart is as big as the ocean and only puts others before herself. Cleo is extremely an adventurous and curious person by nature so it's hard for her to think about the dangers of what she might be doing. But friendship and family is so important to her, she would never lie intentionally and values respect. She can also put up a pretty good fight! Appearance(s) - Cleo has vibrant orange curly hair, blue-green eyes, and tons of freckles. She's only about five foot two and 90 lbs but that doesn't mean anything to her really. She's light on her feet but can pack a punch if it ever comes to that. She's dabbled in piercings but her septum was the only one she really liked. History - you're just gonna have to figure it out yourself!

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