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Character Log

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Name: Isaac Miller
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Time: Old West
Personality: Proud, Headstrong, Cocky, yet kind and always prepared to help those in
Past: Isaac grew up on a ranch until he was 13. At this age, the ranch was attacked by
bandits. The bandits killed everyone except him. Isaac reminded the leader of his dead
son. So the bandits took him with them and taught him many things. He lived with them and
robbed many people for years. Then when he was 20 a jealous fellow bandit framed him for
killing some of the bandit and stealing from them. They left him for dead in the middle of
the wilderness. He's spent the last three years fighting against bandits and thieves while
trying to find his old friends.
Picture: TBA

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These will be my characters ^-^ I won't make any more, my mind has gone blank lately. Name: Kaonashi Age: Eighteen Gender: Other, but prefers to be seen as male Time: He switches from time to time. Personality: Kaonashi was a selfish boy who looked for attention from others, and would easily become obsessed. He tries to learn the good ways by watching others, and seems to learn about them by their actions and words. He hides behind a mask and black clothing he loves to wear, and disappears randomly at times. He's generally very sweet and caring and has a timid side where he's shy and doesn't speak a lot, and hides somewhere in a corner to observe. He eats a lot, and seems to never gain weight. Past: Kaonashi didn't have family, he was a lone wolf who was left on the streets with no one to care for him. him He didn't talk to people because he got attached to them easily, so they threw him away. He learned things by observing people, but as he grew older, he started watching the wrong people. All he wanted was someone to love him, but he soon found there was no one. Picture: // Name: Lucifer Wild Age: Seventeen Gender: Male Time: FS Personality: Lucifer is a quiet, smart and intelligent boy who usually knows what he's doing. DominGuez likes to do stuff normally others don't, but you'll learn more about that later. He doesn't speak much and doesn't like to answer or ask questions, so he doesn't bother to say anything at all. He's a good person, but has those times where he'd rather do things differently. Past: He doesn't like to talk about it. Picture: // Name: Annabelle Lee Age: Sixteen Gender: Female Time: DA Personality: Anna is cold, distant, dissatisfied but with a rather disappearing personality. She doesn't like social interaction, nor does she enjoy electronics. She doesn't read, love, smile, and neither does she have any friends. Anna is the cold shoulder who looks for someone, but pushes them away. Anna has trust issues, and doesn't like to be all buddy-buddy with anyone, and doesn't actually have a friendly side. It would be bad to get too close to her. Past: Anna is much of a snobby rich girl who loves buying things, inhabiting others to make her feel better, impressing her parents, dark things and basically anything she wants. But, her parents never really cared about her so they just gave her money to make her happy. As an only child, she isn't used to other interactions. Picture: // Name: Edward James Ole Age: Sixteen Gender: Male Time: FS Personality: Edward is a quiet, smart but also dimwitted and slow boy who is also sometimes like a girl. He enjoys reading and poetry, but has a soft spot for old music and kittens. He doesn't have many friends since he doesn't speak up, and can't stand large crowds. Because of this, he does a lot of errands so he can explore the city and villages. Past: N/A Picture:

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Nice characters 

23 March 2013, 09:51 PM   #5
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Thank you

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Name: Primo
Age: 18
Gender: male
Time: [MW]
Personality: he's smart but not a Genius,he's often Quiet and reserved, when people don't
listen to 
him and what he has to say they often get killed by zombies or get lost, then get eaten by
he is a gamer he loved playing L4D, Call of duty, MWF, and TF2,War Z,most had allot of gun
zombies and   
tactics so thats why he's lasted so long hes strong and fast.
Past: he was just a normal kid that spent far too much time inside playing Zombie Killing
games on 
his X-box,Playstation and computer, when the zombie outbreak started he knew exactly what
to do 
out off all the groups of people he's met up with he's still the one most certain to
survive, he thinks 
eventually it will be just him in this corpse rotting world.
Primo/18/ "how many zombies have you killed?, no dont tell me I know I've killed more."

Axle/21/"if you pull the wings off a butterfly what is it?"

26 March 2013, 03:47 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Name: Neewa
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Time: Old West
Personality: Neewa is a cheerful young woman that loves to joke around but can be quite
serious. She is often quite cautious and suspicious when it comes to people and things
that she does not know. Its hard for her to stay in one place for very long and she is
easily bored by her usual surrounding and loves exploring new places. 
Past: A couple and their newborn child were traveling across the country to make a fresh
start out west and to make a name for themselves. In the middle of their journey, the
family was traveling through a large canyon when they were ambushed by a band of local
Indians. The Indians murdered the couple and destroyed their carriage as a warning to
other travels that planned on passing through the canyon. The leader of pitied the newborn
child and did not have children of his own so he raised the child as one of them. The
leader of the tribe named the newborn Neewa. Neewa grew up with the other Indian children
but was often shunned because she wasn't like them. She grew up to be a wise, strong and
independent woman who was the most skilled in archery and herbalism in the tribe. Her
father has betrothed her to the tribes greatest warrior, Ujarak, even though she doesn't
wish to be tied down and has protested the marriage numerous times. She speaks broken
english and cannot pronounce certain letters in words. 

27 March 2013, 06:51 AM   #8
Guest Poster

Name: Idel 
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Time: FS
Personality: Idel isn't the joking type, she takes things very seriously because of
the recent outbreak of the undead plague. She's smart when it comes to numbers and
strategics and can be very demanding. She's a leader, not a follower. She isn't conceited
but will make sure to point out how superior she is physically and mentally due to the
enhancements she's had. 
Past: Idel was born to a couple of government researchers. Being the daughter of
government researchers, she was always used as the guinea pig for enhancement prototypes.
Luckily, the enhancement prototypes she had undergone did not have any negative effect to
her. When she grew older and the plague outbreak worsened, Idel was bit once on her leg
and her arm. Her parents amputated both her arms and legs with prosthetic replacements
that were engineered to be better then the average human's before the plague could spread
to the rest of her body. She now ventures through the timezones to tag wormholes and
record data on the plague in hopes that what she finds could contribute to a cure if there
is any.

28 March 2013, 05:56 AM   #9
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Name: Abel Miller
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Time: MW
Personality: Naive, caring, friendly, he's the spunky new kid on the police force in New
York City.
Past: Isaac Miller is his great grandfather. Abel just recently joined NYPD a month before
the outbreak. He knows how to shoot as passed top of his class but he has never shot a
real person, let alone a dead one. His girlfriend was one of the very first to turn and
the first he had to shoot. He had seen enough horror movies to know what she had become.
Soon after he accidentally stumbled into a wormhole while being chased by other infected
residents of his apartment complex.

28 March 2013, 06:26 AM   #10
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I see what you're doing! :D 
...I think >_<

28 March 2013, 06:36 AM   #11
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I'm having Isaac in Abel's time and Abel in Isaac's time :P
Trying to find pictures for these guys is driving me nuts

28 March 2013, 06:57 AM   #12
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Lol what kind of pictures? I can help you if you'd like! You just have to tell me what
you have in mind!

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Name: Axle 
Age: 21
Gender: male  
Time: [FS]
Personality: Strange,unusual, mysterious, captivating, weird wild,
if he doesn't want to explain something or talk about something he wont 
he takes curiosity strangely ( other explanation he will follow his curiosity till he 
is satisfied ) 

he talks about irrelevant things to the situation he puts a lot of movements into 
his hands and fingers in twitchy sort of motion when wants to touch something he likes or

is curious about. 

Past: ever since he was little he was always,.. different it didn't make sense to his
or father about his strange nature they made feel bad about the way he was he didn't mean
to be
it just how he was,when he was old enough he left that house of rejection and went to
Universityand lived at 
the dorms for students he would work every 3 days in the afternoon and go to class
everyday ,every week
except for  Sunday that's his me time... living in the future every thing is made to be
easier for 
humans, he just finds it annoying and boring because there was nothing left for him to do
and that made him 

Primo/18/ "how many zombies have you killed?, no dont tell me I know I've killed more."

Axle/21/"if you pull the wings off a butterfly what is it?"

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