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- Please have your character be well-rounded! I will accept nearly any character, but not
every character should be an orphan who is ~*~the most powerful mutant and also the leader
of all protests and everybody loves her/him/they~*~

- Along with your request to join, I would ask that you please send me a message with an
RP sample of at least one paragraph! It can be literally anything you like, as long as it
is a minimum of one paragraph.

- Please be kind! If what someone is doing makes you uncomfortable or upset, please take
it up with them privately; and if what you are doing makes someone else uncomfortable and
they speak to you about it, please take it into consideration and stop!

- There will be absolutely no god-modding (moding?). I really hate to be harsh, but it's
no fun at all when one person begins to control what's happening with someone else's
character without warning. If you have a plot idea, I suggest you discuss it with the
other members in the OOC chat, please!

- If your character has any sort of condition or mental illness, please please
please take the time to look it up and check to see if you are portraying that
condition correctly. Incorrect portrayal of these kinds of things can be very annoying and
even hurtful!

- Profanity is completely acceptable.

- Smut, if any, should be taken to a private place such as through messages or Skype,
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