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23 January 2013, 07:59 PM   #1
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Do you believe in our kind...? the voice that whispered these words came from the nothingness beyond what Ghost could see. Why would Ghost believe such a thing? As far as the male could tell, only humans existed on the earth. Aliens were supposed to come from a different planet entirely...right? He guessed not. "I don't." he spat out slowly, letting his words sting like venom to the shadows. "You can't even show yourself." he hissed out slowly, letting the venom in his voice drip. Why should he believe someone -or rather, something, he could not see? There simply was just no point to it. "You make me sick. Show yourself. Otherwise I have nothing to say to you." he mumbled, letting his voice bubble in anger. There wasn't anything there. He was hearing things. Figures, he thought to himself, as he looked around, his eyes adjusting to the dark, but not enough to see what might be in the way. You are silly, my child. You do believe in our kind, don't you? You know what we are. You know what I am. Silence followed. Then the voice seemed to echo, and then boom. Don't you think for a moment that I don't have the nerve to show myself. I am you, child. I am exactly as you are, but in a much older, dark magic. You wouldn't understand, Ghost. Certainly, the voice could have mistaken Ghost for another...? How did it know his name? How long had it been watching? "Who are you?" he hissed out, eyes scanning the darkness ahead and around himself. "How the hell do you know my name?" he asked, louder, puffing out his chest, as if to show his dominance, that he seemed currently to lack. "Who the hell are you?!" he challenged, lifting his balled fists as if to swing. "Show yourself, goddammit!" he screeched out into the black air before him. Silence. ...Silence enveloped them. From the dark, a lighter, grey form grew, and what Ghost saw, was a reflection of himself. Not a simple reflection...it was more complex...more detailed in every form. Emerald, glowing green eyes, pupils set to slits. White skin, thick lashes, and dark rims under it's eyes. This wasn't Ghost at all. It couldn't be... I am you, Ghost. You wouldn't understand. I am your past, present, and your future. The creature inside of you. You made me.
"ENOUGH!" The Vampyre prince hissed, as he stood up and balled his hands into tight fists, shaking in rage. "I SAID ENOUGH!" he screeched out louder, slamming his fist against the trunk of an old willow tree, that he thought was the darkness that spoke just moments before to him. In the moments that followed, Ghost slowly blinked his eyes, and his vision cleared. Silence, as always...but it was different. He was in the woods, for God-only-knows-what purpose, and he was alone. The quiet wind blowing through and rustling the leaves was an eerie match for the darkness deeper within the forest. "I know what you are..." he whispered to himself, before he pulled back his hand, balled his injured hand to a fist, and pressed it tenderly to his chest. It didn't hurt, but it certainly took a lot of energy to pull so much of his power together. It was getting much colder than he thought, and he still was puzzled as to why he was alone in the middle of the woods. "Did you do this to my father...?" he asked, out loud, knowing full well the male was not going to get an answer. Not anytime soon, anyway. He looked around carefully, for just a moment more, flickered his dark blue eyes to the darker set of the woods, and then spoke in a soft tone, lifting his fist, spreading out his palms, and letting his palm face the top of the trees. "Fire, come to me...warm me completely with your tongues of flame..please." he whispered softly, and smiled when heat started to gather around him, invisible, filling the male with warmth, as it enveloped his entire body, and held to him like a scared child. "Thank you." he murmured. Then there was a snapping of twigs in the woods...
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24 January 2013, 04:49 PM   #2
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 If someone was to find him, a boy wearing nothing but jeans and a tshirt
wandering through the woods during the cold night, and ask him what the hell he was doing
Joel probably couldn't answer with anything better than 'it's quiet.' What he really
couldn't say what that sometimes he just felt... suffocated; like his thoughts, his life,
everything came crashing down on him and he couldn't find any air to breathe... and
walking, just walking in the cool night where everything was quiet was the only way he
could breathe. But no one would be in the woods, no one would ask him why, and he wouldn't
have to explain anything. It was just him and the various night animals rustling around.
Those were his thoughts before he heard screaming, enraged screaming that made him stop in
his tracks, straight to his left. Animal or human, he didn't know until the fear that
something was actually out here left him and he could make out that whatever,
whomever was screaming was actually screaming words. 
The original thought of being brutally slaughtered in the woods kept him frozen in place
until the thought that someone might actually be hurt entered his mind. What if someone
actually was hurt? It would be his fault, wouldn't it? He didn't like being this way...
caring, timid... but he was, so he huffed out a breath and turned to his left, continuing
his walk; only now he was quiet, cautious of his surrounding. 
It was a relatively short walk, which didn't surprise him given the volume of the
screaming, before he knew he found what he had been searching for. A figure. Hard for his
hybrid eyes to make out specifics, but it seemed to be male. What his eyes couldn't tell
him however, was if the figure was the cause or the source of the screaming. Whichever, it
wasn't faced towards his direction, so he dared silently moving a few more feet towards
it. His brilliant plan was working until his foot landed on a branch, causing an awfully
loud snap, and leaving him standing there holding his breath as he silently cursed

OCC: I'm not used to writing this much, so my apologies for anything I might have
done wrong. 
I was rushing because I was all excited to roleplay with you, tbh. >///<

24 January 2013, 08:56 PM   #3
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Ghost heard the snapping of the twig before his voice could stop trailing out through his
throat like word vomit. The moment that his words were screamed out, and there was
silence, a twig snapping, and silence once more, Ghost was finally able to register the
scene. He turned his blue eyes on the darker figure that stood just a couple feet behind
him, and he turned his body slowly, his feet barely making a sound as he pushed his way to
face the male before him. "H...Who are you?" he asked, in a hush voice, while he slowly
let his eyes travel down from the top of the figure to it's feet...or rather, his feet.
His eyes seemed to glow against the pale moonlight that cascaded from the spaces between
the rustling leaves, making the vampyre prince's eyes look like the midnight moon against
the ocean's calm waves. He lifted his bandaged hand (as seen in the pic on the right n-n),
and touched his jaw out of habit, waiting for a response he most likely was not going to
get. But why wasn't he running away from the vampyre? Why the hell wasn't Ghost even
moving anywhere, either? What made him want to stay? "Really...who are you?" he repeated,
finding courage in his nearly tone-deaf voice, cocking his head and letting his teased
hair go limp over his shoulder, waiting once more. He shifted one foot from the other,
keeping his weight on one leg, and steadied himself. What seemed so wrong with the male?
He took a deep breathe, closed his eyes, and inhaled the male's scent, but he just
couldn't place the species or breed, rather, of the figure. "What are you?" he asked out,
not meaning to blurt the words that slipped beyond his tongue, and studied the air around
them, sensing the darkness that crawled toward them. 

OOC: AWWWW. It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. It was perfect. XD 
And haha awwwww<3 I've been waiting for you to reply c: hehehehe
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25 January 2013, 09:19 AM   #4
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Joel held his breath, not afraid to admit he was scared out of his mind. The silence,
unlike the calm that he enjoyed, was thick and suffocating, choking him, and he wondered
if by chance the figure hadn't heard him and just how quickly he could turn and run. But
something held him in place from doing just that. Fear? Curiosity? Risking a quick glance
back he found that the figure... or rather the boy had indeed heard him and was
even facing him. He lowered his gaze to the boy's feet as again, the image of his body
laying brutally slaughtered in the woods crossed his mind and actually caused him to
flinch; he was surely going to die, wasn't he? There was no way he could ru-
'Who are you?' a hushed voice reached his ears causing him to slowly glance up the boy's
body and to his faze. For being a person who might kill Joel at any second... he was
pretty cute. 'Really, who are you?' A flush covered Joel's neck as he stuttered,
nervousness creeping up his spine, "U-uh, I heard some- s-screaming," he began, 'What are
you?' Joel's nervousness increased as he struggled to make actual sentences, "And I- I
came to see w- I'm, uh, J-Joel." he finally managed to choke out, hoping it was enough to
satisfy the boy.

OCC: oh gosh, I'm relieved. Thanks, >///< 
I'm a really- really slow replier. 
I'm trying. ;__;

25 January 2013, 01:00 PM   #5
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Ghost lifted a brow when the hushed breathing seemed to stop for those few moments of
silence, causing him to slightly cock his head further, hair sweeping over his dull white
shirt, covered in what seemed like bloody-gothic text in red. He lifted a brow and waited
silently, the moon glinting across his piercings as if they were small orbs of lost souls
who hadn't found their peace by his face. Something in the male surprised him. He didn't
run. He didn't scream or attack, either, though Ghost could tell that he wasn't exactly
purebred anything. When the male seemed to heat up, a slight smirk spread across the
vampyre's face, causing interest to stew inside of his heart. He was stuttering. Such a
silly thing to witness, it was. "Screaming," he repeated the male slowly, as he turned the
words over in his skull. "Ah, yes." he offered, lifting his palm slightly as if he'd let a
small flame puff out from his skin in greens and furious blues, instead of the hues of red
of normal fires, but nothing came to his palm. "That was I, in fact." he mused slowly,
letting his grin grow sick and sadistic. Hunger clawed at his stomach like an upturned,
petrified animal, one starved for years and years who was unlucky enough to have survived
for so long. "Joel," he cooed softly, his perfect, sharp, blinding, white canines
slightly showing from his pale pink lips. "It's such a weird way to meet you." he started,
before he took a moment to lick his left canine in hunger, and think to himself. "You are
not purebred, are you?" he asked, smirk widening even more, as if he were the twin of the
Cheshire cat. "And what do I owe the pleasure?"

OOC: It's all good sweetness. You give me more than enough to reply to and I'm loving
It's okayyy. Take your time ^^
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25 January 2013, 01:40 PM   #6
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A small knot formed in Joel's throat as he finished his stuttering attempt
at an answer, enabling him to utter any further words. What was wrong with him? Why was he
acting this way? He could have ran before the male noticed him he could run now, but
still he was held in place, "I-" he started, but stopped as he noticed the male was
talking. He was grinning.. mocking him? He took a self couscous step back, "I wanted to-
to make sure everything.." He couldn't help but notice the males canines, blindingly white
against his lips... fangs. He was screwed. Hybrid vampire he was, but besides his slightly
heightened senses it was a worthless trait. "... screaming. Are y- you okay?" he finally

OOC: You're too nice. Seriously. >///< <3
I love Ghost already, omg.

25 January 2013, 01:58 PM   #7
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Ghost let his gaze become a target detector from the moment he seemed to form an unreal
knot through his throat. This left the grin plastered to the prince's face, without a
doubt, pleased by the reaction it gave the male. "Hmm." he breathed out, almost mocking
himself before he allowed the boy to continue. "You....you what?" he asked, almost
accusingly, as he stepped closer from the boy stepping away from him. Then  another step.
And another. Up until his face was inches from Joel's. "Are you scared?" he whispered
sadistically, as he leaned his frame down a little to be face to face, canines bright once
more as they glinted. No blood stained his perfect killing machine of weapons just yet.
Not for the moment, anyway. He felt like playing a little game of chase all of a sudden,
the need for the boy's blood churning the hunger within ghost. He'd never felt like such a
murderer before...so why did it act up now? From the corner of his eye, Ghost saw the
shadows creep closer, until dark tendrils of black slowly curled up his ankles,
surrounding his legs, and climbed up the length of him until it wrapped around his waist.
Each little sliver of darkness that separated from the rest seemed to be obedient, like a
puppy, and it made the vampyre wonder if he could see the darkness, too. He lifted his
eyes to lock gazes once more with Joel, and he stayed silent, smirk every lasting. "I'm
fine." he whispered out slowly, licking his teeth. "Perfectly fine. Or rather, a little
hungry..." he purred out, almost sing-song, as if he were a siren, and he moved so his
nose was fit perfectly next to Joel's, as if he'd kiss the male. "I'd prefer, rather
knowing you were okay. How fast can you run? I like a chase." Something inside of him
stir, as if a monster was waking from a long slumber, and it made his stomach lurch in a
pleasured way. 

OOC: Aww well it's true c: 
And ahahaha I love him too. This is a whole new side of me. I think dangerous, hot,
killer, and playful in a dark, creepy way, actually fits him much better XD
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25 January 2013, 02:32 PM   #8
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 Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The word echoed through his mind
like a prayer, as if the trees could somehow swallow him up and get him out of here. The
male was still grinning at him; and Joel's face, his neck felt as if they were aflame with
embarrassment. No longer curious, but petrified, Joel remained frozen in place. He was a
disgrace. Stupid. Standing here acting like he was a human.. which he might as well
been. Noticing as the male's feet began to move towards him, Joel squeezed his eyes shut.
Stupid, stupid... Silence, followed by a mocking whisper that sounded too close is
what made him open his eyes. Finding himself staring into dark blue eyes (or at least from
what the description says), inches away from those fangs made his breath audibly catch in
his throat. As their eyes locked he couldn't find the will to move, to speak. He was
immobilized. 'How fast can you run?' He could.. He could run! Faster than most, at that.
He could get out of here! If only.. 
His fists curled up at his sides as he willed his body to cooperate. His only response to
the male was the choked sound that managed to escape his mouth. Relying on the adrenaline
rush coursing through his veins he slowly brought his hands up until they were rested on
the man's shoulders and pushed backwards as hard as he could manage. In his mind he was
fighting for his life, which was probably quite close to the truth. With that he turned
and ran, pushing his legs to carry him far away from there.  

OOC: I seriously am in love with him. I love the whole... darkness about him. c ':
This is way too entertaining. xD

25 January 2013, 02:55 PM   #9
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Ghost watched Joel as if the male could possibly slip away with the darkness that
swallowed Ghost's body, but it seemed he could not see the darkness like the vampyre
prince could. He was silent. Perhaps the hybrid was pondering what his next move would be,
or maybe not. He wouldn't know the difference. All he wanted was his fangs within the
warmth of the skin in the prey before him. The darkness moved up around his torso, and
curled over his arms, reaching out, as if they would touch and test the skin of the male
pressed against the tree. The moments seemed to slow and elongate until Joel opened his
eyes again, which caused Ghost to realize he'd have his eyes stared at. "Hmm," he breathed
out, watching the male's reaction change from fright, to lost hope, and then flicked away
to an audible catch to his throat. There was hope again, right across the flickering of
the boy's eyes. Then Joel seemed to move, and it caused a spark of interest within the
predator within Ghost. He wanted a chase, hmm? Well that's what he was going to get. It
felt thrilling to realize that he'd get to play a little game of cat and mouse with his
meal, before he would finish him just as quickly as he'd started. There was a slight
movement to his shoulders, and he blinked in surprise when he was shoved back, causing the
male to stagger and nearly fall on his ass, but he caught himself, brushing himself off,
and lifted his gaze back to Joel was...or rather...where he had been moments before. This
caused the beast in him to tumble forward from the depths of his skull, and take charge. A
low, but audible sound of snapping teeth, as if he were an aggressive, fighting dog,
ripped from his throat, and then a louder, demonic snarl ripped right through his vocal
cords, half hunger, half anger seeping through his voice. "So this is what you want to
play, hmm?" he hissed, smirking when his words and voice carried along with the wind,
waiting for it to reach the male. Without  a second to ponder, Ghost lifted his chin,
smelt the air, and locked his target. He would follow his scent until he could pounce. He
pushed forward, starting at a walk, for just a few steps, before his movements increased
and quickened. Then he ran. His feet plummeted against the ground as if it were a herd of
elephants carrying him, and he ran as fast as he could, human wise, evidently. 

Ghost made sure to allow his feet to cease the thumping of his shoes against the grass
below, as if he stopped running and was completely still. But he allowed the sound to
cease. He was still running. It came as an advantage to be fast, and quiet enough, to
trick his prey into thinking he'd given up the chase, but he was sure that Joel knew
better than that. He assumed the male had seen plenty of scary movies to know that running
was never going to get you far. It made you obvious. He smirked even wider, laughing
manically, without much thought otherwise, and let the darkness chase the hybrid as well,
allowing his senses to keep up with the darkness that led him to his prey. "You can run,
child, but you won't get far," he whispered, loud enough to know that Joel had heard him.
Or he was pretty sure the kid did. He pushed forward, increasing his speed, running head
long against branches and lunging over logs if they got into his way. He wasn't going to
give up easily. He pushed off trunks of treats, jumped up into the branches and jumped
from one tree to another, to keep his eyes around the general area that the hybrid's scent
carried to the vampyre, and spotted the male. This kept the man agile and quick, but he
didn't pounce just yet. He liked the chase more than anything, and with each moment that
passed, only made him hungrier. "I see you..." his sick humor grew with his hunger,
and he pushed off to lung into another tree, keeping up with the half human that ran below
him. This was just too pleasing for Ghost.

What if when he finally pounced to grab Joel, and knocked them both to the ground, he
rolls Joel over, stares into his eyes, and his heart breaks into a million pieces because
suddenly, out of nowhere, he doesn't want to hurt a single hair on the hybrid's body, and
that's when they fall in love? :'D
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25 January 2013, 03:20 PM   #10
Guest Poster
 Joel pushed himself, his legs carrying him as far as they could in the
shortest amount of time he could manage; he was petrified, his heart beating wildly,
filling his ears with it's rapid thud. A quick thought of perhaps getting the male off his
trail appeared in his mind as he ran off of the trail he had originally followed and into
the woods. He continued running, dodging around trees as he went, until a dull ache in his
legs registered in his mind and caused him to slow until he was at a slow jog. Gradually
slowing until he eventually stopped, he pressed his back against a tree and listened.
Besides the sound of his heart thudding and his deep breathing in his ears he heard
nothing. Nothing? Had the male not followed him? He closed his eyes as he tried to slow
his breathing. If the male had indeed stopped his chase all he had to do was try and find
his way out if the woods.. and that wouldn't be too hard. His relief was short lived as
his breath slowed and a whisper reached his ears, 'I can see you...' Fear struck him hard,
his poor heart beginning to beat wildly once more as anger grew inside of him; he had let
himself slip again. His good nature had gotten him into this mess, and sure as hell wasn't
going to get him out of this. Looking around for the male he was unable to see, he yelled,
Fuck off!" wincing at the shakiness of his voice. 

OOC: Beautiful scenario. ;_; <3

25 January 2013, 03:30 PM   #11
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The male had stopped. For just a few seconds, Ghost lost sight of him, which never
seemed to happen before. Until now. He waited for a moment, and turned his eyes across the
entire area his eyes could adjust to, and found nothing. Had the hybrid turned back and
ran the original way he'd started off in? Or had he taken a left? Perhaps a right? Now the
male was pissed that he'd let himself get carried away with excitement that he didn't stop
to even consider where his prey was. It was too obvious. He would beat himself up for it
if he let his food get away. He crawled easily onto a branch, where he knew his weight
could be held up, and he dropped a bit off the branch, but stayed clinging to it, upside
down, his eyes scanning him. Then he spotted the smaller half-vampyre before him, but
luckily for Ghost, the prince could not be seen. The dark shadows of the tree concealed
him. He was just a tree away from his food for the night. The game had been won. He pulled
himself back into the tree, turned, and lunged into the tree that held the hidden male,
before he slowly moved across a branch, that was closest to his prey, and waited, his eyes
seeming to glow against the moon, as if he were a leopard. "Game. Set. Match." he cooed
out slowly, his words dripping once more with venom, with a darker approach to his tone.
"Time to give up." he added soothingly, but kept himself hidden, making sure his voice
seemed at least a mile away. Then he smirked, with great, increasing pleasure, when he was
told to 'fuck off'. "Oooh, temper temper." he laughed softly, sickeningly, as he
let the silence follow his words. That's when he lunged. It took not more than two point
five seconds to slip himself from the tree. Within that time span, he tackled Joel,
mid-air, and they both hit the ground, rolling across the dirt until Ghost had him pinned
below himself. He would let the male try to claw himself free, but he would not officially
let him go. He parted his pale, hungry lips, and exposed his canines, hissing out when he
readied his jaw to sink his teeth into his meal.

OOC: GOOD. Joel can fight back if you want him to, but the next time that I type up a
reply (after you do), I'll make him snap out of his hungry state and fall in love with him
mmmppphhh ;n; I can't wait.
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25 January 2013, 03:54 PM   #12
Guest Poster
 OOC: "Game. Set. Match." xD
That made me laugh so hard, my god.
Okay.<33 c':

ICC: Joel's head whipped around, almost frantically. Where was he?! He couldn't see
him, nor hear the sound of his feet. Yet, over the sound of his frantic heartbeat in his
ears he could hear the male's voice, sounding far away, taunting him, telling him it was
over. That he was over. Everything around him grew silent, and Joel grew paranoid.
It was that feeling that made your skin crawl; that feeling that you knew someone was
there watching you, waiting, but you were clueless as to anything else other than
something was about to happen. So, he wasn't entirely surprised when he was tackled to the
ground, although a gasp escaped his lips. As he was pinned to the ground, he growled,
snapping his own teeth at the threat as he struggled. He pushed back against the male as
if he could escape, but knew deep down it was no use. Joel watched as the male exposed his
teeth readying himself to go for his throat, his mind screaming 'no!', but slowly stopping
his futile struggling. 

25 January 2013, 04:04 PM   #13
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OOC: Ahahahaha cx I felt I needed to show it ahahha :DDDDDDD

Ghost was going to go for his throat, but then he stopped. He literally froze in the spot
he was in, his mouth wide open, before he slowly closed his mouth, staring blankly at the
male that tried to struggle below him. What the hell was he doing? Ghost blinked, as if
he'd gone blind, and tightened his fingers against Joel's wrists, but not enough to hurt.
What the hell was going on? Why couldn't Ghost finish the damned boy? Something was off.
Way off. He lunged forward, snapping his own teeth, and went for his throat, but once more
he stopped himself, his canines barely puncturing Joel's skin, causing little bubbles of
blood to escape from the new cuts. But nothing more, nothing. He dropped his grip and fell
onto Joel, starting to weep, his arms quickly curling around Joel's frail body, holding
him as he cried, like the big baby he tried to hide himself from being. Why was he crying?
Why didn't he kill his meal and save what was left of his body for later? He couldn't
place it. Couldn't figure out why he was acting so childish all of a sudden. As if
sickened, the darkness crept away, disappointed that they would have to wait longer for
their thirst to be quenched. Ghost kept crying, though, his body wracked with each sob
that escaped his thin lips, tears welling up and spilling down his pale cheeks without
hesitation, and soaking into Joel's shirt, entire body quivering. "Why...?" he sobbed out,
louder, as he clung to the boy below him. "Why...why am I like this?" he asked, knowing
full well he was not going to get an answer. There was something about Joel that made
Ghost suddenly want to protect him with his own life, and he no longer longed to feed on
his blood or his soul. He felt so heart broken in that moment, wanted to hold and be held
by someone, wanting desperately to be loved the way he never seemed to be. Though his
parents did love him, he wasn't looking for their affection. He yearned for Joel's, all of
a sudden, and it killed him. "I am....I am s-so so sorry," he cried into Joel's shoulder,
letting all his emotions out, seeping anger, sadness, hurt, pain, everything. All emotions
flushed out with his own tears.
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25 January 2013, 04:30 PM   #14
Guest Poster
 Joel's eyes squeezed shut, his fingers curling tightly into fists. The man
had had his fun, had his chase, and now it was over. He had found him and was going to
kill him. Joel waited for the blow, for the fangs to pierce his neck, but they never came.
He felt the fingers around his wrist tighten, and he knew full well the male was still
there.. but why was he waiting? Joel flinched a bit as teeth broke through his skin, and
he waited for the pain... but that was it. Nothing else came. 
Joel pried his eyes open expecting to see the male grinning at him, but was not expecting
what happened at all. The pinning grip on his wrists, gone, replaced by arms curling
around his body and... sobs? The male that not seconds ago was trying to kill him was now
atop of him sobbing. Joel opened his mouth, searching for words that weren't there. What
was going on? Was this some type of trick? All of the fear and anger that was inside of
him simply vanished and instead he felt... bad for the male, as if he had done something
wrong. He didn't like him crying, the male seconds ago he wished he could kill. His heart
was still pounding, mouth slightly ajar, still unable to form words. So, slowly, he simply
brought his own arms up and around the male.

25 January 2013, 06:37 PM    #15
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He felt the male's arms around him before he had the chance to try and stop himself from
the wrenching sobs that racked through his large, pale frame, and he pressed closer
against Joel, until their entire bodies touched. It was nice to have a sense of warmth
against him that he hadn't felt in, well, since forever, and it made him feel much better.
He slowly moved one hand away from Joel's waist and rubbed the tears from his eyes, easily
sucking in a stammered breathe and collecting himself before he could be a complete fool.
He lifted his head slowly and looked at Joel's face carefully, the frown etched into his
perfect, snow white skin. "I'm...I'm sorry," he whispered. "I don't...I don't know why I
wanted to hurt you." he begged for forgiveness that he was sure he'd never receive, but it
was worth blurting out the words anyway. It had been a long time since he'd ever felt
sorry. "I...I'm sorry, I'm crying, as well," he mumbled out easily, making sure he was
heard over the soft sniffles that came between his words. "I..." he started, but decided
just to shut himself up before he embarrassed himself [i[too much. After all, he was a
complete stranger to Joel, so why would it matter anyway? He slowly pushed himself on his
elbows and ensured that his face was to Joel's, once more wiping the tears from his face
and sniffling. He waited silently, to see what the hybrid would do. He honestly wasn't
sure what he wanted the boy to do. But when he looked into Joel's eyes, it felt like his
whole world was crumbling before his very eyes. He saw the monster in himself that Joel
saw through his eyes, and knew that he had done far worse than he'd intended.
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Ghost Javier Larynxx || One-Hundred Eighteen years || Vampyre Prince.
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Jericho Liam Reynolds || Twenty Three & Six Months || Fire Elementalist.

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