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Welcome to Marzipan

4 June 2011, 04:39 PM   #1
Guest Poster
Ok you may know of Marzipan City from Chowder(Yes I do!)But I have my own Marzipan,and I
made it before Chowder even existed.My Marzipan is called Marzipan the baby land because
it is filled with creatures described below.

Hobos:The "founders"of Marzipan Central Park.They live in.....well there hobos so they
live in boxes in the park.

Frothy unicorns.:Unlike regular old Unicorns they create a frothy gravy from there
horns.They also have 120,000,000,000 flavors of ice cream they can produce from there

Alkams(Al-Comes):They are the most famous and popular creatures in Marzipan.The most
famous is Alkam Pig,a pig with a blue mullet(Sometimes he changes his hair for special

Baby's:The baby's are the citizens of Marzipan.Unlike regular stupid baby's,they can
fight,time travel,blow up crap and everything.For more the baby's can do,Email me at

     If you would like to be in Marzipan,put what you want to be,what is your characters
name,and what is your role in Marzipan.You can be everything EXCEPT for an
Alkam(you have to earn that role)

For more info,email me,message me,letter me,or send me a Q&A and i will answer you ?
withing 2 weeks.I PROMISE!!!!!!!  :D

4 June 2011, 04:54 PM    #2
Guest Poster
Name: Carl Jams
Species: Hobo
Job: President of all things Jars.

He deals with Jars.

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