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Appleton Forest City.

30 November 2010, 10:30 PM   #1
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There is just about anything here. C:

30 November 2010, 10:40 PM    #2
Guest Poster
There was a soft pitter-patter echoing through the old mansion. An open
window's shutter swayed to and fro in the wind, creating an awful banging noise. Yet the
little noise prospered.
It was soon discovered that the sound was little feet. And those feet belonged to Laramie
She was running about the mansion in search of her locket. She couldnt find it anywhere!
And she was late for her first day at school. 
"Oh no!" she shouted as she saw the clock, her wonderful English accent flowing into her
words. Yanking on her worn leather boots and a pair of denim shorts, she ran up and down
the floors for something decent to wear.
Finally she settled on a tang top and an old sweater with her mothers necklace, many
bracelets, and too many wrings. Laramie also had 3 anklets on her ankle and strands of
woven string in her brunette curls.
"Alright," she said to herself. "Here we go." grabbing her bag, she was out the door and
onto the streets.
Everyone seemed to be busy today. Cars whizzed by, people sped walked as they yelled into
their cell phones. In the distance a baby was crying and kids were playing. She could also
smell the scent of fresh bread and daisies. This was a lovely day.
But Laramie didnt want to be late, so she had to run through it all just to get to the
school on the far side of Elmberry street.
She just hoped she wouldnt get scolded at.

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