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[Roleplay] Characters.

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8 August 2010, 02:12 PM   #1
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Herro! Let's go!

Um. Let's not do trainers from the series. E.g :- Ash, Misty, Brock, Gary... ect. ect. OC Pokemon Trainers, please? Woop. You don't have to put all 6 pokemon in your team right now. You can still catch them in the roleplay and stuff. And for if you want to put pokemon info. (Not nessessary)

You dun' need to wait for me to accept you, so, yeah.

8 August 2010, 02:36 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Name- Trixie
Age- 13
Gender- female
Battle, Contest or Both- Battle
Favorite Pokemon- Furret
History- Trixie lives on a pokemon breeding fram in the middle of nowhere for 13 years
trixie had no idea you could train pokemon to battle her only relivtive still alive is her
abusive father Walter.he father desperately trys to keep the pokemon training thing a
seacret he does not want trixie to leave and certinaly doesnt to be alone to breed pokemon
by himslef.
Personality- quiet, shy, and unorganized most of the time very clumsy and will often drift
away into her imagination. (ADHD TO THE MAX) 
(not officialy obtained yet)
Furret named Fang.

Cyanblue hair that is kept in two pig tails. tons of freckles. blue eyes. a white long
sleeve shirt with black sleeves and a yellow star in the middle. black pants. cyanblue
converse with black laces.

8 August 2010, 02:44 PM   #3
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Name; Rachel Shay
Age; 14
Gender; Female
Battle, Contest or Both? She likes bit of both.
Favorite Pokemon Type; Fire and Ice.
History; Rachel grew up like any other kid in Cherrygrove City. And, at the age of
13, decided that she'd prepare to start training to become a Pokemon Master. She knew that
most kids nowadays had this dream, too. And she knew it wouldn't be easy. So, she decided
she'd study the pokemon-world for one year, then take off. Before she left, her mother and
father managed to get hold of a level 9 vulpix, Rachel's very first pokemon ever. And her
new companion for life.
Personality; Rachel is a bubbly, loving person. She's also quite knowledgeable and
likes to look at the reality of things. She's quite a witty person, and doesn't back down
to a fight. She likes to have the last laugh in alot of things. She doesn't really like to
be alone. And she's very social.
Hobbies; Rachel likes music and reading. She loves to spend time playing with her
pokemon. She likes meeting new people and exploring things.
Team (1-6 pokemon); Just her first Vulpix. It's nickname is Rina.
I'll post it up as soon as my scanner has stopped lagging...
Rachel has long, forest green hair. Her bangs are super-spikey, coming down over her left
eye and one big spike sticking out the top of her head. The rest of her hair comes
spike-ily down behind to her butt. Her eyes are big, and shiny and pure green. She has
perfect white teeth. She wears a pair of denim-shorts that have a pocket with a picture of
a Pikachu's face on it. Her socks are orange and green stripes. One of them goes to her
thigh, and one only goes to her knee. She wears a plain tee-shirt that's white. She wears
a pull-over that is a lighter green from her hair. She also wears a necklace that has an
Pikachu pendant on it. She wears a few different coloured bracelets on her wrists. And a
pair of gold hoop earings. She also wears a pair of bright green converse that has orange
laces on them. Her converse also have a orange star on the side.

11 August 2010, 02:38 PM   #4
Guest Poster
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 We can just start, right? 

Name; Ghanasyama (Goes by "Ciar"(Keer) though ) Laflamboy
Age; Thirteen, hurrhurr.
Gender; Male.

Battle, Contest or Both? Usually just battles because Contests "Are Girly", but
he's known to go against that and do them anywho...
Favorite Pokemon Type;  He kind of... He mainly likes... Dragon, Steel, Dark,
Ghost, sometimes Normal, Grass... :L Okay, he likes ALL them except Fighting, Rock, Ground
and Electric. 

 Ciar was born in Petalburg City, but his mother was "Unfit" for taking care of him, so
quickly his Aunt and Uncle decided to adopt him and bring him to Oreburg in the Sinnoh
region where he grew up right next to the mine. His new "father" was a miner and often
taught him about the different types of minerals and fossils. Ciar went to the Trainer
school in Jubilife City as well and learned many things about these pokemon, but instead
of having that dream to become a Pokemon Master, he could care less, all he wanted to do
was meet many different types of pokemon and become friends, as corny as that was, but
it's true.
Some time after his Thirteenth birthday, he finally received his gift... One day working
in the mine, after time of searching for the perfect one to give his 'Son', he finally
made up the perfect pokemon for him. That evening he brought home a cute little Aron, and
boy was Ciar happy.
 They've been heel to heel ever since then!

 Ciar is somewhat cool, collected, and yet elusive all at that same time. He's got no real
expression when you first meet him, but he is certainly sweet and will began to smile a
lot once he gets to know you. This nature of his covers up his hasty and competitive ideas
a lot and so when they do end up showing, it tends to surprise people due to that
"sudden-change" in his moods. 
 He can be very serious though, a lot of the times....

Team (1-6 pokemon); Just a little Level 12 Aron that he had nicknamed 'Bold', which
you might think is one thing but it actually means "steel". So creative, no? Hurrhurr.

 Ciar is somewhat short for his age, but about just below a few inches or so. He has pale
skin and a 'beauty-mark' on his left shoulder. He's got a Medusa piercing, which is in
that 'indention' above your upper lip in the center.
 His hair is a messy, sandy blonde and his bangs tend to swing over his left eye but he
always pushes it away(Which usually doesn't work). He wears a brown sleeveless coat that
has white 'fuzz' inside the hood. He wears dark brown tight jeans with a black belt and a
chain hanging down from the front of that belt to the back so it makes that 'curved'
motion on his hip- this is where he puts his pokeballs. He then wears black boots and
gloves, underneath his left glove is netting that reaches up to his elbow.
 His eyes are a violet color.~

11 August 2010, 02:50 PM   #5
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We can just start, yes. C:

That is a very good character. C:<

11 August 2010, 02:56 PM   #6
Guest Poster
Sound sgood to me, hurrhurr. xD


11 August 2010, 04:24 PM   #7
your leader♥
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Pokemon; Vulpix
Nickname? Rina
Type; Fire
Level; 9
Moves; Ember, Quick Attack, Wisp-O-Will, Tail Whip
Pic (Not Nessessary); ... You guys know what a Vulpix looks like.

11 August 2010, 04:24 PM   #8
Guest Poster
Name; Aiden Ren
Age; Thirteen years of age
Gender; Male
Battle, Contest or Both? Contests!
Favorite Pokemon Type; Anything cute, fluffy, and can pack a punch
History; Aiden was born in Sunnyshore City and from a young age began to watch
battles in the gym. He loved battles and thought that he would be a gym leader one day
until he met Fantania, who came to Sunnyshore just for a visit. She showed him how strong
she was, yet how beautifully her pokemon battle. After that day Aiden was determined to
become a gym leader, but still particapate in contests. 
Personality; Aiden is quite childish and a trouble maker. He is usually cheerful,
especally when he is around shinx. He can be very shy when you first meet him but after
sometime, he'll seem like your little brother. He doesn't get discouraged too easyly, but
once he is, it's hard to make him happy again.
Hobbies; Doing everything with his lovely little shinx!
Team (1-6 pokemon); A female Shinx that he sometimes calls Shinxie, who is on level
thirteen right now.
Pic/Description; Aiden has deep, rich, chocolate brown hair that is very messy. The
ends of almost each hair curl at the tip. His hair covers half his ear and his forehead.
He has blazing emerald greeen eyes and very pale skin. He is 5' 5" and is skinny but still
has a nice build. His outfit consists of a stripped black and white shirt, over it is a
black jacket, and he wears white shorts. His shoes are normal black and white shoes.

11 August 2010, 04:27 PM   #9
your leader♥
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OMG. CUTE. >3<

12 January 2011, 06:15 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Name; Nina
Age; 10, i guess?
Gender; female
Battle, Contest or Both? both. She hasn't tried either yet. 
Favorite Pokemon Type; Electric
History; Nina was originally a man's pokemon, but got human, sort of... she was
half-human, half-pokemon! She didn't know what to do, but the man ran away. She wears her
pokeball on her necklace ever since. Other than that is just catching stuff and the like.
Personality; Nina is kind and sweet person who is very curious
Hobbies; Playing with pokemon, gym battles and contests, befriending people
Team (1-6 pokemon);
Already Caught

To Catch
Pichu and Raichu. 
To evolve
Evee at some point.

sorry its so undescriptive... ^^

17 January 2011, 12:17 PM   #11
Guest Poster
dude this is why your club is dead - its been like 5 days and you still havent accepted
my character even tho youve been on D:<

20 February 2011, 03:00 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹☢CAUTION!!☢›, 22 February 2011
Name: Storm Amesbury
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Battle, Contest or Both?: Battle
Favorite Pokemon Type: Dark, Fire, Ghost and Poison types~
History: Has lived a rather poor life, growing up wishing to become a Pokemon trainer, and
to travel around the world. She had to go out and find an odd job to help her family out
on earning money, but everytime she did so, she would always to stop to look at the wild
pokemon. Now, at 17 years of age, her family are out of poverty, but still not rich. She
has been allowed to live her dream of travelling, and becoming a Pokemon Trainer.
Personality: Quiet. Hardly speaks at all! People usually think that she is mute because of
this! But she does have a voice. A low boyish one at that..! She loves all things dark and
mysterious. She likes exploring dark and dreary places, not getting scared at any
challenge. She loves Dark type pokemon, and Fire type pokemon.
Hobbies: Studying dark and fire type pokemon. Drawing. And star gazing with her pokemon.
Team (1-6 pokemon): Mightyena named Willow, and a Houndoom named Shade.
(look here- http://kupika.com/pics.php?id=y4d6171612b1cb72bh64 )
(she wears glasses~ 8D I love glasses XD )

Pokemon: Mightyena
Nickname: Willow
Type: Dark
Level: 25
Moves: Bite, Claw,Sucker Punch, and Embargo.
Pic (Not Nessessary):

20 February 2011, 04:47 PM   #13
Guest Poster

Name; Kitsura No-last-name
Age; 16
Gender; Female
Battle, Contest or Both? Battle!
Favorite Pokemon Type; Anything that can fight well (which is everything but
Magikarp to her)
History; Kitsura lived in a now called second-class life, which means her family
had enough to live and a bit on the side. She hated taking things for granted, and hated
others taking things for granted. She loved her family and was home-schooled. Her parents
worried that by doing this she may be shy around others but this is not the case, she is
like one of the family around others.
Personality; Kitsura is a typical happy-go-lucky girl with an annoying american
accent. She's always bubbly and happy, ready to catch a pokemon if it crosses her path.
She's happy to have friends around her, but not many people can stand her because of how
hyper she is all the time and how annoying her accent can become.
Hobbies; Kitsura likes video games. She always carries a hand-held console around
with her, but that's not her only hobby. Kitsura also likes to draw and to sing~
Team (1-6 pokemon); Only one so far, and that's Number 77, Ponyta~

20 February 2011, 05:25 PM   #14
Guest Poster

Name; Aaron Dune
Age; 14
Gender; Male
Battle, Contest or Both? Contest
Favorite Pokemon Type; Fire
History; Aaron grew up in Johto as a sailors son. He disliked the Ocean because
when he was 10 he was hanging on the rail of a boat looking at a small Island when.
BOOM A Wailord hit the ship and he fell into the ocean.. he got saved by a
mysterious shark-like pokemon that was revealed to be a Sharpedo. He had to stay home for
a whole year before he could leave his home. He chose Fire to be his favortie
because..well...Fires Awesome!
Personality; Aaron is a Random boy who would rather play then battle, Fly then take
a boat, and run then swim, so he's pretty much a pansy as some people call him.
Hobbies; Competing in contests, Battling trainers not gym leaders, Drawing,
Training, Jogging
Team (1-6 pokemon); Quilava named Magma
 Magmar named Flames
 and a Fearow named Wind


21 February 2011, 11:59 AM    #15
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹☢CAUTION!!☢›, 23 February 2011
I've decided to make Storm three new pokemon, if that's ok? ^.^ So she'll have a
Mightyena named Willow, and three other pokemon for her little team~ ^.^ (If that's
alright~ ^_^' )

Pokemon: Haunter
Nickname?: Toxin
Type: Ghost/Poison
Level: 30
Moves: Lick, Hex, and Sucker Punch
Pic (Not Nessessary):

Pokemon: Houndoom
Nickname?: Shade
Type: Dark/Fire
Level: 27
Moves: Ember, Flamethrower, and Fire Fang.
Pic (Not Nessessary):

Pokemon: Zoroark
Nickname: Grell (XD I freaking love him~)
Type: Dark
Level: 40
Moves: Can take the shape of any pokemon (watch ze movie >:3 ), Night Slash, and Night
Pic (Not Nessessary):

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