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28 April 2010, 04:21 PM   #1
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This is a fan-fiction story. It's about the Twilight Saga, and what would have
happened if Bella had picked Jacob instead of Edward. I'm not on of those stupid girly
girls like "ZOMG EDWARDDD  " I honestly liked the books before the teen-girl
population of America obsessed over it. It starts out in the middle of the third book


He took one more step; closing in the space between him and me. I looked up at him, and
gave him a pleading look. He smiled, as if he thought this was okay!
"Jacob-" I was cut by his lips before I could say anything else. His lips were soft, and
he smelled all woodsy and he was obviously warm. I decided to stand there, stiff as a
board as he tried to get some action from my lips. I obviously couldn't push away from
him. I wasn't even about to try. His lips finally forced mine open and I could feel his
hot breath in my mouth. His tongue entered my mouth and what happens next was a complete
shock; to the both of us. I started to kiss him back, with passion. I felt him smile at
the satisfaction of me admitting what we both had known all along. I was living a complete
and utter lie. All this time, I thought Edward was the one. How could I not realize that
all he ever did for me was get me in trouble and then get me out of it? Jacob was a friend
to me, through the good and the bad. And however much it pains me to admit it; I'm in love
with Jacob.

28 April 2010, 07:35 PM   #2
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I've never read the books, but Edward turned her into a dang vampire at the end, so if I
had read them, it would've been a complete waste of time.
Anyways, choosen Jacob would've been better.

28 April 2010, 09:41 PM   #3
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I agree. I honestly hate Edward. He urks me. D:<

29 April 2010, 04:17 PM   #4
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 Hmm. I absolutely hate the books and movies, but you write pretty well,
definitely better than SMeyer The Untalented.

29 April 2010, 04:31 PM   #5
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I really don't like her style either, but the story she developed was good. (:
And thanks!

29 April 2010, 04:54 PM    #6
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After a minute or two, Jacob pulled away. He looked at me with those chocolate brown eyes
that I adored, and he smiled. Not any of his other types of smiles. Like the "I told you
so" smile, and the "You're amusing me" smile, and the oh-so original "I really hate what's
going on but I'm going to smile like nothing's even wrong" smile. He smiled my
smile. The smile where he grinned from ear to ear, and where he was smiling for no other
reason other then he was completely happy.
"So, that was pretty intense." he said, ruffling his hair and sitting down on the nearby
I sat down next to him and lightly punched him in his muscular arm. "Intense?" I asked.
He dramatically rubbed his arm, as if I inflicted pain. "Well, it was." He put his arm
around me and pulled me closer to him.
I sighed. "What am I supposed to do now?"
"What do you mean?" He looked down at me.
"You know what I mean. How can I tell Edward?" Tears filled my eyes.
"Oh god." Jacob's face became panicked.
"Oh god, what?" I asked, jumping up off the rock.
"You don't think Edward will go insane and try to-" I cut him off.
"He wouldn't do that! He said if I ever chose you he'd let it be. Even though it would
kill him inside." I said, biting my lip.
"Where is he? Right now?" Jacob stood up.
"At his house I think." I said..
"Go inside. I'll call Embry and Paul to watch you." he said, pushing me lightly in the
direction of his house.
"Jake," I said. "You don't need to worry. I think if I calmly talk to Edward there won't
be an issue."
"Yeah right. I wouldn't trust that bloodsucker alone with you for even a minute." he spat
on the ground.
"Jake! I know him way better then you do. He would never hurt me. He doesn't even have it
in him to even hurt a fly." I said.
"I don't care. We need to take precaution. For all we know, all those Cullens might be
seeking revenge. Doesn't the spiky haired one see futures? Doesn't she know you didn't
choose Edward by now?" he grabbed me and started pulling me towards the house.
"She can't see anything the wolves are involved in, Jake." I said as I was pushed inside.
He picked up the old black phone that was on the counter in the kitchen and began dialing
a number.
"Jake, stop it." I said trying to grab the phone out of his hand.
He picked me up and set me down on the chair next to him. "Stay." he commanded.
I sighed. There was no winning with him. "You're just creating a new problem! Put the
phone down, don't tell anyone to watch me I'm not a four year old. And I'll go over to the
Cullen's tonight and tell him." I bit the inside of my cheek. That was going to be so hard
to do.
"You honestly think I'd ever let you do that?" he chuckled sarcastically.
"You can stay outside." I said.
He considered the idea. "The outside of the room or the house?" 
"The room." I said.
"Deal." he said.

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