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25 April 2010, 04:18 PM   #1
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Last edited by Childhood, 25 April 2010
Note:I wrote this all in my notebook so I copied it all on to here.I have an idea for
where I want to take this story as it progresses but i'm not sure if it will go as I plan
it might go in a different direction.

Chapter 1 Revenge
I'm on my knees on the side walk infront of two teenage boys.I can't believe these two
teenage boys I don't even know just did what they did.Tears are slowly going down my
cheeks.Two boys dressed like gansters, with very visible muscles just killed my
father.They walked infront of us and just shot him five times.They are standing infront of
me laughing.How can they be laughing when they just killed my father?They did this,
infront of me and i'm only five years old.
''Next time we meet little girl we hope you're ready to get revenge.After all your father
is dead.We're the ones who killed him''one of them dressed in mostly green told me.
I began crying into my hands, sobbing wishing my father was still alive.Suddenly I began
to hear police sirens 'I want these two to go to prison for what they just did to my
father' I thought to myself.
''Shit it's the police let's get out of here!''one of them dressed in mostly red shouted.
They both began to scurry away as the light coming from the police sirens began to
illuminate everywhere.From this moment, on I was going to hate these boys and want
revenge.My name is Kenri Koto and this moment will haunt me forever.

25 April 2010, 04:49 PM   #2
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Note:I don't know why i'm obsessed with characters in my story dressed in all black.

Chapter 2 Eleven Years Later
Eleven years later and i'm a complete emo looking chick.I'm wearing a black shirt, and a
black jacket.I'm also wearing black skinny jeans, with black sneakers.My hair is short and
it covers one eye it looks like an emo hair style.I'm outside waiting for the school
bus.The weather is nice it's not too hot not too cold.I live in a town called Broomstone.I
go to a school called Broomstone high.Finally the school bus, is where I am and I slowly
step on the school bus and I sit at the back of the school bus.I've been known to kick
anyone's ass who dares to try and sit where I sit at the back of the bus.I prefer, to sit
alone.I put the ear phones to my ipod into my ears.I begin listening, to fer sure by medic
droid.One of the blond haired blue eyed, popular girls walk up to me.She's the most
popular girl in school and is a total prep.Everyone knows she is also a slutty
''Hey emo girl are you listening to some sort of gay music shit?''she asked.
All the kids laugh at me.
''You're the one who is shit''I reply.
Everyone was silent half the kids on the bus are looking at me half at her.
''Reality check emo girl you're the one who looks like shit''she said looking proud of her
All the kids are bursting out laughing as hard as they can.The bus is at Broomstone high
now so everyone starts exiting, school bus.Including the blond haired bitch, who's name by
the way is Ashley Pember.Time for another lame day at Broomstone high.

25 April 2010, 05:04 PM   #3
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I like it! Can't wait for more!

25 April 2010, 08:24 PM   #4
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Awesome! It's really good (:!

25 April 2010, 08:27 PM   #5
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Glad some people like it!I will write more as soon as I can!:D

25 April 2010, 08:32 PM   #6
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Good! xD

26 April 2010, 05:09 PM   #7
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I like it.

Its totally different how most people write.

26 April 2010, 09:16 PM   #8
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27 April 2010, 07:12 PM   #9
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I enter the school and begin walking through the school hall ways everyone is in their
own little group talking to someone everyone but me.I am a loner, because ever since 6th
grade all the kids have thought I am too weird and they would risk kids not talking to
them if they socialized with me too much without saying something every now and than to
make fun of me.I thought I would make friends eventually but I guess I was wrong.I've
always wanted, a boyfriend come to think of it but I guess nobody can ever love a freak
like me.I dress like an emo girl,I smoke,I do drugs, and all the parents in this god
damned town think i'm a bad influence.I go to my locker get my books slam the locker door
and head off as fast as I can to math class we have two periods in math first.Which sucks,
so now i'm standing infront of the door and realize why don't I just skip class?I walk off
and leave my books inside my locker than I go out into an empty hall way.I also have a 
messenger bag so I take out a bottle of wine from it and drink some.I put it  back inside
and consider smoking a cigarette too.I hear someone coming and consider hiding but I
simply keep sitting looking calm if anyone, comes trying to send me to math class I can
kick their ass.I'm a little skinny but i'm stronger than I look.Finally who ever is coming
stops near me it's a boy with raven hair and black eyes I wonder to myself 'are those eye
contacts'?He seems to be wearing, a brown jacket with black buttons on it he also has on
blue jeans and white sneakers.I sort of recognize him his name is Xander and he is a foot
ball jock.I wonder if he is going to make fun of me for being a loner, and skipping class
that's the sort of things jocks in this school do when they first see me.Akwardly he
stares at me and I stare back at him trying to have emotionless eyes I don't like being a
readable person to people.I put in the ear phones to my ipod into my ears and start
listening to a rose for the dead by night wish.

''Why are you just standing there?Going to make fun of me or what you dumb jock?''I
I'm not exactly the most polite person you could ever meet but then again who said I was

''Who said I wanted to make fun of you?''he asked staring at me with a blank expression.

''Whatever''I said emotionlessly.

I take out a cigarette and I light it up with a lighter from my messenger bag.I smoke some
of it calmly, and than I blow the smoke out on purpous in the direction of his face.He
starts coughing.

''Smoking is bad for you''he says akwardly.

''I know so are you sitting down with me or what?''I ask sounding a bit annoyed.

He stands where he is standing momentarily and after a  little thinking I assume he
decides he will sit down with me so he sits right next to me and stares at me.

''Why are you looking at me like that?''I ask in a bored tone.

He opens his mouth and then closes it he opens it again and almost completely closes it
which was weird to watch, and finally says something.

''I'm just think you're really pretty''he says while slightly turning red.

Wow does he have a crush on me or something?I thought as mentioned before a boy could
never love a freak like me.I'm not to afraid, of straight out asking the question i'm
about to so I say it plainly.

''Do you love me or something?''I ask like it's an everyday sort of question like how are
you?Or are you having a good day?

He's stuttering wow this jock is such a spaz atleast he isn't making fun of me i'm not
weirded out by him after, all i'm weird myself.Finally he seems to have gained control of
his stuttering and his thankfully short lived spaz attack.

''Um y-yes maybe I sort of do...''he said quitely.

''I see will than you're going to have to meet my standards''I said.

''What do you mean standards?''he asked not knowing what I was talking about obviously.

''You'll find out''I said rolling my eyes and taking another smoke of my cigarette.

None of what I plan on doing is going to be easy I can already tell.

27 April 2010, 07:22 PM   #10
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Wow. I like it.
Is she an orphan or does she live with her mother?

27 April 2010, 09:23 PM   #11
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Well I don't want to spoil it right now but what the hey she lives with her mother who
abuses her you'll learn more about that later in the story.

27 April 2010, 09:41 PM   #12
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Oooo...Interesting plot.
I think I'll write something really cute n funny first, then I'll start writeing more
dramatic stuff.
But not too grusome, It'll give me nightmares, which will cause me to drop my teddy, then
I'll wake up and start a frantic search for him.

27 April 2010, 09:46 PM   #13
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27 April 2010, 09:48 PM    #14
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Actually... maybe that could make a good story...

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