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I've been wanting to do this for a while....

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23 December 2009, 01:53 PM   #1
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....Post some stories from my old writing notebooks. So i'll post some titles and you
guys can tell me which one/ones to put first.(*Note: some of the stories might not be
finished :P)

1.Granny's Purse
2.Magic Mistake
3.More than You Thought
4.A New Way Of Life
5.Daisy (not finished)
6.Miss Figurgum, Blackie, and the Great Stare (not finished)
7.The Adventures of Minnie and Fly (not finished, has a couple chapters)
8.The Garden Faires
9.For Her
10.Just Walk Away (not finished)
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23 December 2009, 02:19 PM   #2
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Wow, some of those sound REALLY good by the title. Um...I have to say please write Just
Walk Away first. Then I have no idea what to do next. :D

23 December 2009, 03:19 PM   #3
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OK here goes. but I'm gonna tpe it exactly as i have it in my notebook, so sorry if its
confusing or theres a ton of mistkaes. also, this story is not finished! tell me what ya
think and what the next one i should put is.

Just Walk Away

I was nervous. Scared, actually, and my hands were shaking. I started thinking of an
explanation for my teacher and mother becuase i knew they would ask. I knew I could hide
from this.

I also knew I was failing science.

Yes, it's true. I'm failing sciecne. And here's what happened.

It all started on Thursday. I was all ready to go to my very first beauty class. I'm going
to be a beautition when I grow up, so I was very excited.

My mom asked if I had any homework due tomorrow. If I did, she said, bring some to work on
in the car becuase it was going to be a very long drive.

I was so excited that I said i didn't have any, even thought I knew i had to study for my
sciecne test. My teacher told the class about it on Wenesday, and of course I left the
studying unitll Thursday. Only I didn't study.

Now, back to reality. It was Monday, and I had had the whole weekend to worry. My teacher,
Mrs. Heinsbroth, was busy passing back tests. She was saying things like, "Good job!",
"Nice work, as usual", "Try harder next time" and "You might want to check your answers
more carefully."

I feared what she would say to me. Probablly something like, "I would like to have a word
with you after class, Saylor."

Finally, FINALLY, Mrs. heinsbroth stopped by my desk. And just as she opened her mouth to
say something, someone knocked on the door.

Saved by the knock.

It was Mrs. Fisher, the school secratary. With her was a very beautiful girl. She had
long, straight black hair, and in it as a silver headband. She was wearing a silver tank
top with tiny dark silver stars all over it. She also had a black miniskirt on with a
shiny black belt on it with a (fake) jewel encrusted buckle. And she had black and silver
high-heel sandals. Oh, and she had on black nail polish(finger and toe nails) AND she had
braces. Silver brakets.

It all matched, a word I obviously didn't know. I looked down at my faded jean shorts,  my
frayed withe gym shoes, and my red t-shirt that says 'Proud to be an American' in white on
the front and 'USA' on the back in the middle of a big withe star. It was my favorite
shirt. I wash it every night(or try to) so I can wear it the next day.

Anyway, my outfits usually didn't match the way this girl's did.

"Class, this is our new student, Naomi Riggins," said Mrs. Heinsbroth. Oh, yeah. I'd
forgotten we were going to have a new student. Mrs. heinsbroth told is about it a couple
weeks ago.

"Naomi," I wispered. It was unique, like my name, Saylor.

And thats it! I wrote that the summer before 6th grade and i never finished it. its
supposed to be about a popular girl(naomi) who befriends another girl(saylor) and does bad
stuff. that saylor realizes that just becuase something is cool doesnt mean it OK to do it
and sometimes its best to just walk away.

What should the next one i write be?
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23 December 2009, 08:13 PM   #4
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I like the story, maybe you should finish it?

I think the next one you should type up is For Her. :D

26 December 2009, 12:27 PM    #5
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Ooooh! For Her is like one of the best story I've written! I can't actually type it now
but i'll say what it's about.

For Her is a finished story. I wrote it last year, but I don't remember exactly when. It's
about a popular girl who becomes friends w/ an unpopular girl(even though the popular
girl's best friend doesn't want her to) and her struggle to do what is right.

I promise i'll post it soon!!!!
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