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[History Of Rosalina Thorn Heights]

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A little girl by the name of Rosalina had a dream. She wanted to be able to go to an academy where people could show off what they could do, and not be afriad about it. Her parents had high hopes for their daughter's dream, but that was before the incident. A thief had been stealing things around the village, and Rosalina had forgotten to shut her window. The theif snuck in, but she woke up. The simple breaking and stealing ended in murder. Her parents found Rosalina in her bed with her throat cut. The mourned for quite some time, but wouldn't let her dream get taken away. They had the academy built in her honor for the one the loved. They had another child not too long after that, and every generation has been the head master of the academy. The buiding itself is structured to look liked a victorian castle. It has large stone tiles composed of different sizes and shapes. The comes in neutral colors, and many different shades. To gain entrance you must go through a very large oak door at the center of the fence. After you have walked past that you will see another large oak door. That is the entrance to the academy. When you first walk in there are three paths. To your left you may go into the cafeteria, which exits into courtyard. To your right are the dorms, and in front of you you can walk down the path and into the hall of paintings. Rosalina had come up with this idea, and all of the painting have been made by her. The cafeteria provides almost any type of food you could ask for, and they have large tables for the students to sit at. The courtyard entrance is at the back of the cafeteria. It opens up to a large fountain center piece. Water is always running through it. Tiles form a circle around it, and go off into different parts of the courtyard. Each path brings you to a different place. Some paths lead you to trees, while others lead you to fields of flowers. You just have to go with what you feel. The dorm room are nothing but the finest. The walls are painted gold, with silver swirling patterns. There are two large windows in front of the two queen sized beds. They have been draped with white, silk curtains. They have one light fixture, and the rest of the light comes in from candles. The beds have cream, silk sheets and comforters. The pillows are soft, and silver. Each room has two members, and one have of the hallway is men the other is women. The library is at the very end of the hall of memories, and opens through large oak doors. They open up into a large, old library. It has shelves from the ceiling to the floor, and has a large swinging ladder tp find the books you need. Rosalina's books are kept on the very top shelf, and the ones the head masters have collected for their students are on the lower ones. There are two computers, one on each end of the room, that has where every book is located. It is also in your laptop and PDA. The supply shop is ran by faculity members. They have a variety of items for you to get for the school. The two items you have to have are the laptop and PDA, they will customize it for you. Each student is required to have them both, and have other essentials for when classes begin. The crest is worn by each member of the academy. An oval gold pendant that has a black rose in the center. All students are required to have it on at all times. The men wear it on their wrists, and the girls wear it on a necklace. You can get the ribbon, chain, or bracelet in different sizes, shapes, and colors for the pendant. The current head master is named Relia. She has been running the academy for three years now. She loves all of her students, and is glad that she gets to pass down the position to her daughter some day.

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