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My story.. Its got no name but I hope you likkee it. (:

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-Past Life-

I lifted my hand to my head as I felt blood leak down my neck and back. I looked down at
my hand, it was shaking and blood red. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it away.
Why waste it? I felt my body turn to ice but it didn't feel wrong or creepy. It felt kinda
good. I felt very strong. I continued to drink my own blood as it poured from my head. It
might as well stay in my body as one form or another. I rose quickly to my feet and just
as quickly fell down. A burning strip of pain, shot through the core of my soul, right
into my limbs. I could no longer feel pain. All I could feel was . . . BloodLust.

-Midnight Flight-

"All right, drop the pens!" Ms Ryan said. I looked down at my hand, still clutching my
black pen stubborunly. "..Ahem.." she cleared her throat, glaring at me. I scowled and
dropped my pen. First day at a new school and the teachers were already glaring at me. I
didn't ask for this. My pen rolled off the table on to the carpeted floor. I felt a lump
in my throat and my eyes filled with tears, I blinked them back, as I reached to pick it
back up. This was so frustrating....! I wanted to go home. I wanted to smell the sea, I
wanted to smell the fresh cut bog from the West of Ireland. Instead all I could smell here
was petrol and cheese, and sometimes out of the blue, I could smell blood. But there was
very little I could do. I was sent here, so i just got on with things. It was my 1st day
in the new or at least new to me HighSchool, back at home i would call it SecondarySchool.
I caught the bus as it was passing, and the moment I set foot in school grouds the stares
started and my face flushed pink. I walked quickly to my first class, not taking in my
surroundings. I arrived to my first class and kidnaped the only empty seat. I got funny
looks as i sat down, more so from the boys then girls. I couldn't bring to mind why? I put
my head down to try and avoid people looking at me. 
The teacher walked in and intrrupted their staring by slamming his brief case down on his
desk. I jumped as my head was still down, knocking all my books and sending them to the
floor, making an even louder noise. The boy who was sitting in the seat mext to me smiled
at my scare and hopped out of his seat to collect up my books. I looked down on him as he
glanced up from under his eyelashes. He had dark eyes and look unbelievably familiar.
"Thank you..." I started but he soon interupted me. "Anytime.....? I beg your pardon, but
i dont know who im helping..?" He whispered to me across the table. My name, I thought.
Was I really this slow? "Oh..." I paused "Its' Ally." I replied as he smiled back. He had
a exhilerating a smile and under the smile where perfectly white teeth glowed. He had
brown eyes and perfect, unscared skin. He had unaturely dark, Jet black hair that sweeped
over one of his eyes. "I'm Elliot." He smiled again. "Its nice to meet you..." I trailed
off thinking about what an awful teacher Mr. Goff was. "Relax Ally" He said at least
noticing my irritation with my new teacher. "Im trying..." My fists were balled up as if i
holding on to something for dear life. He looked over again, winked and rolled up his
There on his arm, were long, bloodied, red marks across his pale skin. I stared. I didn't
mean to though. I couldn't help it. He glanced at my eyes and followed them to see what
was so interesting. His eyes met his arm and he quickly rolled down his sleeves. I looked
away so fast, I let my hair fall over my shoulder, creating a wall between us. I looked
over again breaking my man made wall, he had his head down looking very ashamed and
slightly torn.
The next few days were very brutal and much the same. Elliot kept his distance, which
disapointed me. I was somehow drawn to him in a way. It was intense trying to sit with him
and not want to hold him, you see pain in his eyes.
He'll come round. 
At luch after the first four classes, all of which I had by myself, I looked for Elliot
hoping to see his face again. It seemed like forever.
I found him outside, sitting under a tree, by himself. As i walked over, he looked
startled by my sudden appearence and I saw hope in his eyes. I wish more then anything i
knew what he was thinking. As if he knew what i wished, He looked up and spoke. "Hi" He
smiled a magnificent smile. "Ello" I said, smiling back, enlightened by his enthusiasim.
"How's it going?" I asked but my voice was a bit to high not be noticed. He smiled again,
noticing. "Its been better...." He relpied in a low voice.
He looked down at his hands. "Im sorry about before...." He said looking up at me from
under his eyelashes. "Look... We all have problems." "Problems?" He looked up as I said
the word. "Its ok. Really." I said half smiling.
"Deal" He said half smiling back at me in a mocking way. "If you ever need to talk to
anyone...." I blushed. This couldn't sound more corny. "Im here you know?" I looked at him
to see he looking at me as if I'd said something offensive to him. He touched my arm and
suddenly I shuddered. There was something about his touch that was almost creepy and
sickening, but addictive. He wore a plain black ring around his middle finger which I
admired alot. I couldn't think all of a sudden. I was in my own little world and Elliot
wasn't there anymore. I blinked and threw back my head. I rose up and looked at Elliot
"Sorry..." He said, His smooth voice pulling me back onto earth. "Wha...?" I started,
Dazzled. "You'll be fine!" His voice enthusiasticlly unreal. I blinked again. "Yeah...." I
couldn't speak at all.
He was charming so he was. He had problems but still charming. But the bell rang before I
had time to think. I got up from the ground and headed for class, before i knew it, Elliot
was walking next to me, happily enough. "So......" I said cheerfull. "Can I call us
friends yet?" I joked at him. "Noo!!" He threw his hands in the air damaticly. "Noo way!!
Not yet!" "Dang...Oh..." I sighed playing along with our game. The next thing i knew, he
had his arms around me giving me a hug. Dear god! I jumped and laughed like I was
expecting it and not in horrible shock. Butterflies hit the sides of my tummy as I hunched
over trying to controll them. He looked at me, almost as shocked as I was. He put his hand
on my shoulder. "Are you.. Are you OK there?" He said half concerned half freaked. My
tummy flipped with the contact. Holy cow. Our eyes met, His wide with concern, mine wide
with horror. "Nothing to worry about." I lied. Better him not knowing what was going
through my head right now. He was still looking at me as I clutched my tummy still."We...
we'er... we're gonna be late! Lets get a move on here!!" I said blushing red. I walked
ahead of him, fast almost running. I always had a dorky run. Running would not be wise at
the moment. "Right then....." I heard him mutter from behind me
Days passed. Weeks passed. Months passed.

Wyatt Jackson.
The bell rang. Slowly the corridors started buzzing as they filled with students. I looked
around, hoping to see a friendly face or two. Nothing. The atmostphere felt dead to me.	 I
sat at the back of the class were I would always sit. Elliot sat four seats infront of me.
His eyes never met mine. His face was unreadable, which annoyed me. But there was
something about his expression that made me stare. It seemed something had changed he
looked one hundered years old. No wrinkles or any of that but he looked like he had just
been through a battle and he survived. Time had eaten him alive. He looked as if he had
never seen daylight. He looked perfect still. We stayed silent.
I looked around the the seat next to me to see it only filled by an older boy. My eyes
widened as I realised who it was. Wyatt. I nearly choked. "Hiya." He said warmly try to
resure my wide eyes. "Ello." I replied in a slightly higher tone then necessery. He
grinned at me. I squared my shoulders pretenting to be offened. "Haha!" He said half
laughing "Sorry" He said and looked at me again as i turned around. He stared,
thoughtfully. I let my hair fall in front in front of my eyes and i made a face, sticking
out my tougne. "So...." He started. "You and Elliot seem close." he grinned cheekly.
"Yeah... well... more or less... You could call it close." I said weakly not wanting to
think about the relationship I shared with him. It was dark and ominous, like one of us
was going to break or something. We were very careful when we spoke and the way we spoke.
But even then we hardly ever spoke. Things were still really tight, and it never seemed to
come to an end. 
Untill one day, I pulled Elliot into an empty class room. I looked at his confused
expression but he didn't protest with being dragged into a class room by someone and I
know he hadn't seen me but he responed like he did. "Why are we doing this?" there was an
edge in my voice. "Doing what?!" He looked down as he spoke. "You know what...!" I hissed.
"I dont know... You seem... Why don't you talk to me anymore? Do you know something I
don't?...!" He made for the door. I slid nicely in between him and the door, blocking his
escape. He closed in on me. His nose touching mine. His eyes were closed. Oh now I was
trapped...! His hand reached up and he gripped my elbow. I jumped. He stayed very still
ignoring me. His eyes were still closed. His breath was like ice. What was he doing?..?
"Do. Not. Move." He growled. "what?!" I spat. We heard a key turn in the locks and a
louder click. "Noo..." I wined, dragging out the 'O' sound. Elliot loosened his grip on
me. With his free arm He tried the handle. He looked back at me, his face indifferent, but
his eyes were saying this was my fault. I glared back at him. How was I meant to know?
What was i ment to do..?
His nose touching mine, His eyes closed again. I couldn't see everything through the dim
light untill i too closed my eyes into total darkness. I jumped as he slammed his fist
into the wall beside me. It shook. I stared in horror. Would it collapse? "I need to be
somewhere, Ally!" His voice was rising. He almost shouted at me. Tears burned my eyes and
I got light headed. "Im sorry..." I said with my voice shaking hoirribly. "I needed to
know..." "What do you need to know?!?" He was shouting again. "Im sorry." I took a deep
breath and let it out slowly regaining weight in my head. "That something I know, that you
don't. is exactly whats keeping me away from you! It scares me so much! I need you out of
my life. I love you!" My head was gone again. I could suddenly smell blood. I felt so
sick. I stood there, eyes closed, back against the school for what seemed like hours.

He was so mad with me.
But he loved me?
* * * * *

I woke up in the middle of the night. My hands felt like ice. Numb. I put my hand on my
tummy, My hand started to burn so I pulled it away. I shook off the pain. My eyes stung
with tears almost instanly. Not because of that pain. But remembering Elliot and his pain
as I did when ever I woke. I wiped the tears away.
I looked in the mirror, my face drained of colour and my eyes were ringed with lack of
sleep. I heard a rattle on the window and a flutter of wings. It sounded as if a bird had
smacked right into the window. I can't speak french? I get all muddled up and into a
tounge twister. I jumped at the sound of the rattle. I got up slowly, expecting the
unexpected to look out the window. I soon noticed I was holding my breath. Keep
breathing... I told myself.
I looked outside. Up and down and side side. Nothing. I crawled back into bed, almost
disappointed. I lay on my blanket not getting under. Everytime I heard a noise, I jumped
but ignoring it nonetheless.
As I lay there I drifted in and out of dreams. Bright colours whirled aound my mind, in
and out, black and white, silver and gold, strong and weak. I fell into a dark and heavy
sleep and out of the blue, smelling blood.
I woke up again, covered in sweat. My heart pounded. I could hear it in my ears. Sunday.
6.49am. I felt more lonley then ever. I got out of bed, feeling the cold wooden floor
creeking under my bare feet.
Sunday dragged on like every other weekend until my mum had visitors and one of her
friends noticed I had my hair cut and my fringe was out of my eyes. "You have the most
beautiful eyes, I've never really seen them behind you hair." She smiled at me. "Thank
you." I replied politely. It cheered me up but I still felt a sadness hang around my chest
and it brought me down and down as the day continued on. Her friends stayed until dark.
They waved goodbye and I smiled and waved in return. "You ok?" Mum asked as soon as they
were out of earshot. Mum knew me too well for my own good, and she knew when to ask
questions the same as she knew when not to. She was almost always right. She had a good
judge of charater. "Um..Yeah.. Im fine. Did you know that the Jacksons are only a few
miles away?" she nodded. "Im going out. I won't be too late. Promise."
I walked out the door into to find myself in the twilight of the day. A pink stip of cloud
hovered over the horizon. The rest of the sky was orange bordering red and getting darker.
I sighed and got into my big, old, faded blue nissan. It Jerked into action as I put it in
reverse and it rolled out of the drive. The trees on either side of the road curved in
like a cave. The rusty colour of the leaves calmed me and my breathing deep and long. I
stared at the road ahead, wondering were i was going. Wyatt? Were we that good friends? I
was just turning up unexpectedly at his house and for that, I knew where he lived. Our
dads worked together. My Dad didnt live with me but we weren't that close so I didn't mind
too much alothough it felt like we were both missing out on something. We probably were. I
looked at the road taking the first turn and counting the houses. It was the 9nth one on
the right. It was huge. Just like i remembered. We were friends when i lived here 10years
ago. I moved back here because my pervious home was dangerous and unpredicable, full of
voilence. Inside and outside school and work. My mum and I were told to move here where we
would be safe. So we did. The Jackson House, Big stone walls surrounded the rooms. Which
were also huge. They were not a wealthy family; they just had good luck. The narrow
windows were draped with purple and black curtins. The front door was made up of two
double doors which were painted brilliant purple and stood out against the grey stone
I looked more closely to see lights on. I got out of the car closing the door sofly behond
me. I walked up the short path and braced myself. I knocked on the door. thinking about
what I was going to say depending on who answered. If Wyatt did, I would say I was just
dropping in to say Hi. If anyone else did, I would ask for Wyatt. I waited until I heard
foot steps getting louder from behind the door. I took a deep breath. My heart rate
getting faster. I had no idea why I was so nervous. I had known him almost my whole life.
The door on the Half creaked open and Wyatt peeked out from behind it. "Oh! Ally!" He
grinned. "You just cant get enough!" "Haha" I said relaxed he was so chilled out. "Do you
want to come in?" He said his hand inviting me in. "Umm... Ok." I said. I walked in,
tripping over my own feet. He snorted as I picked myself up. "You haven't changed much" He
looked at me and snorted again. "Not really...I've gotten taller." I said. I was like a
child showing him how tall I was. He was tall to, taller then me anyway. He had hair down
past his chin and fair, pale skin which made his eyes look dark and black. I knew they
were dark blus, they had always been a funny shade of dark blue. But still quite
attrctive. He was popular at school but I really didn't care, he was like a brother to me.
He was no different from when he was ten years ago. I was gretted by long squeeks his
mother made. "Alison. . How are things?" I said smiling at her squeeking, hoping she would
stop. "Well well well! Haven't you grown?" she cooed at me. I smiled at Wyatt. "Haven't
I?" I winked at her. "And your so pretty. . ." She examined my hair and looked closely
into my face. I blushed. I wouldn't call myself pretty, but plain. "You're beautiful.
Someone I would like to see Wyatt bring home." She put her hand to my face. Her face
suddenly was grave. "Thank you. . ." Wyatt slipped his hand around hand around my arm.
"So. How's life?" He asked caually. "Flucutating." I said smiling. "Oh really?" He said
pretending to sound interested in a funny way. "Haha yeah kinda. You?" I asked him my
voice as even as I could keep it. I couldn't help but smile around him. No, I couldn't
help but grin all the time. I admired him. I adored him. In my own defense, I was telling
the truth. I did. But he wasn't really my type. But still I could rely on him it seemed.
Not that I really needed to right now. But it felt like I had a lot to loose at the moment
but I knew I didn't.
He walked slowly up the stairs and looked at me like he expected me to follow him. I
smiled and followed. He led me up the stairs and past three rooms and a landing. The
ceilings were very high up. I looked around, alot had changed. But it was mostly the same.
I had always loved their house. Wyatt lead me on into his room. I plonked myslef down on
his bed and he made himself comfy on a bean bag on the floor. He seemed happy. He noticed
how quiet I was. "What you thinking about?" He said carefully. He fiddled with the tag on
the bean bag, tense. I looked him, "You." I said and my cheeks flooded with blood and
turned red. Oh crap. He looked smug but he didn't say anything. "Yeah right, I am!" I said
covering up what I said. "Haha." He said, emphasizing the last two letters. I looked at
him blushing again. He grinned smugly and knew I wasn't be completly honest. I was
thinking about him, alot. He seemed to know it all too well. He put on a CD but I was too
wraped in thought to notice. He sat next to me. "Its been a long time Alla..." He started.
"Yeah. It has." I tried to make voice sound like it had some sort of comic relief in it.
Epic Fail. But he continued to speak; "Ally... Look at me?" He took my hands and I looked
at him. "Can we just forget everything?" He looked hopeful as he spoke. "I dont know.." I
had doubt in my eyes, I knew that much. "Can we just have a new start?" He said still
hopeful before I could finish my sentence. "Yeah ok.. OK. Will do." I said looking at his
face light up. Sound, I thought. He looked up as I thought it. He was reading my mind, I
thought cheekily. I was kidding myself of course. But I could still dream, right? Yeah

-A few days Past-

-Kissing in the rain-
I walked into English the next day dreaming about what it would be like to date a vampire
or a wearwolf. I read a few books on the subject. They were pretty good but they made me
so horribly miserable and jealous cos', Bella, the main character had both. But she had a
choice between the two. It was hard for her because they both loved her so much. And to
make it all worse for her she loved them both so much too. I cried. But still horribly
jealous. I wish I had a Vampire. But then again they seemed alot of trouble. More then
what their worth anyway. Maybe I could go with a wearwolf. I sat down still thinking and
slipped out of my seat. I should really stop thinking. No, that would make it worse. I
picked myself up and looked around for my missing books. Elliot. Uhh. I looked up, still
sitting on the ground. He seemed to be the only one who noticed my incident with the chair
and the floor. My audience was used to it by now, they never noticed anymore. I hadn't
even heard Elliot walk in. He got down next to me and held out his hand. I refused. He put
his hand

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u gottz ta right more.

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Not bad  Hope you write more soon.

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i was wondering when i could

read it 

its realy good

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nice one though

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Yeah Thak you guys wow i started that in oct like the 15th or something... but it needs
proof reading and to be edited! whos really good with spellings and grammer? whos wants to
proof read it for me??? lol Yeah thats not all of it...

Heres "Kissing in the rain" Full version -

I walked into English the next day dreaming about what it would be like to date a
vampire or a wearwolf. I read a few books on the subject. They were pretty good but they
made me so horribly miserable and jealous cos', Bella, the main character had both. But
she had a choice between the two. It was hard for her because they both loved her so much.
And to make it all worse for her she loved them both so much too. I cried. But still
horribly jealous. I wish I had a Vampire. But then again they seemed alot of trouble. More
then what their worth anyway. Maybe I could go with a wearwolf. I sat down still thinking
and slipped out of my seat. I should really stop thinking. No, that would make it worse. I
picked myself up and looked around for my missing books. Elliot. Uhh. I looked up, still
sitting on the ground. He seemed to be the only one who noticed my incident with the chair
and the floor. My audience was used to it by now, they never noticed anymore. I hadn't
even heard Elliot walk in. He got down next to me and held out his hand. I refused. He put
his hand on my arm and yanked me of the ground. "She hurt her ankle. Im taking her to
the nurse." He said half smiling at the fact that I was stuggleing to get free and I
didn't hear what he said until we left the class room. Ugh. Great. A trip to the nurses!
Thats what i needed most of right now. "Yeah." He said. What?! "Huh?" "I know you're not
hurt." "Then where are we going?!" What?! Where was he taking me? My mouth dropped open. I
knew he was odd. But this was a little over the top! I was being kidnapped!
And then Nothing.

Have you ever thought about why you end up somewhere? And how? I woke up in Elliot's room.
My coat and bag were hung neatly on the back of the door. His large room had no bed. Only
a sofa. I blinked in the light. Elliot was on the floor next to me. Asleep? It seemed so.
I got up trying not to make a sound. I stummbled as a throbbing pain shot through my leg.
I cussed under my breath. I got my bag and coat and hobbled to the door. "Going
somewhere?" I heard a deep voice from behind me. Sigh. "Yeah." I answered. Before I knew
it he was in between me and the door. It was raining heavily outside. I had my hand
gripped on the handle and was trying to yank it open. Elliot shoved me back onto the
couch, he tried to anyway. I fought against him. I knocked over his lamp, cutting the
lights. Well done, I kept saying to myself. I could feel his ice hands on my shoulders
pushing me backward to god-knows-where. I landed clumsly on the couch. My eyes hand
ajusted to the dim light and I could see Elliots's every move. Or I thought I could. I
looked up and down at him frantically. I looked at his arm and shoved up his sleve only to
reveal flawless, pale, untouched skin. I started. No scars. Nothing.
He sat next to me. He smiled. This was so confuseing. He really was sending out mixed
messages. I glared back. "I think... You need to be in school." He said smiling. "I think
so too. So what the hell am I doing here?!" I hissed. "You got me locked in a room for a
day and half. This is the least you can do to repay me." He said almost smug. Crap.
"Fine." I said as I went into a sulk and  sighed.
My eyes started to drop. They felt heavy. I fell to the side and I felt Elliot's cool
hands catch me. The next thing I knew, was that my head was on his lap. "Sleep I guess."
He said. Why wasn't he tired? I dozed off. My dreams were so colourful. I woke up again in
his room, still on his lap. He bent his head down and kissed the top of my head. The next
thing I knew I was unconscince again.

"I want her to be safe, Elliot! Is that too much to ask?!" Wyatt spat. "No, no its not. .
. But Wyatt how dare you consider that?! Do you think she would be able to live without
you? Wyatt!" Elliot replied his voie strained more then ever. "She'll be fine." Wyatt
snapped. "Elliot. . . She knows. . ." "What?!" Elliot's voice was more distant now. He was
leaving. No I wanted to scream but nothing came out. It all it had in me to get up and run
towards their voices. I was still running but I could barely hear them anymore. I ran
until I came to the edge of a cliff. I walked over the edge and I saw Wyatts face falling
down into darkness. I kept running until I ran of the cliff. I shot up of the couch.
Elliot was standing in the door way. "Nightmare?" He said, smiling. "You moved around alot
and you were saying Wyatts name. He. . . " "Yes?" I looked at his smug expression. "What?"
"In your dream. . Did Wyatt jump of a cliff, Ally?" My mouth droped open. "I don't talk in
my sleep that much, do I?" I asked. "Hehehh. . . actually I made that part up. You don't
talk at all." He smiled. "Huh? Then how did you know that thats what he did?" This was too
strange. Wyatt walked in. "Lucky guess?" 

He winked at me.
*   *   *   *   *

I looked out the window to see it raining. I liked getting caught in the rain. "Elliot?" I
asked. "Can I go for a walk outside? Wyatt can come with me? I need some air." He looked
from me to Wyatt and muttered, "There's air inside, Ally" I slumped back into the couch.
That was a No. "Please?" "No." He snaped. I looked at Wyatt who was sitting next to me and
whispered, "God sometimes my respect for that boy just shoots down." He smiled, "Ally,
relax. If its water you want. . . " He made for the door, "Its water you'll get." He
grinned and then looked over to Elliot. "Im going downstairs to make, " He paused and
thought. "Toast." He winked at me. I heard him run down stairs. "Whats he up to. . . ?"
Jasper asked quietly. "Huh? No idea." I smelled something burning and I looked up. Haha.
He was clever. There were sprinkalers on the ceiling. As they detected the burning and the
smoke they started to dip water. They stared to spin and more water sprayed everwhere. 
Wyatt crept in through the door. He took my hand and whirled me around playfully until he
pulled into his arms. We twirled around for minutes while he grinned as Elliot sat in the
corner and sulked. There was a Cd playing somewhere, but I didn't even notice it at first.
Wyatt took one hand and made me twirl like a ballrina. He caught me suddenly and held me,
my face only inches from him. He looked at me and his smile faded. His eyes locked on
mine, he pushed his lips against mine. It felt like I had known his kiss from somewhere.
Elliot shot up and grabbed me from Wyatts heartstoppping kiss. He kept his hands on my
waist and he glared at Wyatt. Wyatt grinned. I don't understand. "You need to leave,
Wyatt. Be fore someone gets hurts. She's only innocent." Elliot said bitterly. "Fine,
fine, fine." Wyatt said smoothly. I jerked my head back and my eyes widened. "See you
Ally. . . " He bent down to kiss my hand. I pulled myslef away from Elliot's tight grip
and moved away from Wyatt. He looked up as I shied away. "What?" He looked at me. " I
don't understand. . ." I said bluntly. Unaware of Elliots eyes flicked to the door and and
in a second he had his hand on the handle. "Shh!" Elliot hissed under his breath. "I think
they're here." And suddenly I knew what he was talking about. I always had this vison that
I was in a battle and I like the taste of blood. It creeped me out to think of it. "You
know!" Wyatt said coldly. "I think so. . but you're all not in on it are you?" My shot
from one to the other. Elliot sighed. He looked at Wyatt. Wyatt nodded. "Ally. . . You
need to understand that the peice of information you hold is in fact life threatening. We
need to prove that you do like that taste of blood. I don't like it but Wyatt does." He
shuddered as he metioned Wyatt. "How do you know if you dont?" I asked looking for
information to help put everything together. "I gave them. . . " He paused, "Mu soul in
return for my human life." "Human?" My eyes widened. I could have expected that. I should
have expected that. Human? So I'm ment to like blood and Wyatt does, which means he's what
I would call a Vampire. So I knew this but so did Elliot but instead of being killed or
changed into a 'Vampire', he traded his soul. Wow. What a mouthful. . .? The taste of
blood never bothered me.
A loud crash interupted my thoughts, coming from downstairs. A scream soon followed.
"Alison. . ." I whispered. Wyatt looked at me, his eyes as wide and hurt as mine. We both
knew what had happened to her. "The window. . . " I looked up. "Wyatt? Can you do it?"
Elliot asked Wyatt. "Yep." He grabbed me and he jumped up through the now open window. It
happened so fast I had no time to ask questions let alone get answers. Elliot looked up
and mouthed the words 'I Love You' to me. My tears said more then words could have for
him. We were sitting on the roof, in the rain when we heard someone shout "Where is she?!
I can smell her information ouzeing out of her tiny little head!" and another voice
shouted at Elliot ; "Let me have her!" I stopped crying and realised what was about to
happen. I heard Elliot scream in pain and I heard a horrible cracking noise. I looked at
"Ally, Don't." He warned me reading my thoughts. I shook my head as I heard Elliot scream
in pain. I let my head fall into my hands and I made it look like I was involved with my
own pain to notice there was something I could do. I shot a quick glance at Wyatt one last
time and I made a fast move towards the window and he grabbed me before they saw me. Too
late. We both fell in through the window. All eyes were on us.
"Awwh. . Love birds getting caught in the rain. Who brought you up there?" The tallest
most elegant one looked at me. "I did." I said smugly and I smiled to them. "How?" One of
them made for me. I ducked as Wyatt caught him by the neck and threw him down to the
floor. "No violence yet, Rufus." Wyatt spat at the ground. "Not till we have explained. .
." a tiny voice came from the corner of the room. Elliot. I stood my ground. Someone threw
a kick at him and he cried in pain again from his already beaten body. Wyatt looked at him
and I saw one single tear roll down his cheek. He shot a look at the man who had kicked
Elliot and threw himself at him, killing him instantly. "I said no violence." He said
getting his point through. "Or someone else will get hurt." Elliot was still wimpering but
it had lessened since Wyatt had killed the man. "What are you doing here?" Wyatt looked at
everyone in the room, bar me me. One man stepped forward and threw an airy ball of bright
colours at me. Colours flew around me and a pain shot though my head and I was knocked to
the floor. Wyatt was fighting off every one else and the man - the tall one who had tried
to attack me at first - was approching me, he foot steps heavy on the wooden floors. I
heard him until he was right up beside me and he stopped. I couldn't open my eyes, but I
knew I was going to die. He touched the throbbing hole at the back of my head and sniffed
my blood. "I don't drink dirty blood." I heard him spit at me. He walked away and told the
men to stop fighting.

My vison, My past life.
I lifted my hand to my head as I felt blood leak down my neck and back. I looked down at
my hand, it was shaking and blood red. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it away.
Why waste it? I felt my body turn to ice but it didn't feel wrong or creepy. It felt kinda
good. I felt  very strong. I contined to drink my own blood as it poured from my head. It
might as well stay in my body as one form or another. I rose quickly to my feet and just
as quickly fell down. A burning strip of pain, shot through the core of my soul, right
into my limbs. I could no longer feel pain. All I could feel was . . . BloodLust.
I shot up like a rocket and attcked the tall man, my eyes sight was accurate. And
instantly, I killed him.
Wyatt looked at me and smiled. "You are beautiful." He mouthed. I looked down at my hands
and the were as perfect as his skin. My hair was darker as it flowed around my face. My
eyes felt so strong as if the would shoot out of my head. I looked around quickly, my
reflexes working better then they used to. Every one was looking at me in disbelief.
Elliot sighed, "That did not just happen." He looked at me and I could suddenly smell his
lush, rich, fresh, flowing blood. I could hear his heart beating but there was one
heartbeat that was missing. Mine. I looked at him. He looked tasty. "No, no, no, no, no!"
Wyatt jumped in front of me blocking my veiw of Elliot and the way he smelled. "You can't.
He loves, you can't kill him!" He did love me. He did. He did. I looked over Wyatt's
shoulder and nodded to him and walked over to Elliot. "You love me?" I asked. Unsure of my
human memory. "Yes. I do. Very much." He said weakly and I put my hand on his chest as he
lie on the ground still bleeding, his broken bones still causeing pain. Where my hand had
touched him glowed white. I jerked it away and he flinched. "I knew it. Leave your hand on
me." He said looking at where my hand had been. I obeyed and rested my hands on his broken
ribs letting them glow. "That feels like morphine." He muttered. Wyatt looked over my
shoulder. "Healing!" He said cheerfully, "Ally, you can heal people! All I can do is jump
and make the tempeture in the room drop. . . " He trailed off looking at my hands. They
started to shake. "Interesting. . ." Elliot looked a Wyatt. I flet a sharp pain slide its
way up my hand, my arm and into my shoulder. I gasped and Wyatt pulled my hand away. "You
don't have enough controll to remove your own hand. Someone has to do it for you. That
hurt didn't it?" He looked at mu hand and then me. "Yes." I relpied. "You took away his
pain and it affected you. Does that make sense?" He asked. I nodded. "More or less. . ." I
paused. "How did this happen?" "I was waiting for you to ask me that. . . " He sighed.
Elliot piped up. "Ally, that ball of colours. . ." He looked atWyatt and he nodded. "Has
changed you into a Iceikle. You like blood but don't confuse this with A Vampire! Do not.
Your attacker made you bleed, you drank your own blood, now you can't get enough. You
can't kill people though." He noted. "Mmm. . . Kay." I said. "No people." I winked at him.
"Good. Now we have to get you out of here." Wyatt flinched. "No-one's going anywhere." I
hissed at him. "Why?" What if they were in danger because of me. . . ? I couldn't think
about it. "She can't be here." Elliot spat quietly. "Thats what they want. . . A
challenge" Wyatt finished stareing at us, solemly.

((Thanks for reading))

27 December 2008, 11:18 AM   #6
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plz, plz, plz write more?

This is da bomb!

28 December 2008, 09:59 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Haha.. its not easy but yeah im in the middle of writing more. 3rd chapter!! :]]

28 December 2008, 10:04 AM   #8
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idd proff read

it but you know

knowing me i would make it worse


28 December 2008, 02:19 PM   #9
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Lol. Are you good at English? Is anyone? Someone please proof read it? (: x

28 December 2008, 02:29 PM   #10
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Oh, sure. I make straight A's in English, I'll proofread for you.

That's about the only thing I make A's in since we don't take Spelling anymore.

29 December 2008, 09:32 AM   #11
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You will : D Thank you so much xx

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You are so welcome!

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that wuz so good!!!!!!i luvz it!i wish i wuz a good story writer as u...the story i made
is kinda suckish!lolz...

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