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Character List.

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I will just start with the basic characters, if there are characters not up that you feel
I should list then message me. Whoever acts as that character will have their username
written next to the characters name. If the character has the word "OPEN" next to their
name then they are up for grabs. Animals e.g: Kirara, Ah-Un, etc. are not usuable
characters because that would be awefully boring.
 ::Inuyasha's group::
1. Inuyasha - OPEN
2. Kagome - OPEN
3. Shippo - OPEN
4. Miroku - OPEN
5. Sango - OPEN

 ::Sesshomaru's Group::
1. Sesshomaru - InuyashaRPGLover
2. Jaken - OPEN
3. Rin - OPEN

 ::Kouga's Group::
1. Kouga - DannyDeath
2. Ginta - OPEN
3. Hakaku - OPEN

 ::Naraku's Group::
1. Naraku - OPEN
2. Kagura - OPEN
3. Kanna - OPEN
4. Kohaku - OPEN I know Kohaku joins up with Sesshomaru in the later chapters but for the
purpose of this club he is with Naraku.

1. Kikyo - OPEN

Choose one anyone I don't care. -whispering- Someone please choose Rin this Sesshomaru is
getting lonely. D:
Lord Sesshomaru: 

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