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HBMA- The Beach

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15 March 2008, 01:52 PM   #1
Ander Snow-Forrest Snow-Greggory Fall-Demitri Guinn
Joined: 1 Mar 2008
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Welcome to the roleplay topic for The beach. Welcome. Need a break from school work? Come here! There's a long, sandy, wooden path leading from the parking lot to the beach itself. Grassy fields and sand dunes stretch out beyond the fence bordering the path. Photobucket The main beach can be rather crowded around noon to three o clock, so watch out. It's a beautiful place that everyone knows about, with white sand and clear water. Students love having bonfires here, and you can bring your pet, or pack a lunch and have a picnic. But careful. The lifeguards have wierd sences of humor, and will throw you in the water if you just come to the beach to tan. beach So, have fun, start a fire, have a picnic, tanners beware of the lifeguards. Anyone may roleplay here.
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15 March 2008, 02:40 PM   #2
MOD. Matthew Starling-Paris Levesque
Joined: 7 Mar 2008
Posts: 25
Beaches weren't Matthew's favourite place to go at all. In fact as a general rule, he
hated them. Sand was annoying and messy, it got in his clothes and hair and took ages to
get rid of completely. The sea he didn't mind so much, it was peaceful and Matthew liked
things to be peaceful. He didn't like the inevitable crowds, especially on such a 'nice'
beach. He wanted to be alone, or not surrounded by people at least which was why he came
just after sunset.
Just after sunset. Because despite his apparent obliviousness to the way ordinary people
acted, he knew that sunset was supposedly a romantic time, particularly on beaches. He
knew that couples would come to sit and watch it. He himself had never much liked the
sunset or sunrise, or the sun at all. Anything that was officially recognized as
'beautiful' Matthew rarely understood and that was half the reason he had come here.

He had thought that maybe if he came to a place that everyone else seemed to like he might
understand why. And once he understood that he might understand other things... other
people, another person in particular maybe? He refused to let himself think about why he
was there and tried to concentrate on simply existing. Existing in that place.
The sky was a dusky blue, scattered with rays of fading orange and pink from the recently
set sun. It was a cold night and a sharp wind ensured that there were less people out than
usual. Matthew hoped it would rain, he rather liked the rain.
The boy walked aimlessly across the sand, his mind unusually blank. He was grateful for
this, his mind was usually swamped with unnecessary thoughts, more so lately. He was
pleased that for once he didn't require a distraction.
He sat down on the sand quite close to the water, one leg bent up and the other bent under
him, one elbow resting on his knee. He closed his eyes, partially from the wind blowing
his hair into them. The sea was quite rough from the wind and every so often a light spray
would hang in the air around him. He liked it, it was calming like the rain. 

Matthew couldn't understand it. He had come here to think and now that he had arrived, not
a single thought entered his head. He didn't understand anything, he hadn't realized
anything, learnt anything, discovered anything and yet somehow it didn't matter. He was
separate from his surroundings and he didn't care. He was falling in love with the alien
sensation of nothingness that he had come to encounter more and more often. It was
unfamiliar and wrong, but right. Just like ... but he couldn't think of that. He opened
his eyes again, hugging both knees to his chest. He stared out at the scene around him and
saw none of it.
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15 March 2008, 03:14 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Ellie wandered the shore happily, enjoying the feeling of cool water lap against her bare feet. Things that other people either didn't notice or thought of as useless trash, Ellie collected. Bits of sea glass, interestingly shaped driftwood, almost anything the sea dragged in. She noticed a kid maybe around her age sitting nearby, and dropped down beside him. "Hi." she said, re-adjusting her Hello Kitty hair clip.

15 March 2008, 03:23 PM   #4
Ander Snow-Forrest Snow-Greggory Fall-Demitri Guinn
Joined: 1 Mar 2008
Posts: 151
Ander kicked off his leather sandals and left them by the entrance of the path, on the
sandy parking lot. No use bringing them and getting them sandy. He winced at the cold
covering the sand on the walkway, so he hurried up the path to the main beach where it
would be warmer. He ran his eyes breifly across the beach's features, little memories
flashing in the back of his head at the sight of some places. The firepits, the lifeguard
stand, the surfboard that someone left there last year. Nothing ever changed. He jumped at
the sight of a person curled up, close to the water. He pulled a towel out of his backpack
and trotted over to where the person was, being careful not to trip because of the lack of
friction. As he got closer, he recognized the person as Matthew. Something about the boy's
hoodie and the shade of dark brown his hair was, and the position the boy was in told him
that it was his roommate. Ander skidded to a stop behind the older boy, draping the towel
over his shoulders. 

"M-Matthew... What... What are you doing here? You must be... Cold. Are you okay?" He
plopped down next to Matthew carefully, waiting for the older boy's reply.

OOC- That was short. D: Sorry.
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15 March 2008, 07:31 PM   #5
Tabitha Keits-Luke Fox
Joined: 4 Mar 2008
Posts: 41
Tabby walked to the beach.Barfoot.She prefers it that way because whats the use of feling
the same thing under your feet all the time?She had a shaw coveing her swimsuit.It shaded
from dark blue to light blue.Her swim suit was the same.She had a bag over her sholder
with a towel and other things nessisary for the beach.She glanced at the pair of guys
sitting over in the sand and smiled lightly.Then there was anouther i bit closer to the
water.Not to crowded.Perfect. 
    Tabby walked untill she was a few yeards from the edge of the water.She dropped her
stuff and spread her towel out.Tossing her shawl in the bag she begain to rub on
sunscrean.If she didnt she would burn into a crisp.When the job was done she donned (put
on)her sunglasses and layed down in the sun.Sighing she begain to drift.

16 March 2008, 11:46 AM   #6
Guest Poster
Emily secured her bicycle against a tall and cranky palm tree, then locked up the ends of
the chains with a tiny padlock.

Ignoring the strangers she'd only seen around while stalking the lounge door, she slipped
off her clothes and slippers. After that, she skipped merrily towards the sea.

She fell.

A predator-like girl with sunglasses, apparently suntanning, had caused her to trip.

"..... how annoying," Emily managed to mutter in the midst of coughing out damp sand.

OOC // hey, who's going to RP the lifeguard(s)? :3

16 March 2008, 12:31 PM   #7
Ander Snow-Forrest Snow-Greggory Fall-Demitri Guinn
Joined: 1 Mar 2008
Posts: 151
OOC- I'll be roleplaying the lifeguards. Kinda leik... Old Man Harvey. The MODs can
roleplay the guards with my permission, too. u_u
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16 March 2008, 12:42 PM   #8
Guest Poster
Whistling her favourite tune, Frankie strolled along the tide-line, the sand surprisingly
cool against the under-side of her bare feet. The amber-wash sky reflected in the sea, and
the golden orb of the setting sun just peaked above the horizon. Usually, Frankie wasn't
the sort of person to be doing this sort of thing in the evening; instead, she was usually
found partying in the clubs and bars around the neighbourhood. But then again, it was
always nice to have a change here and here, especially since the beach was probably her
favourite place to relax.
Finding a sheltered, secluded spot, just under the over-hang of the dunes, she lay down,
with her hands behind her head. Frankie scanned the rest of the beach, for signs of any
others, and was quite surprised at the lack of people around. There were a few people
gathered down by the waters' edge, and the odd person lying on the sand. It was odd, since
the weather was quite calm.
A chill breeze caught her by surprise, and Frankie sat up, pulling her knees to her chest,
in an attempt to keep warm.
If only I'd bought a jumper, she thought. Maybe one of those people will have a
spare towel?
She got up, and slid down the bank, and onto the damp sand, before making her way towards
the cluster of people by the edge of the sea.

16 March 2008, 12:44 PM   #9
MOD. Matthew Starling-Paris Levesque
Joined: 7 Mar 2008
Posts: 25
[OoC] :| No offense to anyone but I made my post so it was night. Night=No sun, probably
no lifeguards and stuff like that. I don't know how everyone else roleplays but the way
I've done it the person who started the roleplay pretty much sets the scene. :| So yeah...
>_> Read posts please.

So much for quiet and alone. Within a few minutes of sitting down Matthew had been joined
by two people. He wasn't particularly irritated as much as mildly surprised that so many
people would happen to be on the beach at the same time as him, in the same place as him.
It was things like this that made him paranoid. 
The girl who appeared next to him first he didn't know. His apparent concentration broken,
he turned to face her warily. She looked about his age maybe younger. She was quite thin,
blonde and fiddling with something in her hair that Matthew couldn't quite see. She was
crouched down next to him, far away enough for most people not to feel uncomfortable but
recent events had made Matthew even more nervous of people and he shifted away from her
slightly, hoping she wouldn't notice.
"Hey." He said, his voice sounded quiet but it didn't tremble which he was pleased with.
He hated when he stuttered, it made his voice sound unnatural. 
He glanced sideways at her, at a loss for anything else to say. He was no good with
people, especially introductions.  He smiled slightly, a distant half smile that didn't
really encourage friendship but since it was dark he doubted she would have seen anyway.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, he was saved from having to strike a conversation
with the girl by the interruption of someone else. This someone he did happen to know and
as soon as the someone spoke, Matthew recognized him. His stomach lurched with
inexplicable joy at the sight of him, but also annoyance that he would happen to show up
now, of all times. 
No, no, no ... he's not meant to be here!
"H-hi ... Ander." He said, unable to keep his voice from shaking this time. "No ... I'm
not cold, I ..." He stopped abruptly as the boy dropped down on his other side. His
concentration completely shattered now, he stared at Ander. He had momentarily forgotten
the girl on his other side. "Why are you here?" He asked, echoing the boy's unanswered
question. His voice had returned to the smoother, calmer sound he preferred and he almost
smiled. He was getting better at this.

His eyes drifted away from Ander's face briefly to watch two other people, a few metres
away. One girl seemed to have tripped over another and Matthew would have found this funny
if he hadn't known exactly how it felt to trip over things, people, small animals,
furniture. He'd done it all and had been constantly humiliated as a result.
Watching the girls suddenly reminded him of the blonde who had sat down beside him. He
turned back around to her, smiling awkwardly. He glanced back at Ander, he felt somehow
obliged to introduce them both. Irritation crept into his face. He was no good at
introducing himself let alone other people. 
"Er, Ander ... um, yeah..." He said, beginning a feeble introduction and trailing off
hopelessly, realizing he didn't actually know the girl himself. He dropped his eyes
down, ducking his head slightly in a vague hope that they would do it themselves.
[Matthew Starling] [Experimental.Accidental.Excruciating.Intoxicating.] && x- Paris Levesque -x x- Living a lie -x x- Teach him how to live -x

16 March 2008, 12:54 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Approaching with what might of been slight caution, Frankie came up to the group of
people sat by the waters' edge.
"Hey there," she said, a nervous smile appearing on her face. "Do any of you guys have a
spare towel or anything that I could borrow?"
The anxiety began to disappear from her voice, and her smile turned into a friendly grin.
She ran a hand through her pink hair and her cheeks flushed. Frankie was never the sort of
person to dwell on introductions, or be so shy around other people.
She glanced around at the trio, immediately noticing the awkward atmosphere between the
two boys, and the blonde girl. Perhaps this wasn't the best time to intrude on their

16 March 2008, 01:08 PM   #11
Ander Snow-Forrest Snow-Greggory Fall-Demitri Guinn
Joined: 1 Mar 2008
Posts: 151
OOC- I'll reply later. I'm saving my writing brain juice for another roleplay. xDD
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16 March 2008, 03:54 PM   #12
Guest Poster
((OOC - I had such an amazing long post that I wrote but then my computer shut down!!
*stabs computer* So now my post is crappy... sorriez. BIC))

Calypso walked tenderly onto the sand and sighed angrily when the fine white grains
slipped into her flip flops. Cursing, she kicked off her shoes and hooked them up by her
pinkie finger. Her other hand pushed her wind-tousled hair away from her face. 
She had felt the strongest urge for a walk on the beach. She was still wearing her
pajamas, booty shorts covered by a gigantic oversized black t-shirt with her name written
across in gold glitter. Calypso sighed and looked over the people on the beach. There was
a group of four or so people in a clump, some sitting and some standing. 
Calypso felt a shock of nervousness jump-start her heart. Should she try to join their
conversation? There were two other people, some ways off from the group, but Calypso
recognized one of them as Emily, the crazy girl who had dumped water all over the lobby
floor. Calypso decided to keep her distance. She took a few hesitant steps towards the
group of four, two boys and two girls, and slowly approached them. 
She made it right over to them, as said "hi" softly. She paused, waiting for a response,
her feet frozen mid-step. But none of them acknowledged her. Calypso turned away and wiped
away a single tear before crossing directly through the group and to the water. 
She stood ankle deep in the mass of blue waves, her chin tilted up slightly and her hair
dancing behind her. 
The beach was filled with people, yet she had never felt more alone.

16 March 2008, 07:50 PM   #13
Tabitha Keits-Luke Fox
Joined: 4 Mar 2008
Posts: 41
Tabby sat bolt upright awakened from the nightmare when something fell on her legs.It was
anouther girl lieing facedown in the white sand.She was coughing.
      "Oh im sorry."Tabby said trying to hide a smile.She bent to help the other girl up
but she she saw her face coverd in sand she busted out laughing."Oh god im realy sorry but
here wipe that off." She said handing the girl a towel.
    Tabby glanced down at her skin pleased that she wasn't burnt.She smiled at the other
girl as she wiped the sand off."Look thanks for tripping over me.I would have burnt
otherwise."She offerd her hand to the other girl."Im Tabby."

17 March 2008, 03:41 AM   #14
Guest Poster
Logan pulled off his leather sandles and walked along the shoreline. He looked around and
saw 2 girls, one face down in the sand and one laughing her ass off
Perfect Logan thought and jogged over
"Hey, Im Logan" He said smileing

17 March 2008, 06:13 AM    #15
Tabitha Keits-Luke Fox
Joined: 4 Mar 2008
Posts: 41
Tabby looked up at the stranger with black hair and neon green tips.He was
cute.Realy cute.Tabby was intranced by his eyes.They were a moss green.His smile
was big.Tabby just stared at him.She couldn't think.All she say was his face.His mouth
moved and she heard his voice but her mind was frozen and it took a few seconds for her
relize he was talking.
       "I...Im sorry.What did you say?"Stupid stupid stupid.How lame can i get?Now he
proble thinks im a total freak.Great job Tabby.

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