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101 reasons why Richard Hammond is Awesome.

22 August 2007, 12:03 PM   #1
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Reason's why Hmaster is great (And better than James and Jeremy)

1. He's fun sized, and not too tall.

2. He isn't a seven foot, curly haired yob.

3. His hair isn't too bouncy, like May's hair, or too curly, like Jeremy's.

4. He likes porsches.

5. He can actually buy a car which he can get into.

6. Even when he's in a packed supermarket car park.

7. He's honest.

8. He never cheats.

9.He has kids with cool names.

10. He's absoloutely adorable.

11. Hamster is not too old.

12. He can drive cars really really fast, and doesn't chicken out of driving them.

13. He can take a joke.

14. He can play the bass guitar!

15. He puts up with Jeremy (Give the guy a medal!)

16. Hamster's nickname is so cute!

17. Even when weird friends give him nicknames, it's still cute!

18. He's willing to sign autographs anywhere.

19. He recovers quickly.

20. He takes the time to speak with his fan.

21. He's always there for you, with his funny words.

22. Do you know anyone who doesn't mind being picked on?

23. He's just. . . amazing.

24. And really cute!

25. And smart!

26. He went to art college.

27. And his teeth are naturally white.

28. He isn't fat and killing the planet.

29. He'll be nice to Jeremy even when Jeremy is being a complete prat.

30.He does't sell out and go on all amnner of gameshows.

31. He does experiments even when he's at risk.

32. He knows lots of sciency things.

33. he cares about people.

34. He owns 37 land rovers.

35. He lieks dogs.

36. He hosted CRUFTS.

37. He missed something he loved to do something for the good of the world.

38.Do you know anyone else that amazing?

39. Jeremy only ever thinks of himself.

40. Jeremy has a stupid name.

41. Jeremy only thinks he's funny, and is in reality stupid.

42. He's got a cool yellow car.

43. He's called Richard MArk Scrappy Doo Hammond.

44.His first words were Land Rover (Jeremy's was 'Dad' how stupid)

45. He had his first fair fight when he four. Jerem has never had a fair fight.

46. He can converse with dogs.

47. He had experience in motoring shows (He did 'Cars and boobs' before top gear)

48. He won an award for being 'the nicest man on telly'

49. Jeremy's car is striped and fugly.

50. Hamster has a good taste in clothes.

51. Hamster doesan't get angry if forced to do somethign he doesn't like.

52. He doesn't smoke.

53. He doesn't leave big gaps in between his sentances.

54. He hasn't got frizzy hair, and therefore was not recruited to a Jackson five
tribute band.

55. There is no very complex simile in Hamster's vocabulary.

56. Hamster says he won't do something, and doesn't do it. Unlike Jeremy.

57. Hmaster trusts the French.

58. Hmaster does not get paralysed with joy when a rolls royce comes out.

59. Porsches are cooler than Aston Martins.

60. Doesn't make disgusting food like Fish pies.

61. HAs never won a stupid competition like 'columnist with the most luxorious

62. has a bigger fan club then other pople

63. Is simply amazing.

64. Doesn't spend a long time being an idiot.

65. Can do really funny things.

66. Is not a cock like soem people.

67. Did not break drum sticks when attempting to play the drums.

68. Was in a cool band.

69. Is smart.

70. Was on Braniac.

71. Lives for his family.

72. Is so sweet and gooey when going on about his family.

73. Has an adorable smile.

74. Has at least seventy four reasons why he is better than Clarkson.

75. There is a shop named Hammonds. Is there one named Clarksons? Nooo.

76. Has a cool voice.

77. Doesn't wear really loud shirts.

78. Or really loud ties.

79. Watches Doctor Who

80. NAd every other good program you can think of.

81 Doesn't have fugly gold plated gates.

82. And isn't a selfish cock.

83.Lives in the Cotswolds.

84. And not Chipping Norton.

85. Is loved by many.

86. And hated by none.

87. What has Clarkson ever done to let huim deserve your love? Hmmm?

88. But Hamsters done all amnner of things?

89. Doesn't call people cocks.

90. Is super cool!

91 : Is nice to everybody in the world.

92. Even if they've done him wrong.

93. Is even nice to Clarkson fans.

94. Even though he knows they're oh so wrong.

95. Allows his fans to know about his life.

96. Will do anything to prove himself to his fans.

97. Including eating cardboard.

98. Is so brave not to give up driving when he's had a major crash.

99. And to return to Top gear.

100 . He's Richard Hammond, people!

101. And he loves you.

Add your own. I wanna see how long we can get it. (Start from 102 , 103 so on. . . )

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Go u!

And go Richard Hammond!


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