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24 January 2013, 09:39 PM   #1
The Founder | ♊ Mituna
Joined: 24 Jan 2013
Posts: 29

And feel free to make your own.
M17UN4 C4P70R. 19. 1M 50RRY

25 January 2013, 11:25 AM   #2
The Founder | ♊ Mituna
Joined: 24 Jan 2013
Posts: 29
 Name: Mituna Captor
Age: Nineteen Around that age
Typing Style: Replaces most of his letters with other symbols. This
includes, but is not limited to, E=3, A=4, S=5, O=0, T=7, I=1 and B=8. Tends to make
spelling errors. Occasionally makes sex-related puns, such as "5P0RN75". Also uses
reaction images from time to time (The "You tried" star and his own gifs of himself. )
Personality: After a mysterious incident in which he is theorised by Aranea
to have over-exerted out his psychic powers, he sustained brain damage, which causes him
problems with his dual personality, often either being very angry or very humble and
quiet. On occasion, he has fits where he rapidly swaps between emotions. In order to
protect himself from his own clumsiness, he wears a bulky helmet with a visor reminiscent
of Sollux's glasses.
Picture: Signature
Relationships: Mituna has been in a matespritship with Latula Pyrope for
eons, much to the confusion of Meenah. The two wear matching bodysuits and partake in
similar "rad" interests, like gaming and skateboarding. He is in a moirailliegence with
Kurloz Makara, who is theorized by Aranea to have been the only witness to the incident
which incapacitated Mituna; Cronus claims there are rumors that Mituna is actually lucid
and coherent only when talking to Kurloz. The Ψiioniic / The Helmsman - Post-Scratch
Sollux Captor - Dancestor
Latula Pyrope - Matesprit
Kurloz Makara - Moirail
Cronus Ampora - Tends to be a victim of his bullying 
Other: N/A
M17UN4 C4P70R. 19. 1M 50RRY

25 January 2013, 05:31 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Name: Kanaya Maryam Age: 13 Years, Six Solar Sweeps Typing Style: Capitalizes all words, omits punctuation. Speaks in a very articulate and verbose manner. Personality: Kanaya is seemingly a motherlike figure for the group, even though her rainbow drinker...abilities unlocked and she...killed some members. She likes literature, and her extensive vocabulary speaks for it. Picture: Relationships: Rose Lalonde Matesprit Porrim Maryam Dancestor The Dolorosa Ancestor Other: Nope, nothing.

25 January 2013, 06:26 PM   #4
The Founder | ♊ Mituna
Joined: 24 Jan 2013
Posts: 29
M17UN4 C4P70R. 19. 1M 50RRY

28 January 2013, 09:11 PM   #5
Joined: 25 Jan 2013
Posts: 8
Name: Kurloz Makara
Age: unknown- 19?
Typing Style: sign language, hand gestures, and reaction gifs
Personality: Outwardly, he seems harmless enough, usually responding only with a silent
smile to most provocations, though he did flip Meenah off when pressed further. Before his
vow of silence, he preached about the "messiahs" and the "angels of double death". There
are certain others that find him unsettling, though, and he has a much darker side to him
as well as he's shown.

The Grand Highblood - Post-scratch self
Gamzee Makara - Dancestor
Mituna Captor - Moirail
Meulin Leijon - Matesprit (Separated)
Caliborn/LOrd English - Possible god as the "angel of double death"

29 January 2013, 06:14 AM   #6
The Founder | ♊ Mituna
Joined: 24 Jan 2013
Posts: 29
M17UN4 C4P70R. 19. 1M 50RRY

8 February 2013, 10:18 PM   #7
Guest Poster
Name: Meenah Peixes
Age: 9 sweeps; roughly 19 human years
Typing Style: all lowercase letters with the exception of words capitalized for
-EMP)(ASIS; often uses smileys similar in likeness to those of Feferi. Often abbreviates
words and phrases; uses a lot of fish puns.
Personality: Meenah is a rash, outgoing, and almost scary girl with a tendency to
jump into things before realizing that what she's doing may not even be considered humane,
as was shown by her instant interest in killing Roxy just to see what would happen. Meenah
flaunts her royal status and has a love for gold and expensive things in general, shown by
her debating the monetary value of every item she picks up in the A6I flashes. She is not
kind around those who she doesn't like, openly badmouthing and hurting most of her
friends, but can be very helpful when she cares enough to do so. She is also very
excitable; an easy way to her heart is fish puns.
Her Imperious Condescension (post-scratch self)
Feferi Peixes (dancestor)
Aranea Serket (possible moirail or matesprit)
Karkat Vantas (possible flush-crush)
Damara Megido (rival, possible black feelings)

9 February 2013, 09:52 AM   #8
The Founder | ♊ Mituna
Joined: 24 Jan 2013
Posts: 29
Accepted, please send a request?
M17UN4 C4P70R. 19. 1M 50RRY

13 February 2013, 05:30 PM   #9
The Founder | ♊ Mituna
Joined: 24 Jan 2013
Posts: 29
Name: Daniela Pisces 
Age: 18
Typing Style: Her typed words are switched between all lower case, or all
Personality: Quiet, though seemingly a fun and wild person around her very
good friends. She enjoys teaching others sign language, and also enjoys walking around or
pulling pranks on others, something she learned from a little someone... But other than
this, she's bright cheerful, and a little shy at the beginning when she sees someone new.
Relationships:  Just a small list :/
and somewhat finds time to talk to Eridan.
Other: Nah...
M17UN4 C4P70R. 19. 1M 50RRY

21 February 2013, 07:44 PM   #10
Joined: 21 Feb 2013
Posts: 7
Gamzee Makara

6 Alternian solar sweeps

Typing Style:
Uses normal grammar, end punctuation, and AlTeRnAtInG lEtTeRs. Uses 'motherfuck' and
variations of it a lot.

I'm not really good at explaining. . .


Grand Highblood - Ancestor 
Karkat Vantas - Moirail (Former)
Tavros Nitram - Flushed crush (possibly unrequited; deceased)
Kurloz Makara - Dancestor 
Terezi Pyrope - Kismesis 
Lil' Cal - Best friend (post-flipout)
Sea-goat - Lusus/Sprite (Deceased)

Gamzee Makara ♑

21 February 2013, 07:46 PM   #11
The Founder | ♊ Mituna
Joined: 24 Jan 2013
Posts: 29
M17UN4 C4P70R. 19. 1M 50RRY

22 February 2013, 07:21 PM    #12
Guest Poster
Name:Feferi Peixes Age:13 Earth Years, 6 Alternian Solar Sweeps Typing Style: Uses )( instead of an h, when using capital E's puts a hyphen before the E. Smilies also have a tiara and goggles 38D, also uses fish puns whenever she can. Personality: Feferi gets really -EXCIT----------------ED! easily. She is very perky and energetic when talking to other trolls, and does not put on airs of superiority like the blue bloods, despite being in the highest caste in troll society. Instead, she insists that she is not better than any other troll Feferi seems to be masking a slightly rude and insulting side, which becomes a lot more apparent after her death, when she jokingly called Jade "retarded" for not knowing what a lusus was as well. She also called Jade "stupid" before pointing out she was dead. She also acts like she's upset at Vriska just to irritate her, and has been known to openly mock Eridan. She's also almost entirely optimistic and a fearless bastard. Picture: Relationships: The Condesce- Ancestor Meenah- dancestor Sollux Captor- ex-Matesprit Eridan Ampora- Moirail (separated) Other: she's a total qt pie

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