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Draw the pokemon above you!

20 March 2012, 11:34 PM    #1
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The title says it all.  

you draw the resquested pokemon above your post.

It doesn't need to be an Oekaki, you could also scan a picture if you had a scanner, or
use another art program!

you post that you are claiming the person above.
and show what pokemon you are requesting.

Claiming above! could I get a Seel?
Then edit your post with what you drew for the person above. Example:
Claiming above~ -Edit- Here is your Seel that you asked for c: enjoy! May I get a Cyndaquil~
Also, using the pixel versions of the pokemon is fine as long as the pokemon isn't to complex that it needs a more detailed close up... EXAMPLE:
PERSON 1: I claim above! May I get a Solosis? ____________________________________________ PERSON 2: I claim the person above! may I get a Shaymin...
Also no double posting!!! You can edit the post you did and put the picture in the old post instead of making a new post.... A request can have detail, if you wanted it to. It would be a good idea to message the person above once you are done with the pokemon they requested. Just to give them a head up. Remember to have fun! Since their is no one above me, May I get a Vulpix with three tails.

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