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Character applications

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Please fill out the following application:
Other strong skills
Additional information

3 January 2012, 01:10 AM   #2
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I used my revised edition of the application, with a personal (optional) tweak.

Name: Laye Fukuiyama Age: 13, but appears older. Gender: Female. Title of Place: Laye is a general's daughter, but is poor for one. Bender: She is a firebender. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/straight. Nation of Origin: The fire nation, but her maternal grandmother is from the Southern water tribe. Personality: Laye is a quiet, studious girl, but if you make her mad, all hell will break loose. She is considered bipolar and possibly dangerous, so she is often ignored. She is, in reality, outspoken at times, though, and often stays at home like a recluse. She deserves a friend. Likes: The paranormal, fire, a series of scrolls called the Survival Games, painting, singing, practicing her bending, blood, reading, writing, nature, sleeping, learning about the other nations. To a lesser extent, she enjoys going off on different escapades, or trying to pass in the city for a water tribe girl. Dislikes: Mild foods, ice, the cold, snow, ninjas, bras that snap in the front, the color flourescent green, and mornings. Hobbies: Painting, drawing, and writing. Other strong skills: She plays the cello. History: Laye was born in the capital of the fire nation, but soon was relocated to a peaceful village in the countryside near the Great Ocean, where she learned how to ride a eel horse, to swim, and to realise her power. She was the only bender in the village, and along with her appearance, was ostricized. That made her mad, and in her rampage, accidentally killed a small boy. She was shunned from the village, and her parents moved her to another, but bigger; more of a town. There, she was well liked and a giver to the community, until word from her previous home came. Then, she was further shunned, until word of a global search for Avatar came. Both parents left her at home, but it was too late. She now rarely leaves the village, if not her home. Appearance: She has long, smooth brown hair and grey eyes, features from her grandmother. She has her father's near-white skin, and high, sculpted cheekbones. Her nose is small, but the bridge is arched, making it seem larger than it is. She has full lips and perfect teeth, and usually wears a black, form-fitting dress and orangey-red lace and bracelets. They are fireproof. Additional Information: Her name is pronounced Lie.

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Alright, accepted.

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