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The new apprentice: Gravelpaw and his ceremony.

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OOC:Since he's becoming an apprentice he will be "kit"for a couple lines.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highbranch for a
clan meeting!" Dimstar yowled, and the clan gathered. 

"It is time for one kit to become an apprentice."Dimstar looked down to Gravelkit.Dimstar
flicked his tail beckoning for Gravelkit to come up.

"Gravelkit do you promise to uphold the Warrior Code and defend the clan with your life?"

"I do."Gravelkit replied,excited.

"Gravelkit you will now be known as Gravelpaw. I call upon our warrior
ancestors to look down on this apprentice and help him learn the ways of your noble
code.Your mentor shall be none other than our deputy,Rainpelt.Rainpelt I know that you are
a loyal,strong,and patient cat. I trust that you will train Gravelpaw well and that you
shall make him a great warrior."Dimstar spoke with pride.

OOC:And now you guys continue the rest.

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 OOC: SOUNDS FAIR. xD sounds like he just got married

 Gravelpaw peered up at Dimstar silently with a certain ease in his grinning expression,
but he was feeling excited and very happy about this. No longer was he a kit, but an
apprentice! He liked the way it sounded... GravelPaw, GravelPaw, GravelPaw...' he
toyed with the name in his head. He loved it when Dimstar had said it especially. 
 To top it off, Rainpelt was to be his mentor. He felt anticipation boil up in him but he
remained calm and aloof to everything. "So cool...~" He mused underneath his breath

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OOC: lol It does sound like was just married. :P

The other clan cats,including Dimstar,began to chant Gravelpaw's new name.
"Gravelpaw!Gravelpaw!Gravelpaw!"They all shouted with happiness.It was always a joy
for Leafclan to watch naming ceremonies. Dimstar looked down at his clan,everything seemed
to be perfect and he didn't expect anything to wrong at all.

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Gravelpaw puffed out his chest as if taking pride in his name, or like he won something
important, which to him, he actually kind of did. His new name; Oh, how it chanted so
smoothly! The sweet tune of it was most definitely music to his ears!
So much music to his ears... that he wasn't paying attention, and one step forward...! He
tripped! With a quick scramble to get back up he puffed out his chest again, like nothing
had happened, but looked back at Dimstar with a nervous smile that seemed to read; 'no
one saw that, right?'.
He was sometimes a klutz...

5 July 2010, 06:17 PM   #5
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Frostbrook decides to walk back to her den. "Good Job, Gravelpaw. I hope
you become a great warrior and that I don't see you needing to go to my
den often." She purrs to him before heading back.

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Dimstar jumped down from Highbranch.Dimstar padded up to Gravelpaw,smiling. "Gravelpaw,if
you'd like you may go to train with your mentor if you'd like"He told Gravelpaw with a
nod. "Or help clear out the moss in the Elders's den,since you're an apprentice now."

10 July 2010, 05:33 AM   #7
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OOC: Uh, quick question. Again as said I haven't read Warriors for
a good year now. The apprentices do they get moss from the medical
cat or just find it?

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OOC:They could go and get it from you but most of the time they go and look for it.

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 Gravelpaw gave a look towards Frostbrook, happy to see her acceptance to this and could
only smile- he was happy with this entire thing, simply delighted and purred lightly to
show this. "Thank you, Frostbrook." He mused happily before turning his eyes back on his
leader, Dimstar, who jumped from the HighBranch to consult with him, somewhat. 
 "Anything helpful, Dimstar, sir!" Gravelpaw said politely, grinning towards him with his
fluffy tail waving slightly behind him, but not violently at this very moment. "Training
can wait a bit though, helping the Elders would be a nice thing to do, quicker it's done,
the more time I can go and train with Rainpelt." He thought about that, musing the last
part in a whisper and taking this into high consideration- he wanted to impress his leader
now with his actions, it would be a good thing to do as well.

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"Nice thinking Gravelpaw.That's the kind of thinking that would be of good use,during
training." Dimstar replied,proud of the very young apprentice.The apprentice was barely
more than a kit,so others would find it a bit of a surprise at how this apprentice could
sort out what would be best for the moment.Dimstar flicked his tail of Gravelpaw's
shoulder. "Good luck!"he said before walking away.He had taken a couple steps before he
looked over his shoulder. "Oh,and another thing.There's no need to be so formal in your
own clan."

10 July 2010, 06:01 PM   #11
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Frost brook was ta her den preparing some moss for the apprentices
who would be chosen to change the elder den. "And there." She purred
dropping the last of the moss into a pile in front of her den. "Now to 
get some spider webs..." She mumbles to herself as she heads into the

12 July 2010, 03:47 AM    #12
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 Gravelpaw felt relief urge over him and allowed it to sort through as he heard Dimstar's
words- he was most definitely impressed by the somali's words and ability to think quickly
in a sweet manner and that was to his delight. He was hoping he wouldn't be seen as low as
most would now that he had just simply started, but in his mind he might be further ahead
than same. 
 His tail swayed softly behind him as he grinned. "Thank you, Dimstar, sir." He mused
silently to him before he began to walk away but got caught in his mere embarrassment when
he had told him to not be so formal. He looked down for a moment showing his nervous side
softly at that. "O-oh? Okay, Dimstar...!" Gravelpaw said, refraining from saying 'sir'
once again.
 Even so, he was still very happy. Happy by this all!

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