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Writing: Poetry: The UltraKings, Those Who are to be Feared

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4 May 2010, 12:08 AM    #1
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(Feedback would be appreciated. Contains some spelling, grammar, and other errors I'm
sure, and will be fixed later)

	‘Tis said that some time in the near future,
	When the madness and malevolence of humanity
	Reaches its peak,
	The Earth will finally fall into darkness,
	Forever sent to fall through the blackness of despair,
	Never to be seen again.

	This mighty blow to humanity
	Shall be dealt by those who lurk in the shadow of death
	And cast their bloodied palms over the earth;
	Those who then take hold of the earth
	And tighten their grip until it begins to shatter
	And the screams and cries of those crushed die out;
	Those who stalk the humans,
	Who grow more beautiful each day
	While they continue to grow more hideous and grotesque;
	Those covered in the scars and burns of war,
	Yet who’ve not so much as seen war yet,
	For they have not had any need for such things,
	As they are all powerful and strong
	As one thousand humans as one,
	And day-by-day they grow stronger;
	Those who are known by many names,
	Those who are called demons, devils, and witches,
	Those who are called UltraKings.

	The UltraKings,
	Said to be descendants of Satan himself,
	Are the most powerful beings on Earth.

	They appear from nowhere, 
	They disappear into untraceable nothingness,
	And their power is immeasurable.

	They are able to control the weather,
	Casting down heavy rain, thick snows, 
	And are able to light fire to that which normally cannot be lit.

	Animals feast upon the grass and litter,
	Humans feast upon those animals
	As the UltraKings feast upon those humans.

	They are not ‘born’
	As humans are,
	But are created from the flesh and remains of their ancestor UltraKing.

	Their bodies are unable to grow weaker,
	Only stronger as time passes on,
	So they are forced to walk the earth for eternity.

	They will forever be stained of blood,
	Smelling like a corpse
	And acting like such.
	They are pale,
	As white as the snow,
	And sport horns sprouting from their bodies.
	Their name is spoken of with apprehension,
	A mere uttering of it freezes the air,
	And their presence brings death with it.

	The UltraKings are ones to be feared,
	As they are the Almighty Bringers of Death and Sorrow for Humanity,
	Soon to take Earth for themselves.

	Until that day, though,
	The UltraKings will continue 
	To lurk in the shadows,
	And growing ever-stronger in the black of night.

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