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I posted them on deviantART, and here they are for you

“You have no power over me!”  Sarah declared.
“She wins…” Jareth thought.  “Damn!”
Jareth tossed the crystal behind him and dove backwards on the ledge holding him and Sarah
from the dark abyss.  
Sarah smiled when she returned home.  She knew Jareth had perished…but he didn’t…

Sarah grew up forgetting about Jareth, but not the friends she made on the way.  As she
packed for her first year of college, three-year-old Toby stood by her door, sobbing.
“Toby, I’ll see you at Christmas, Thanksgiving, a week in spring and ten weeks in
summer!  Go see Daddy!  He’ll have something to do!”
Toby marched to see his father downstairs waiting for Sarah.  “She said you’d play
with me!”
He sighed. “Mary, Toby wants one of us to play with him!”
“Robert, he can watched ‘Go Diego, Go!’ or something like that!”
“I hate that show!  It’s for babies!” cried Toby.  
“Tell you what,” said his father. “Turn to channel 72 and watch Simpsons.”
Toby ran excitedly to the den and watched.

“Dad, I’m ready!” Sarah called as she lifted her last bag.
“How many bags you can’t carry?”
He groaned as he drooped upstairs.

Down at the airport from to Alabama, Robert dropped his seven bags he unloaded in his
Buick car.
“Here’s your plane ticket and bus coin.  Keep them safe, honey.”  Sarah’s father
said and kissed her goodbye.
“Bye-bye!” Sarah said, waving.

Sarah boarded the plane, leaving six bags on the other plane for the load.  The plane
began the journey and Sarah opened her carry-on bag.  Her old fantasy books and toys from
two years ago lay there, including a small goblin doll, a red and gray monster toy and a
Chihuahua stuffed animal.
“Hoggle, Sir Didymus, Ludo,” Sarah whispered.  
“Sarah!” they cheered.
“Shhh!  Not everyone here has seen you guys.  I don’t want anyone to see you.”
“I say!” said Sir Didymus. “Are we flying?”
“Uh-uh.  This is an airplane.  It helps us get from long distances.”
Ludo handed Sarah a book.  “Sawwrah, read?”
“Oh…I remember this….I think…” she said  “Through dangers untold…and
hardships unnumbered…I have fought my way to the castle beyond the goblin city…to take
back the child that you have stolen…for my will is as strong as yours…and my kingdom
as great…you have no power over me…”
Sarah still didn’t remember Jareth, though she’d never forget this was her favorite
A flight attendant passed by with the food cart.  
“Drinks?” he offered.  Sarah thought he was familiar…and attractive!  
“Yes, thank you.” she said with a flirty grin.  The attendant poured Sarah some water.
The attendant passed on with the cart.
“He’s so cute!” Sarah cried.  
“Sarah, does he look…familiar to you?” Hoggle asked.
“Yeah, but I’d rather see him as dead sexy!” she shrieked.

Hours later the plane landed in Alabama.  Sarah closed her carry-on bag and exited the
As she claimed her other luggage, a man came up to her.
“Hello.” he greeted.  “Are you going to St. Gobbler’s College?”
“Yes, I am.” replied Sarah. This man was just as familiar as the flight attendant,
although they looked nothing alike.  
“Me too.  Do you want a ride?”
“Sure, thanks.”  Sarah said, forgetting what her teachers always said; “Don’t take
rides from strangers!”
The man grinned.  His teeth were sharp like an animal.  
“I’ll take your bags.” said the man before Sarah touched any of her seven suitcases.
“Thank you, I just want to take this one myself.” She said taking the bag with her old
merchandise.  He made a small frown, nothing Sarah could see.
Sarah thought he was amazing as he took all six bags between one of his arms.
He led Sarah to his car parked in the nearest space in front of the airport.  When they
got in, he speeded past each car on the road.  Sarah expected people to honk their horns
at him, but they didn’t.
Holding on to the glove compartment, Sarah watched as everything from trees to strip malls
disappeared and turned into brown rotten grass and poor-looking houses.  Through the
strong wind and speed, the man transformed from a short-haired guy in a leather jacket to
a guy with long and puffy blonde hair in a black shirt that showed most of his fabulously
muscular chest and brown leathery leggings.
The car halted and the man stepped out the car and lifted Sarah out.  The car faded away
right before Sarah’s eyes.  She dropped her bag and turned to the man.
“Miss me, Sarah?” he said.
Have you figured it out yet?  That was Jareth…
Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus hopped out of her bag.
“We tried to warn thee, fair maiden.” cried Sir Didymus.  
“Aw, why didn’t you listen?!” Hoggle snapped.
“Sawwrah, sad…” said Ludo.
“How-–how did you know it was him all along?”
“Remember when that Jacob Smith broke up with you?  You wanted to talk to your vermin
friends so they could comfort you, but the little toys were gone in every place possible
in the house.  This wasn’t too long ago, was it?  The next day they returned.” said
Feeling as if Jareth would collapse again soon, Sarah questioned, “Why did you bring me
back here now?”
Jareth disappeared and came back in his castle.  Goblins were playing Parcheesi in a small
ditch a yard or two away from Jareth’s throne.  
“What are you doing?” Jareth snapped to the goblins.  They turned toward him and tried
to smile as if they were just chatting.  
Meanwhile, Sarah reclaimed her bags sitting on a wall next to the entrance to the
Labyrinth.  She gave each of her friends two bags to carry on their journey to St.
Gobblers college.  
The trip took hours to get there by foot.  When they reached the human world, Hoggle, Ludo
and Sir Didymus shrunk into toy-like sizes and squirmed back in Sarah’s carry-on bag. 
She had to carry seven bags by herself!  When she arrived at a large sign that read
“Welcome, Freshmans to St. Gobblers!”
“I did it…” panted Sarah. 
“Hey, come on!” said a semi-senile woman in a red dress.  “You’re late for the
introduction!  What’s your name, dear?”
“Sarah William.  And you are?”
“Dean Caroline Farbiss.  I run the school with my husband Dean Dion Farbiss.  Come on,
you’re registered.”
“Could you help me with my bags?” asked Sarah.
Dean Farbiss looked at her in a discouraged way.
“Oh, please?”
“You carried them all the way here,” Farbiss sighed.  “Let’s get you a cart.”

Sarah brought her bags to her dorm about an hour later.  There were four beds in a light
blue room with three beautiful giggling blonde girls sitting on their own claimed bed. 
They looked like they already knew each other.
“Uh, hi there.” Sarah greeted shyly with all three girls staring at her.  “I’m
Sarah Williams.  Are you my roommates?”
“Duh!” one exclaimed.
“I’m Leah, this is Pearl and Diana.” Another introduced.
“We’ve known each other since first grade!” the last girl said.  
“Oh,” said Sarah. “Nice to meet you.”  She opened her bag with one load of
clothing and found a letter with amazing calligraphy with her name on it.  
“What’s that?” asked Pearl, peeking over trying to see the letter.
“I think it’s a mushy letter from her parents.” Diana scoffed. “We’ve all got
one hidden in our suitcases.”
“My mom organized a photo album with ridiculous pictures of me when I was a baby.  How
disgusting is that?” added Leah.
“My dad wouldn’t write like this,” Sarah replied, handing the envelope to Pearl. 
The other girls scooted closet to see it.
“Did you leave a boyfriend behind at home?  They might do this when you go to separate
colleges.  My sister got that from her boyfriend.” Diana responded.
“Shut up, Di!” Pearl hissed. “Just open it!”
Sarah opened the letter.  In elegant penmanship, the letter read,
“Dearest Sarah,

I believe you haven’t noticed after everything I’ve done for you; I’ve passion for
you.  You may think you’ve beaten me after the Labyrinth but you haven’t.  You can
expect more and more from me.  Don’t forget.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

-J., G.K. ♥”
“I think it’s just a prank!” scoffed Pearl.
“No way, someone’s got to be a real Romeo if he’s writing like THAT!” exclaimed
“Well,” mumbled Sarah. “I know one person who might have wrote this, but I have no
idea that he likes me.”  She dug out her book “LABYRINTH.”  
“It’s just a book,” said Diana. “What, would it have invisible ink or
“I love mysteries!” Leah cried.  “Here, an invisible ink flashlight thing!”
“There she goes again,” groaned Diana.
“Hmm, nothing.  I’ve had this since I was five.  My mother would read it to me.  When
she died, I began to read it myself all the time.  My stepmother says it was an unhealthy
mania and brought me to a special school.  But that’s not it…” Sarah said.
After taking a tour of the campus, the girls went to bed at around eight P.M., but
Sarah’s love note mystery kept them awake.  Sarah explained her journey through the
Labyrinth to her roommates.  
“Hobble and Bruno and Sir Whatever are with you NOW?” asked Diana at the end of her
tale.  Sarah brought out the little toys and handed them to the others.  
“Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus,” said Sarah.
“Is this Ludo?” questioned Leah, examining the furry creature. “He is the cutest
thing EVER!”
“Thanks,” said a moaning voice.  It was Ludo.
“What was that?” Diana shrieked, holding Didymus.
“I say!” cried Didymus. “Be carful on the head there, fair maiden!”
Shrieking, Pearl dropped Hoggle when he blinked. “This really must have been a fantasy
world!” she cried.

Meanwhile, Jareth lay on a couch in one of his many bedrooms in the castle, holding a
crystal watching Sarah.
“She’s made a big deal out of me,” he sighed. “Come back, Sarah…” And this
gave him an idea.

With help from his sparkling new crystals, Jareth managed to enroll himself to St.
Gobblers University as Jareth Labyrinth.  He couldn’t think of anything more creative! 
Dean Farbiss led him to his dorm, which he expected to be much more fancy than a light
blue room with four sniggering young men reading a book labeled “Hustler”
“Gentlemen,” began Dean Farbiss. “This is Jareth Labyrinth, an exchange student
from…where were you from?”
“Uh, the Underground…land…”
Jareth sat down on the vacant bed, looking over the nearest boys’ shoulder to find a
photo of a woman covering a section of her breast with her hand, but seeming like she
enjoyed this.
“Is this your lover?” he asked.
“Nah, said the nearest boy. “But she’s got luscious tits, eh, mate?”
Jareth looked away, disgusted at the reaction from them.  
“You prefer Playboy?  I got a year’s worth!” another guy said.
“No, no!” Jareth cried. “I don’t desire more nudity…”
“You talk like an old dude.” said the third man.
“Yeah, really, does the Underground mean Hell?  Are you just going back to college to
get a degree in WEIRDO?”
“Shut up!  You’re even more despicable than the goblins playing ‘Persee…’
whatever!” Jareth hissed.
The three young adults exchanged looks, and turned the page of the magazine.
“Ohh!” the cried together at the glimpse of a woman standing up straight naked.
“Jared, you’ve got to see this!” the guy closest to him said.
“It’s JARETH!” said Jareth as he muffuled his head on a pillow.  Unexpectedly, he
sneezed.  “What is in this thing?!”
“Uhh, feathers.”
“Who are you people, anyway?  Or are you goblins?” Jareth asked, sitting up.
“I’m Tony.”
“Strange names,” Jareth muttered. “Um, do any of you know a…Sarah William?”
“Nope,” began Mike. “Is she a centerfold?”
“No!  She was…my lover.  I heard she goes to this college.”
“Ooh, did she expose?” Curtis shrieked.
“Did she show you her boobs?”
“No, we…played a game…she defeated me and took the baby in the red suit.”
“Oh, damn!” interrupted a familiar voice.
“Hoggwort…” Jareth screeched.  He bent under the bed and pulled out a stubby little
creature. “What are you doing here, Hogghead?”
“It’s Hoggle!” screamed the creature.  Hanging by his shirt, the three other boys
saw Hoggle, who knew Jareth was on his way to find Sarah. “And I was being a good
citizen of the Labyrinth to warn you you’re not safe here!  Look at these kids, they
don’t know who you are!  Why did you use your seal name, anyways?”
Jareth’s face flushed with fury.  He opened a window nearby his bed and tossed Hoggle
Sarah noticed a young man walking near her dorm one day. He looked oddly familiar to her,
and sexy. Hoggle tried to warn her that Jareth was on the loose looking for her. As you
should know, Hoggle's clues make no sense at all. Even when her friendly roommates
listened, his hint "HE is on the loose! Y'know, the guy with the crystals!" didn't seem
right. The worst part, the girls decided he was joking.
That night, Jareth watched Hoggle make a fool out of himself with his crystals. He decided
he couldn't wait any longer, while his foolish roommates were asleep, Jareth developed a
plan to take Sarah back to the Goblin City while she was asleep. He didn't consider it
kidnapping, he thought it was more like an interesting way to show love. 
Finally, at twelve o'clock midnight, Jareth's scheme was complete! He gazed into his
crystal to make sure that everyone in Sarah's dorm was completely asleep, and they were.
Just like the time he snuck up on Hoggle while Sarah was in the Labyrinth, Jareth used his
powers to sneak in Sarah's dorm room. From the outside of the dorm building, he blinked
and saw himself in Sarah's room. Her head was flat on her green pillow, looking so
peaceful. Jareth smiled and gently lifted her. It was time for her to return to her new
home, the Labyrinth.

"Huh, whoa, Pearl? Leah? Diana? Girls? Hello? Where am I?!" Sarah shrieked in the morning.
She woke and saw a small room with beige windows surrounding the bed with a silky red
blanked on her lap. The room looked nothing like a place she's ever seen, even the wild
view of the Labyrinth. It was too luxurious to be in the Labyrinth, of course. All of a
sudden, a little light in front of the bed turned on. Sarah unhurriedly stood up from the
bed and cautiously looked for a door. She started with the west side of the wall, no door.
The north side, plain. East, nothing. Suddenly, a hushed bang came to her ears. Sarah
hopped to the west side of the room, a wooden door appeared. "That's impossible!"
Past the door, a hall with huge windows parallel to the door lined perfectly down. Now the
place looked familiar to Sarah. "Perhaps I've been here be-" 
Some high-pitched giggling interrupted her thought. "Yay, she's here!" cried the voices. 
"Who's there? C'mon, I don't bite, I'm not a cannibal! Hey!" hollered Sarah. 
"Teeheehee!" giggled the voices again. 
"Argh! Come out! Right now! Don't make me say the words!"
"Oh, ooh, the words!" a single voice said.
"Okay, do it if you want!"
"Fine! I wish the goblins would take you away, right now!" Sarah bellowed. 
After just one second, the hallway turned into a huge area with strange steps upside down,
upright, flat, straight, and more! This, out of everything Sarah had seen, was the most
intriguing place she ever saw viewed. 
"How you've turned my world, you precious thing," a beautiful voice sang. "You starve and
near exhaust me." The voice seemed to be approaching Sarah by the moment. "Everything that
I have done for you, I move the stars for no one."
"Who are you?" screamed Sarah. "Show yourself!"
"You've run so long, you've run so far! Your eyes can be so cruel." The voice sang again.
"Oh my goodness, I've heard this before! You…you're the-"
"Just as I can be so cruel, oh I do believe in you!"
"Goblin King! Come here!"
"Yes, I do, Live without your sunlight, Love without your heartbeat."
"Come here NOW! Aah!"
The room became darker, the ledge Sarah stood on fell down, making her drop. But for some
queer reason, the fall was slower than just jumping off a cliff or something. Along with
her and the ledge, some of the stairs slid down slowly. After a little while, she landed
on a floor with sandy tan bricks under her feet. A tall, handsome figure walked in wearing
a black shirt accompanied with a shining necklace, and baggy black trousers. 
"You-you didn't take Toby, did you? Why am I here?" Sarah asked the man.
"You belong here, Sarah." The man said, slowly walking around Sarah. "It's been two years,
that's almost a decade here in the Goblin City. You wouldn't believe how much I've missed
"Why do you miss me, there's nothing so great about me."
"Sarah! You mustn't say things like that," hissed the man. "you're a strong, brave, and
gorgeous young girl I have ever come across. Stay here, please! I…I love you!"
Sarah blushed. She remembered her curiosity about the Goblin King she had while solving
the Labyrinth. "Well…thank you. Pardon me, what is your real name?"
"Jareth." he said.
"Oh. That's an unusual name."
"I know, it means 'Mysterious.'"
"Indeed you are, Jareth. Very mysterious." Sarah said, coming closer to him.
"Is that a compliment?"
"Yes, I kinda like your mysterious personality. It's…um, how do I put this…sexy!"
"Thank you so much, Sarah. So…I really wish you'd stay here." Jareth said, holding her
hand. "Believe me, the human world is mad! Here, we have everything you want, and if you
stay, I'll have everything I want."
"In the human world, people would consider you greedy. At first, I did too, and I'm
"I think I was a little harsh," he admitted. "And I'm sorry too. I just wish you'd stay
here, with me forever."
"I'll miss my family, Jareth." Sighed Sarah. "Haven't you experienced emotions like
"Yes…but I can't explain. I forgot a lot of it, being king is tough."
"I can imagine, I'm starting to forget my mother, and each time I think of her, I feel so
depressed. And the worst part, I think of her a lot these days."
"You won't be that miserable here, Sarah." Jareht said. "I'll be miserable if you don't
stay. But Hogghead, Ludo and Diddymus could come back and be with you if you want. They
don't have to be dusty toys while people are around."
"Now you've proved you love me, and I will stay. This might not be so bad, except you may
not make me solve the Labyrinth again, okay? It was crazy enough the first time!"
"No problem, Sarah. I couldn't thank you enough."
Guess what, fans! This story ends with a kiss.

THE END! is my account, feel free to look whenever 
Why don't you post some fan fiction here, too?

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@June: I really like your fanfiction, it's really good. (: One thing I'd suggest
is fattening it up a little bit. If you describe the surroundings a bit more, then people
will be able to get into it faster.

Also, if it's possible could we maybe just do links for this topic? Either that, or a
scroll box? Just so it doesn't take up that much space.

Anywho, here's one of my favourite Labyrinth fanfictions. 


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