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Oxymoronic Sanity; Plot Idea

31 October 2009, 12:42 AM   #1
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So theres this girl, and shes born under the destiny of destroying the world. 
And theres this guy, and he cares about the world being destroyed, but he cares more about
the girl being killed, which sucks arse because thats what hes destined to do.

To fully understand the technicalities of this story, one must first understand the
fundamentals of reincarnation. Time has no say in recarnation. You may be reborn before
you were born, after you died, or during your life time. 
Now this girl, named Destry for the duration. 
At the time of her birth, lived with her reincarnate, posing as a twin.

Following the logic that the number of living things must be finite (if redundantly
large), all that would be nessecary would be one, single, soul destroying suscide, right?
If every single soul rotation accumulates more and more touched souls, a single death
would be sufficient for all. Translates to; Destry must die. Depending on which one of her
live, her or the incarnate, could annihalate the world, or just simply ebb away, and

Hard to understand? Difficult to piece togther? This is the kind of stuff I write. 
Tell me what you think, or at least tell me what you can't understand.

1 November 2009, 11:55 AM    #2
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Aah, it's one of those paradox things xD

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