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They found themselves in front of the highest room. Evelyn anxiously gazed around their
surroundings and felt unwelcome in there, as if a large death omen lurked in there. Payne
knocked on the hard wooden door three times, then patiently stayed with her. "Ah, you may
come in, Payne." A voice from inside the room piped up. Slowly, he opened the door and
bowed deeply in respect. "I've retrieved the vampire, headmaster. She will escort with me
to the mission tomorrow to finish the job." He informed. Evelyn stepped inside and
curtseyed also to show respect. The headmaster was a young man, probably in his mid-20s,
but he was no doubt strong-willed and most likely ferocious in battle. "I'm honored to be
of service to you, headmaster-sempai." She greeted him as politely as she could. To their
surprise, the headmaster stood up and bowed back at the two of them, his eyes twinkling
merrily. " I have no intention to have a well-known vampire hunter and a pureblood bow so
loyally to me. However..." He paused,and strided over to Evelyn to have a better look at
her. "Well, isn't this a weird combination? A hunter that hunts vampires..."The headmaster
patted Payne's head, which she noticed had made his face jerk for a nano-second. "And a
pureblood vampire, the most loyal vampires and the rarest also." She felt herself turn red
and turned away quickly.
	"Well then, Evelyn, welcome to Seiyr Academy. Make yourself content and please sit down."
He gestured to the chairs, which instantly moved right next to her. She thanked him and
plopped down, as Payne sat rigidly alert. "You may have already known that Ms. Alice has
signed a paper for us to have custody of you." The headmaster got out some oatmeal cookies
and some warm milk, and set it down slowly on the desk for them to enjoy. Evelyn nodded,
lying,but not entirely."I already feel safe from harm. Please take care of me as a father
would do a daughter." Grasping a hold on her cup, she dunked her cookie in the liquid and
silently watched the broken crumps come up to the surface. The men stared at her, curious.
The headmaster cleared his throat and pulled out a hankerchief. "You've grown so much,
ever since the last time I saw you, Evelyn-channn~!" He pounced on her and hugged her
dotingly hard. "If your mother, whereever she is god bless her soul, could've seen you
now, she probably would come running in killer heels and stab me with them..." He
shivered, then quickly let go, as if his prediction would come to life.
	Evelyn laughed happily. For once in her life, it didn't seem as if race didn't matter to
them at all, something she had yearned for in a family for years. She froze up, feeling
the tears running through her body for their mischievious escape. Then, Payne chose that
time to come up to her and hugged her lightly. "It will be nice working with a powerful
partner, Evelyn." A single lonely  tear ran down her face and plopped on his jacket. Thank
you, she thought over and over, letting the tears flow on him. The headmaster smiled and
hugged the both of them, joking, "You know, you're gonna soil his clothes if you cling on
Payne so tightly. Somebody has to pay with his own money, you know." Evelyn merely clung
on him harder,buring her face in the material. His hands patted her comfortingly on her
back. She felt her conscious slipping away from her as she whispered, "I'm finally

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 So...EMOTIONAL! So... AWESOME! I Loved it!     Thank you for that
moment of entirtanment  

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