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My Name Is... (My Story I'm Working On)

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20 July 2008, 03:13 PM   #1
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Seven people were at the meeting. They crowded around a small wooden table in the middle
of the room, staring at the creature inside the bundle of cloth. They had never seen
something like this before. It’s skin was so pale, it’s eyes a bright blue. 
They looked around the table, at each other. Their skin was blue, green, red, purple,
black, yellow, and orange. No one had the peachy-white color this creature had. Except
They all looked up as a great figure burst into the room. He was tall as tall could be,
and thin. He wore cloaks of red and gold, like all wizards did. And he looked angry.
‘Stop crowding around it! Stop staring at it! You are treating it as a freak!’ He cried.
They immediately backed away from the table, and let him pass through. 
He walked up to the table, and picked the creature up. It gurgled and cooed. He smiled,
and held it up above his head so all the others could see it.
‘It is a baby!’ he cried, ‘A human baby!’
All of the others gasped. ‘How has a human baby gotten here, to our world?’ the asked each
other, ‘How did it pass through the dimensions?’
He brought the baby back down to his chest, and hid it’s face from the others.
‘My name is Seamus,’ he whispered into the baby’s ear, ‘and your name is Era, for you have
brought a new era to our world.’
The others held their breath. The world Spine, their world, had been through many eras’.
Most of them had been disastrous, killing most of the population. These seven, these
surviving seven, had been saved by Seamus. They had kept quiet, down low, avoiding
anything that could end badly. 
Seamus quickly walked through the building, and out the door. The others followed him,
quiet as mice. He took a few steps away from the step of the house, then turned to them.
‘I sense that you do not welcome this baby. I do not understand why. You, of all people,
who have had hatred break your families, your world apart, still do not have love.’
And with that, he snapped his fingers, and disappeared from their world forever.

-Chapter 1-		
I opened my eyes, and looked around. Even after living here for my whole 14 years, it was
still unfamiliar. And unfriendly. People shunned me because of my differences. All of them
were dark-haired  and dark-eyed. There wasn’t a soul that lived here that was taller than
me. My fierce red hair, and light blue eyes scared them. Some called me a witch, threw
rocks and twigs at me. They wouldn’t even think of throwing food at me though - it was too
precious. The elders blamed me for the downfall of food production. The only people in
this village who would even shoot a smile at me were the young children, who hadn’t yet
learned to ‘avoid Era’.
My name scared them too. Era, such an uncommon name. Era, such an unwanted thing here,
unless it was ‘The Era Of Enough Food To Have Extras’ or ‘The Era Of No Era’.
I slowly got up out of my bed, and walked over to the small window. It was too early for
the sun to be out right now. I looked back at the other four girls I shared this room
with. Allie, Margie, Heather, June.

We all headed down to the work room. This was the one time of day I loved, because
everyone who worked was equal. It was hard to shun somebody down here, because everyone is
doing the same thing: trying to make a living.
I worked hard, proving that I was just as good as any of these girls. I was concentrated
on my work when I heard yelling over at the door. All of the girls stopped their work and
looked over. Missus was arguing with a very tall man. He had a long grey beard, and pale
skin, like mine. I was immediately interested in what he had to say.
‘She’s working!’ screeched Missus. ‘I swear, if you take her, she’ll lose her job!’
The man stayed calm. 
‘Madame,’ he sighed, ‘I must see this girl. She doesn’t belong in your society!’
As soon as the girls heard this, they all turned to me. My face flushed and I turned away.
I tried to ignore the glances as the girls kept listening to the bickering.
‘You must leave right this instant!’ Missus screamed, ‘Or I will have you kicked out!
These girls need to work!’ And with that, she pointed to the door.
The man just looked at her for a second, then started walking through the room and looking
carefully at each girl. As he walked, he started talking.
‘I am Seamus, and I have a story for you. I am looking for a girl, the one that’s shunned
out, the odd one in society. I am looking for the girl who cares about those around her,
even though they do not care about her. I am looking for the girl with the name Era!’
At the mention of my name, my head shot up. Why was he looking for me?
Seamus seemed to appear in front of me. He grabbed my arm, and pulled me outside of the
building. Then he started talking again.
‘Oh my, we are late.’ he groaned as we started walking down the road. I was confused.
‘Late for what?’ I asked him.

To Be Continued...

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WOA!  Thats a good story

21 July 2008, 02:13 PM   #3
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I was very confused. 
I took a quick look around at my surroundings. Leaning trees, dead grass, old shacks with
withered plants outside of them were the only scenery. Even the sky seemed to carry the
deep sadness this place felt; It was grey.
Seamus kept walking, pulling me along behind him. For some reason, that name was familiar.
I couldn’t figure out why though.
Suddenly, Seamus stopped. I looked up in surprise. We were in front of a house that was
somewhat nicer than the other ones around. 
‘Where are we?’ I asked him, ‘this place seems so familiar, but I can’t figure out why.’
He chuckled, and looked at me.
‘I see you are beginning to remember your past. That is very much progressive. Once we are
inside, you will begin to remember more.’
And with that, he walked up to the door and went inside. I slowly followed him, cautiously
glancing around the doorway. Seamus turned around and looked at me.
‘You must hurry in; we are not supposed to be here.’ he grumbled, grabbing my arm and
pulling me into the main room. My eyes opened wide, for the room was disorderly beyond
belief. Cobwebs hung everywhere, dust coated everything. 
‘Aye, not how ye remember it, eh?’ croaked a voice behind me. I turned around, startled. A
crooked old man stood there, leaning on his cane. Deep wrinkles carved his red face,
making him look somewhat like a raisin. 
‘Eh, back when you was a bay-be, ye scared the likes of I. We was nervous, not respecting
ye’s true identity, eh?’
I just looked at him. My true identity? I had always thought my true identity was ‘’The
Odd One’‘. At least, that’s what I had been taught by the village.
‘Don’t scare her, Pascal.’ Seamus chuckled again, ‘She has no clue what you are talking
Pascal’s eyes opened wide, and looked at me.
‘Ye mean to tell I that you ain’t have told her yet, eh?’ He croaked, ‘Aye, that’s most
what ye mean. Wizards, always waitin’ for the last second to say what ye need to say.’
Seamus sighed, like he was used to criticism like that. Then, I suddenly realized
something - Pascal has said wizard!
I turned to Seamus, my eyes opened wide.
‘You’re a wizard?’ I cried, clearly surprised. I regarded what he was wearing, and I felt
stupid as anything. Of course he was a wizard! He had the red and gold cloaks, the long
greying beard like the wizards in my books. 
Pascal didn’t give Seamus a chance to answer.
‘Aye, Laddie.’ he cried, and chuckled. Seamus looked at Pascal with anger.
‘What do you want to do, ruin the whole operation!’ he cried. My mind immediately clicked,
and I suddenly remembered. That night, all the colored faces staring, the yelling, then
being picked up by kind hands. ‘’Seamus’‘ and ‘’Era’‘ being whispered into my ear, my
heart, my soul, and finally, flying through the air, clutched to the kind person’s chest.
Through my haze, I didn’t realize that Seamus was still talking. 
‘It was better that she did not know! There are people after her, Pascal, dangerous
people.’ He turned to me, my eyes blurry, my mind remembering.

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I loveeeeeeeee it!

21 July 2008, 03:00 PM   #5
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thanks! I'm in a really rough part of it though

22 July 2008, 09:18 PM   #6
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Seamus’s eyes opened wide, and he reached out and grabbed me. I wasn’t aware anything,
until he started shaking my violently.
‘Get out of that haze, wake up!’ he yelled, still shaking me. Pascal watched from the
entryway to the room. 
I blinked, and looked around. Whenever I blinked, red and gold flashed before my eyes. I
turned toward Seamus and Pascal.
‘What happened?’ I whispered. My memory was beginning to come back, and the colored
flashes began to disappear. 
Seamus looked nervous. He glanced at Pascal, and sighed.
‘They are already trying to take you over.’ he said, and slowly walked over to very dirty
‘Who? What?’ I asked him. ‘Something’s trying to take me over?’
‘Yes, and they will succeed if we do not get you to a safe place.’ Seamus replied briefly.
He grabbed me arm and started pulling me toward the front door.
‘Pascal, whatever you do, do not tell anyone we were here. It will only make it more
dangerous to reach where we are supposed to go.’ Seamus warned. 
‘Where are we going?’ I asked Seamus. I didn’t want to be left out of this conversation. I
was the main subject, so I figured I had a right to know.
‘All in good time, Era.’ Seamus answered, and he pulled me completely out of the building.

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Nice, it reads like it has a lot of potential.
Think It.
Feel It. 
Write It.

23 July 2008, 08:33 AM   #8
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 I am tired  
randome words              

23 July 2008, 02:51 PM   #9
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-Chapter 2-
I couldn’t remember how I got there. The last memory I had was Seamus pulling me out the
door; after that, it went blank.
I looked at the things around me. Seamus had said that this would be my room. It wasn’t
fancy, but it was much nicer than my room back at the village. I didn’t share this room
with anyone else, so I could make it look however I wanted too.
I was staying in a small house in the woods. Seamus said that I must be kept a secret, and
that being so far out in the woods would keep ‘’Them’‘ from finding me.
I quietly went outside, closing the house’s door behind me. It felt so good to be outside,
after being inside for the last few days. The sun was shining, the sky was a bright blue.
I took in a deep breath, smiling at the wonderful smell of pine. This place was
There was a basket on one side of the house, so I took it and went to pick some flowers.
They would make the house much more pretty inside.
I started walking down a little path that led deeper into the woods. Up ahead, I could see
a small hill covered with flowers. The perfect place.
I ran the rest of the way to the hill, my hair flying behind me. I was out of breath by
the time I reached it, so I lay down to rest.
I must have fell asleep, because the next thing I knew I heard a voice singing. I quickly
sat up and looked around, trying to find the source of the voice. 
And then I saw it.
A young lad, who looked a bit older than me, was walking through the valley below the hill
I was on. His deep voice rang through the woods, and I could make out the words:

‘And a Lass and a Lad, 
Left o’er the hills of fate
For love they had, aye, love was great!
But fails of hurt been owning
And sails of ships been blown in
So o’er the hills of fate.’

I held my breath, hoping he wouldn’t notice me sitting up on the hill. But my bright red
hair, which happens to be a curse, is almost impossible to not notice, so before I knew
it, he was up on the hill beside me.
‘Eh, hallo Lass.’ he said to me, and smiled. His smile was as bright as a July sun, and
made me melt. I struggled to say something back.
‘Hello.’ I finally managed to get out. 
The mystery boy smiled again.
‘And what is a fine lady like you doing all alone out here in the woods?’ he asked, his
green eyes bright. I blushed, and motioned to the basket beside me.
‘Aye,’ he said, ‘Picking flowers. What most Lass’s do in the summer.’ he pushed some of
his blonde hair away from his eyes. 
‘Names Gavin Askew. From o’er at the kingdom. And you are?’ he focused his eyes on me. I
panicked. Seamus had said that my identity of Era was supposed to remain a secret,
otherwise I’d be found. I thought quickly, then got an idea.
‘I’m June Watson.’ I said, and smiled. Gavin seemed to think about this for a few seconds,
then smiled back.
‘Aye, well, hallo Missus June Watson. Eh, are ye as lovely in nature as ye are in
appearance?’ he asked, and grinned. I blushed again, and sighed.
‘It depends on how well you know me.’ I answered, and stood up, ‘But I really must go now.
My father will wonder where I am.’ 
‘Awe, well, I must see you again Missus June Watson. Ye are wonderful to talk to. Will you
be back here tomorrow?’ His eyes looked so eager, I had to say yes. He smiled when I
We agreed to meet at noon, and I turned and walked down through the path, to the house,
all the time thinking about Gavin Askew.

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OMG! I lovez it

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When I got back to the house, I flung myself on my bed, and sighed. This was the first
time I’d ever had feeling like this for a boy - actually, it was the first time I’ve ever
met a male that was my age. It was all so new to me. I sighed again, and for the first
time of my life, wished I had a mother that I could pour my thoughts and feelings out to,
a mother that could reassure me and understand me. Or, better yet, a mother.
Sure, Seamus had checked in on me that last few days, making sure I had enough food to
last until his next visit, to make sure I was ok. But he never stayed for long. One time,
I had this urge to beg him to stay, but I ignored it. He was a wizard, he would be busy,
and probably didn’t have the time to stay with a baby of a 14 year old. 
The next day, I quickly pulled on one of the dresses Seamus had left for me, grabbed my
basket, and headed down the path toward the valley.
Gavin was already there when I reached the spot I had been sitting before. He had a big
smile on his face, and his hands were behind his back.
‘Why, hallo Missus Jane Watson, how do ye do on this day?’ he said, obviously trying to
keep a straight face.
‘I’m fine, and you?’ I sighed, and looked up at the sky. It was a clear day, without a
cloud in the sky. 
When Gavin didn’t answer, I looked over at him. He was smiling at me.
‘What?’ I asked, a smile playing on my lips.
Gavin’s hands came from behind his back, and in them he held a handful of flowers. They
were pink and white, and had an unusual shape to them.
‘Them Lady’s Slippers,’ he said, smiling, ‘They from o’er at the Kingdom. Thought ye might
like ‘em, ye pickin’ flowers and all.’
I was deeply touched. ‘They’re beautiful.’ I told him, ‘I love them, thank you.’
‘Well, they ain’t as beautiful as you.’ he replied, then flushed a deep red.
I also blushed. To change the subject, I stuck the flowers in my basket, and smiled at
‘So, how have you been since we last met?’ I asked, looking him in the eyes. He smiled
back, grateful for my efforts.
‘I been pretty good, but very bored. There ain’t many that are my age, that wanna hang
‘round with me. It a pleasure to meet with you, someone my age.’ He answered, looking
I looked up at the sky. 
‘How old are you?’ I asked politely, trying to hide my hopeful expression.
‘I jus’ turned 15, eh.’ He answered, and looked up at me. ‘And you?’
‘I’m 14.’ I answered, my heart beating fast.

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Oh my Gosh. You should totally write more.

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you really know how to write!

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Wow. I'd say [though who am I to decide?] that this is nearly good enough to be
published. Of course, it has a few things to fix, but what story doesn't? I love this.
Keep writing! 

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