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Josh playing # treasure hunters

17 October 2015, 04:13 PM   #1
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#Gentle sunlight on my skin, warm me up deep within, my soul is cold, my hope grows dim,
my body is weary, but I won't give in, pain and anger I fight the chill, I walk on and
feel a thrill, I'm getting closer to my goal, I'll make it there, and I'll be whole. A
city, a bed and food I'll get, I'll survive, I'll make it yet. As I walk closer I see the
truth...dark buildings, boarded up homes, this isn't a city, but a ghost town. I seek a
market and have little luck until I see a fruit get chucked at me, I catch it and am
greeted with a smile, a stranger speaks in cryptic code: "Eat the fruit, yes, be bold,
you'll have your fill of this and I'll pay you gold." I looked down at this fruit,
cautious smell it and slowly bite into the side. My eyes go wide and I blink twice, this
fruit is magic, it tastes of spice. "You'll pay me and promise my fill? What's the catch,
what's the deal?" The stranger waves his hands and shakes his head "no catch, I promise,
just some food and money to fill your pockets and help your mood, but I make a small
request in return, be my friend and we'll help each other in turn" I shook his hand and
said "I accept, I am Josh and what may I call you?" The stranger smiled and shook my hand
and spoke slowly ", some call me lucky, others a curse, but I am Pan, no
better or worse"

17 October 2015, 04:13 PM   #2
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I ate my fill and was payed a gold for each fruit, I was full and happy I made a friend,
asked what happened to this place and land? Pan looked hesitant and spoke a bit sad
"packed up and left, whatever they couldn't carry I found and have, this is my home and
its all I've known" I nodded and stood up and looked around slow, and smiled. "Can I ask
for a tour of this place with no name? it's new to me and it is all yours as claimed, I
might stay a while if you don't mind, but I seek a there a place I may look,
if you'd be so kind" Pan stood up and smiled back, "only one place comes to my mind, a
little cave, hidden underground, it's got treasure abound, but it's guarded by monsters
you see, so it's not safe...unless you're with me, I know how to be quick and hit the
right spot, knock them out and not be caught." I listened intently and noded but once and
off we went, on the hunt, the city was big, but the buildings were tall, so it took us
about a half hours walk is all. "We're here" Pan said in a hushed tone, crouching down
behind a stone, I followed close and peeked a look. The monsters were minotaurs, Pan
pulled me back and shook his head "they have good eyesight, so be careful, or you'll be
dead" I gulped and nodded and crouched down beside "so what do we do to sneak inside?"
threw a rock and snuck up quick while they were turned away he hit them hard in the legs
and they fell quick and before they could react hit their heads with a brick. I was
shocked and surprised and wallked up slow, Pan stood triumphant until one grabbed his
and lifted him up "ouch, that hurt Pan, you know this isn't... who is that man?" I
ran up and smacked the brick to his face he fell backwards and dropped Pan, this time
there were both out cold, I was Pan trying to shy away and I said "they knew you
Pan, why didn't you say?" Pan sighed and raised his hands "it's been a while, but their
not my friends, so we'll loot them Josh, understand?

17 October 2015, 04:23 PM   #3
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Among the treasures was an earn and  when clumsy Josh dropped it a fair maiden emerged.
"thank you for freeing me" to clumsy Josh she cried.    "what would you ask of me in
return for liberating me  you have one wish to be granted in your choice be wise".

17 October 2015, 05:57 PM   #4
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Josh scratched his head and looked up quick, blinked and smiled. "I let you out, and now
one wish? I can have anything, from gold to water, but I have but one wish and the wish is
for you" Josh walked closer slowly and spoke with a grin "be free, young maiden ^_^ you
are no longer bound, live your life how you wish, make friends and...Grant your own
wishes" Josh nodded gently "perhaps I can grant YOU a wish if you want, anything you
desire within sight"

17 October 2015, 06:42 PM   #5
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"I wish only to travel with such a noble young man i have already had much of grandeur
and i already have the title of grand"

17 October 2015, 07:48 PM   #6
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Josh nodded silently and offered his hand in greeting "do you have a name miss maiden?"
Pan stood by patiently wondering what was going on as he looked over the treasure.

19 October 2015, 06:46 PM    #7
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"i dont know"

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