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Make your weird, creepy and deformed characters here! All creatures live forever here,
unless killed in a fight. So age is how old they were on earth before being sent here.
Other is and additional info you might want to add to your character. There is no
character limit either so you can have as many as you want. To clear things up the species
section is what the creature was or is made up of before it became deformed.

The only rules I have for this club are:
Try and be detailed when roleplaying
Do not make a topic on your own. Ask me and I'll make it.
Have fun :3

Please start in the Entrance Gates topic when you've made your character.

Age: (before it was sent here):
Gender (if any):
The Five Demon Rejects all have names. Ichikima (left), Nikama (back), Sanuma (horse), Shikama (long nosed wolf) and Gokama (right)

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Name: Cedrus
Age: (before it was sent here): about 4
Gender (if any): Male, mainly
Species: Snake, wolf and dog
Deformity: Two dog heads were attached onto a wolf using muscle which is visible
and often bleeding freely. The tail was removed and replaced by a snake which can think on
it's own. All heads have forked tongues. It's claws are made out of metal and are stained
Personality: Dark and sad though can be angry. Hates most/everything so has to keep
himself under control so he doesn't lash out at any other creature.
Past: The snake and the two dogs were originally pets of a scientist who loved all
things mythical. One day he found out about the three headed dog called Cerberus. He read
much about this dog and got obsessed with it. Eventually he captured a wolf from the wild.
Killed both dogs he had and cut their heads off. Then attached them onto the wolf. He cut
the wolf's tail off and replaced it with his snake. He also changed the heads' tongues
with forked ones. The last thing the scientist did to the poor creature was change its
claws for metal ones before it killed him. Then it was sent here forever.
Other: The right head is the only one that can hear and speak English. She is also
the only female one. The middle head is the only one that can see, other than the snake
which can also see. The left head can make noise (typical dog noises) but cannot speak any
language like the right head can. Cedrus guards the gates to this world and doesn't let
anyone in who doesn't have a ticket. If they don't have a ticket then Cedrus will devour

Name: Daitoka (known as Dai for short)
Age: (before it was sent here): unknown
Gender (if any): Genderless but is often referred to as 'him'
Species: Tiger God
Deformity: Gigantic blue and white saber-toothed tiger.
Personality: No one knows what he is like as no one has gotten to know him. He
wouldn't allow it. 
Past: He doesn't have one. He was created (unknown to who his creator was)
especially for this realm to watch over the creatures that get sent here and to prevent
utter chaos from happening. He is the leader, guardian and protector of this world though
he is trapped in the building he was created in and cannot actually leave. That doesn't
stop him though as he can still see everything that goes on. He is the single most
powerful thing in that world and no one dares to question him.
Other: It's unknown why he took the form of a tiger but not one person dares to ask
him. He's able to summon other creatures to his location to ask for any kind of help in
looking after this place. He will answer any questions anyone may have but don't ask  him
too many at once or he may get annoyed with your presence. 

Name: The Five Demon Rejects (Ichikima, Nikama, Sanuma, Shikama, Gokama)
Age: (before it was sent here): ageless
Gender (if any): all male
Species: One fox, one horse and the other three are wolf
Deformity: Demons from hell, one look at them and you can see what's wrong.
Personality: Cocky and evil. They love to cause trouble and chaos. Sanuma (horse)
is the leader of them and the smuggest as well. He can be very bossy at times as well.
Past: All five of them have been together as long as they've been alive. However
they caused so much chaos in hell that they were thrown out. Since they couldn't go to
earth, this was the last place for them. Either that or die and that wasn't an option to
Other: Ichikima (far left, the fox) carries around a little glass ball (black) all
the time. He uses that to see into people's minds. Nikama (wolf at the back) uses that
scary looking mouth to suck out and collect souls that he likes to feed on. He can't run
very well though due to his large front paws. Sanuma (horse) is the leader of the group
and is the fastest out of all of them. Shikama (long jawed wolf) keeps this pendent around
his neck which keeps all five of the rejects connected together telepathically in case
they ever get separated. He also has telekinesis and can move objects around but not
people or other creatures. Gokama (far right, wolf) is the quietest one of the group. His
long thin appearance means he isn't good at fighting so usually stays back. However his
long ears allow him to hear things really well and he is the wisest one of the group so
sometimes gives Sanuma advice. (he's like the right hand guy). He can sometimes predict
the future though it's usually only the near future. 

Name: Rahku
Age: (before it was sent here): 7
Gender (if any): Female
Species: Leopard, bird, ram
Deformity: A normal snow leopard with ram horns and bird wings. Her mouth drips
oil/tar and she leave the same kind of footprints where she walks. She also has a high
pitched screech.
Personality: Bipolar. She can be nice and kind one moment but suddenly turn on you
if one wrong thing is said. She is very sensitive and easily offended so you have to be
extremely careful what you say around her.
Past: Each creature she is fused with (bird and ram) and her, all drown in toxic
oil which was dumped in a frozen lake in the snowy mountains. Her original self (leopard)
only drank from the lake (not knowing it was toxic) and died from poising so fell in. A
bird tried to have a bath, sunk and drown and the ram fell from the cliffs above after
fighting another ram. It is unknown what substance was mixed with that oil but whatever it
was caused these creatures to mutate together to get Rahku. She doesn't seem too bothered
about living here now though as she gets the peace and quiet she always wanted.
Other: She can live in tar/oil and can stand extreme colds. She does have the
ability to fly but isn't very good at it and can't fly for long because her wings aren't
strong enough to carry her weight for a long time.

Name: Nao
Age: (before it was sent here): around 5
Gender (if any): Female
Species: Dead cat
Deformity: A lot of her bones are showing
Personality: Sly and cunning much like a cat is. Teasing, but can get mad. But she
is mostly a very kind and loving cat.
Past:Nao was the pet to an ordinary family, a beautiful sleek black cat with green
eyes. She was loved by her family and the neighbours around them. However, one day while
on the prowl after a bird; she didn't realise she had wandered into the middle of the
road. She was hit by a car and killed instantly. The youngest of the family she belonged
to had really loved Nao and didn't want her to die. He was talking about it once with a
friend when a strange woman came up to them and told them she could bring his cat back.
Well, being sad about it, the boy agreed and Nao was brought back to life, though she
wasn't the same. Most of her face and front was now bone, her tail also had no fur or
flesh left and her eyes glowed white. Her fur wasn't soft anymore, it was rough and messy.
This scared the boy but Nao didn't understand why. Then one day she was taken away and
sent here, so she didn't scare anyone anymore. This upset Nao as she just wanted to be
with her owner again and she didn't understand why she wasn't loved anymore.
Other:Nao is often found high up in places, cleaning her matted fur though it
doesn't help. She can whip people with her bone tail. Her claws still remain on all four
paws and though you can see all her bones on her front, she lacks organs though she still
believes she has a heart.

I'll do more later
The Five Demon Rejects all have names. Ichikima (left), Nikama (back), Sanuma (horse), Shikama (long nosed wolf) and Gokama (right)

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(i like Daitoka, lol, how do i add my own character? :-/ thank you)

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Thank you. Fill in the form that's in bold at the top. If you don't want to use a picture
then add a description instead.
The Five Demon Rejects all have names. Ichikima (left), Nikama (back), Sanuma (horse), Shikama (long nosed wolf) and Gokama (right)

22 November 2012, 07:25 PM   #5
Guest Poster
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Yes, I based her off of Homestuck. Sue me. Name: They called her Aradia. Age: Thirteen. Gender: Female Species: A nameless species, like the humans, who became extinct so the Humans could rule. Deformity: Her skin is mottled and grey, and she has ram-like horns jutting from her head. She appears to be blind. It isn't in the picture, but her ears are pointed. Personality: Aradia seems emotionless. Completely stoic. Her voice is monotonous, if you talk to her. Past: Aradia, to put it simply, helped create the Earth. She created time and, by extension, death. She had died herself before this horrible work started, but one of her friends resurrected her, leaving her an emotionless, pessimistic...freak. She shortly regained them as she created time, but...she fell in battle with a horrible person they had mistakenly created. She was sent to a Void, and created a place where time ran differently. Other: Not really. Picture:

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Name: John R. Porter
Age: (before it was sent here): 17
Gender (if any): Male
Species: Human 
Deformity: Wings, Wears A Mask To Stay Alive
Personality:Kind, Crazy, Sometimes An Angel/Sometimes A Demon
Past:Died in a car accident, a Mask showed up to try and take control...now he's in a
strange new
world trying to survive
Other:Super Strong, the Mask gives John a split personality.....and it's a complete
mystery to this day....maybe it's secrets will be reveled in this new world....
Description:Caucasian, 5'10, Green Eyes, Average Build, Wears a long raincoat of grey,
Mask is black in color with holes for eyes, a nose and a mouth.

"Where am I? am I...am I dead? what is that sound?" -John turns to see a cat who but it's
bones are showing- "strange...."

23 November 2012, 05:32 AM   #7
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awesome characters you two :3
The Five Demon Rejects all have names. Ichikima (left), Nikama (back), Sanuma (horse), Shikama (long nosed wolf) and Gokama (right)

23 November 2012, 09:55 AM   #8
Guest Poster
Name: Adramelech
Age: (before it was sent here): Unknown was said to be born within hells fire
Gender (if any): Male
Species: Fire Demon
Deformity: Born and made with hells flames
Personality: Quite aggressive, naturally angry, afraid of water, not so friendly and likes
to dwell in flames
Past: Adramelech or as shortened to Adram was born in the deep pits and fires of hell. He
was created to guard hell itself, fight when needed and to push around any new souls or
eat them if they ever misbehaved no exceptions. Adram was a ruthless creature one of the
best in hell, eventually he was promoted to go hunt souls down from Earth. For many years
he had bring souls back down to hell, he even became a legend. Eventually he got lost,
driven away from the timed portal, when he reached the portal it was too late. He dropped
the dead child and ran off, the portal was closed and there was no way of getting back
Other: Needs to feed on the souls if the damned or dead to survive

23 November 2012, 11:29 AM   #9
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awesome :3
The Five Demon Rejects all have names. Ichikima (left), Nikama (back), Sanuma (horse), Shikama (long nosed wolf) and Gokama (right)

25 November 2012, 06:54 PM   #10
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Name: Jessica Elson and Gakizu
Age: (before it was sent here): 8 and around 2
Gender (if any): Female and Male
Species: Jessica is human and Gakizu was a rat.
Deformity: There is nothing wrong with Jessica. Gakizu was once a normal rat but
became possessed by a demon spirit. No need to describe him, just look at him.
Personality:Jessica is a quiet and shy girl who doesn't often speak to strangers.
But if you get to know her or she starts liking you then she becomes a happy and bubbly
person despite what has happened to her. Gakizu doesn't have a personality; from what
people can tell. 
Past: Jessica grew up in a normal family with two pets; a dog and a rat. When she
was 6, a storm happened and the power was cut from the house. While her dad was searching
around in the basement with candles, he found a strange looking amulet with a different
language written all over it. He thought nothing of it and thought it was harmless. Bring
it back up with him he left it next to the rat's cage. What the family didn't know was
that the amulet was a seal that had a demon spirit trapped inside it. This spirit was
slowly leaking out and latched onto the closest thing; the rat, Gakizu. One day when her
father was cleaning out Gakizu's cage he transforming into what he looks like now, only a
lot smaller and his mouth was empty. Jessica was the only one to notice this as her
parents still thought he was a normal rat. This scared Jessica and she tried to avoid the
rat; not telling her parents because they were acting so normal she was confused on what
to do. Throughout the next two years Gakizu spoke to Jessica, slowly getting into her mind
though she didn’t realise what was happening. Not long after she turned 8, Gakizu
finally made his move. Taking over Jessica’s mind, he used the shotgun he kept in his
mouth and made Jessica kill her father; her mother managing to escape. He then left
Jessica to deal with the mess he’d caused. By this time Gakizu had grown in size and was
about the same size of an average human. Poor Jessica didn’t know what was going on,
Gakizu really frightened her now but he was the only thing she had left to look after
Before Gakizu got dragged off to this place, he ate both Jessica’s father and the dog
before dragging the little girl with him. Now Jessica walks around in the same bloody
clothes she had worn when her father was killed; carrying a red umbrella and a little
shotgun. Gakizu usually stays in his normal rat form and sits on Jessica’s shoulder or
gets carried by her. The only time he goes into his ‘normal’ demon form is if Jessica
need protecting.
Other: Jessica is the only one that can hear Gakizu talking because to other people
he's silent. Gakizu usually stays as a normal rat form so Jessica can carry him around
easier. He also seems rather possessive of Jessica and is always there to protect her even
though he does scare her sometimes. The things in Gakizu’s mouth will never go as he
can’t digest anything. The only way it would disappear would be if he spat it out.
The Five Demon Rejects all have names. Ichikima (left), Nikama (back), Sanuma (horse), Shikama (long nosed wolf) and Gokama (right)

25 November 2012, 07:14 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Name: Espen
Age: (before it was sent here): Unknown still is 
Gender (if any): Male
Species: Soul collector
Deformity: A large wolf that hides in darkness waiting for children to sleep
Personality: Hyperactive, can be friendly, not as evil as his brother and loves eating
Past: There's not much to say about Espen apart from he lives in his human form by day
then by night he hunts little children and recently adults down by hiding in their
bedrooms. He waits in the shadows then he looms over the bed in his giant wolf form. If
you wake up he traps you with his mind then eats you alive. However you are not eaten but
sadly trapped in another dimension, one filled with nightmares and everything horrible.
Other: has taste for souls

Name: Vespen
Age: (before it was sent here): Unknown but is older than Espen
Gender (if any): Male
Species: Soul Collector
Deformity: Large demonic wolf with a twisted mind
Personality: Very twisted, very bad habits, literally plays with his victims in that way
then eats them, pure evil and not a kind creature
Past: Now Vespen might be Espen's older brother but their jobs are different in a way.
Vespen when he collects souls he literally fucks them in his wolf form no matter the age
of the victim then eats them. He has no nightmare dimension so all his souls go straight
to hell. These days he's been more active and lives with his brother.
Other: strange fetish with playing around

25 November 2012, 08:33 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Name: Skyrie
Age: (before it was sent here): 12
Gender (if any): Female
Species: Human/Psychic
Deformity: Skyrie isn't really deformed. She has icy blue eyes that are extremely
sensitive to light. Her eyes are also very special. She has something called "All
seeing" she can see things that everyone else can't. Things she shouldn't be able to
Personality: Skyrie is very shy and timid. She rarely talks and when she does she
speaks in very short incomplete sentences. 
Past: Skyrie was raised in a highly abusive family. Her mother was a drug addict and
her father an alcoholic. When Skyrie was 10 her father abandoned them. Her mother
remarried to a man who was even worse than her father. His name was Paul, he was a
preacher. Paul was horrible to Skyrie and often punished her. One day while Paul was
attempting to punish Skyrie for refusing to pray Skyrie lost it. She blacked out.
When Skyrie awoke she was in a hospital. There was a psychiatrist there who informed
Skyrie that Paul was dead. He had a severe brain hemorrhage. His heart had exploded
with no explainable cause and eyes had pop out of there socket. Skyrie's mother had
called the police claiming that Skyrie had killed Paul. When the police arrived
Skyrie's mother had locked herself in the upstairs closet and Skyrie was passed out
in the kitchen next to Paul's body. Skyrie was then placed in a mental institution
where she was administered Electroshock therapy and often kept on highly sedative
drugs. One night in her sleep, Skyrie was visite by something called the Dominus
Mortis, a master of death. He told Skyrie that there was a place that she could go to
escape her life. A place where she was considered normal. The Dominus warned her that
it came with a price and that the world was a very dangerous place to be for a child.
Especially one as small and frail as Skyrie but he promised that he would care for
her. Skyrie agreed and left the human world behind. 
Other: Has psychic powers including telepathy, telekinesis and visions. 

Name: Dominus Mortis (Dom for short. His real name is known by VERY few)
Age: (before it was sent here): Unknown
Gender (if any): Male
Species: Demon
Deformity: A tall thin insect type creature. His rib cage is showing. He has long wings
and upside down horns. 
Personality: Dom is far from friendly. He is brash and serious except when it comes to
killing. Dom is bloodthirsty and will happily jump at the chance to kill. He is very
Past: Dom was one of the first creatures to arrive in the land. He started off like any
creatures but Dom was meant for more. He grew tired of the monotonous lifestyle. One day
he met a creature. He had heard rumors of this Master of Death. The Master could sense
something within Dom that made him different from the other creatures. The Master trained
him to be his successor. Soon, Dom overthrew the Master and became the Dominus Mortis
himself. Dom made a name for himself as a cruel being. He grew more and more evil and more
bloodthirsty. Dom enjoyed watching the humans from his world and even meddling in their
lives.  A young girl caught his eye. She reminded him of someone he met in a past life. He
swore to get the girl to his world. He visited in her sleeps and convinced her to come
with him. 
Other: There are rumors that Dom was once human but there is no proof. 

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awesome characters :3
The Five Demon Rejects all have names. Ichikima (left), Nikama (back), Sanuma (horse), Shikama (long nosed wolf) and Gokama (right)

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